Wednesday morning buffet

Chow down, people.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    “If a drug test fell in the woods and nobody in the media knew the results, would a school still have a discipline problem?”


    If a school doesn’t give drug tests, and local law enforcement is directed to turn a blind eye to football players, is the school free of discipline problems?

  2. Mudcat's Impala....

    Outta curiosity I checked out Petrino’s new digs….One bedroom, one bath at $530/mth.
    Imma assuming he’s got the two br / 2 bath tho, they run $730/mth…

    • HobnailedBoots

      There’s something very odd about an SEC coach who was formerly making what, 2 or 3 million a year, to living in an apartment that costs as much as mine. Did the guy not save anything? That’s just weird.

  3. Gravidy

    First of all, let me stipulate that what Dye said about Richt is almost certainly true. He will very likely get some hard questions which will very likely be followed by some soft answers.

    Having said that…what has Richt done to Dye? Why would Dye mention several SEC coaches (including a past one) in a neutral to positive light while saving his only negative comment for Richt? It’s not like he’s the only coach who will give a diplomatic non-answer to questions next week. There will be 14 head coaches there, and I’ll venture to say that each end every one will dodge questions to one degree or another. But Dye saw fit to single Richt out of the crowd. Why?

    • HobnailedBoots

      Because he’s a douchebag?

      • Gravidy

        I won’t argue with you there, but he appears to be a DB with a specific axe to grind with Richt. I’ve followed SEC football for a long time, and I’m not aware of why that is the case. This can’t all be about his “man enough” comment being shoved down his throat ten years ago, can it?

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Pat Dye desperately wanted the UGA job when Donnan got the ax and lobbied extensively for it. Dye has held a grudge against Mark Richt and UGA ever since Richt got the job instead of Dye. I don’t understand why Dye has any position at all in the pantheon of college football anyway. He was caught red-handed running a pay for play operation at Auburn and fired. IMHO if Pete Rose is banned from baseball for what he did Dye should be banned from college football as well. He should be treated like the cheat that he was–a pariah that nobody should even acknowledge exists.

          • cube

            Sorry if I have a hard time believing you. Pat Dye was 61 years old and had been retired from coaching for 8 years when Donnan got the ax. I don’t remember anyone even mentioning him as a possible candidate at the time.

          • Gravidy

            I guess I’m with Cube on this one, Mayor. I don’t think I ever heard of Dye having a huge interest in the job. But if he did, I guess that would explain it.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              It was behind closed doors and he lobbied as hard as he could.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                Mac, you out there? You probably know about this^^.

                • Dog in Fla

                  I think Mac’s taking a nap before supper. Here you go…

                  Ex-Auburn coach interested in Georgia job
                  COLUMBUS, Ga. — Former Auburn football coach Pat Dye says he is interested in replacing fired Georgia coach Jim Donnan, even though he has been out of coaching since 1992.
                  Dye told the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer he talked by phone with Georgia athletics director Vince Dooley after Donnan’s Dec. 4 firing.
                  “He didn’t say he was interested. He didn’t say he wasn’t interested. We just left it like that,” said Dye.


                  • NRBQ

                    We’re kind of ashamed of Pat, being he’s from down the road in Blythe.

                    On the other hand, Brother Nat is still pure UGA and a damned fine feller by mine, and all accounts.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      I also am from right down the road (somewhere between you and Blythe) and I am ashamed of Pat, too. He got ruined by Bear Bryant while on the staff at Bama. That’s where he learned how to operate the pay for play operation he ran at Auburn. Dye was Bear Bryant’s bag man at Bama.

                    • Debby Balcer

                      He graduated from ARC my Alma Mater but much earlier than I did. I didn’t realize it until years later.

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      GOOD LORD!!! I should have known you were a Richmond Academy girl Debby. That explains it. You are just too sweet to call a “Tech nerd” a “Tech nerd.”

      • 69Dawg

        You left out drunken.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Because that’s when the liquid courage kicked in.

    • stoopnagle

      Because Richt under Georgia is kicking Auburn’s ass?

      Because Richt won’t booze up with Pat?

      Because he’s an Auburn man?

  4. Hey, the league officials took to instant replay so well, right?

  5. Slaw Dawg

    Whenever I do a word association test with “Auburn,” I immediately come up with “cheat.” Whenever I do a word association test with “Pat Dye,” I immediately come up with “cheater.” But perhaps that’s because I’m soft.

  6. sniffer

    Initially, I didn’t agree with Travis Henry’s post that CMR will take a lot of heat if this coming season goes south. Henry’s point would seem to be that the discipline problems will contribute to a potential struggle with the opening games. If we start 5-0, Henry has no point. If UGa goes 4-3 the remainder of the season, it won’t be for discipline problems that occured in the spring and summer. A 9-3 season will bring some hot stuff to the office of Head Coach @ Georgia no matter when the losses occur, IMO.

  7. shane#1

    I have a different take on Dye’s comment. Richard Nixon’s comment on Ragans relations with the press, “The president is the master of the biblical “soft answer that turns away wrath”, I was never good at that.” To quote Mark Twain, “never get into a battle of words with someone that buys paper and ink wholesale.”

  8. Dawgfan Will

    Well, hell, Pat, maybe Coach Richt will give the first reporter to ask about the lack of discipline on the team a heart “F— you!” Would that be hard enough for you?