Picking up the Nick Fairley mantle

It’s not the two misdemeanor arrests in ten days that suggests Auburn defensive tackle commit Dee Liner is somebody to keep an eye on.  It’s the attitude.

According to a police report, Liner pulled up in a second car during the traffic stop and began “screaming, cursing and throwing objects” at the officer, allegedly yelling “Let my f—— mother go. You’re not going to tell me what to do.”

I predict plenty of Trooper Taylor chest bumps are in this kid’s future.


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27 responses to “Picking up the Nick Fairley mantle

  1. JasonC

    Somehow this will turn into the Richt’s lost control of the program meme.

    • Dawg in Beaumont

      Mark Richt has lost control of the team he coaches and the team he curb stomps regularly!!!!!1

  2. Z-Dawg

    Why half-ass two things, like misdemeanors, when you can whole ass one thing, like a felony.

  3. Spike

    Perhaps, unlike Trooper, he had his shirttail tucked in.

  4. He’s just blessed with a passionate spirit, PAWWWWLLLL.

  5. Macallanlover

    I am sure the bad Auburn fans will do like many here and blame the police for his acting like a fool/thug. Poor kid, we just got to let them be boys….at least until they are 55+, then they can become old fools, or dirty old men.

  6. FCDore

    Wait. A defensive linemen is seriously named “Dee Liner”?

    • Dog in Fla

      Some handicappers of the Auburn work-release program predict that Dee, who was named for a position, may complete this month’s trifecta by screaming, cursing and throwing objects at Nick Lough

  7. mp

    The thing that gets me is how the previous arrest was unreported. Goes to show how the media in Alabama is happy to sweeping “incidents” under the rug. If it was a UGA recruit arrested, it would be in the AJC the next morning.

    • kdsdawg

      The media in Alabama, …are you serious? You do realize that Bama is also over there and I am sure the big newspapers would relish in uncovering Auburn’s transgressions. Ain’t nothing being swept under the rug over there. Maybe by the Auburn brass, but not by media outlets with the “other” school that presides there.

      • Joe

        You don’t get it, they may fight in house, but they protect their own in state. mp is 100% right. It is self evident that no one even mentioned the first arrest. We get skewered for taking a scooter traffic violation. The stop itself called an “arrest” half the time.

  8. tludlam

    His brother’s name is Ocean, but for football purposes, he just goes by O.

    • Dog in Fla

      Dee and Ocean are not the only two Liner men in the family, Dee’s other assorted brothers are One Liner, Pond Liner, Chimney Liner and Non-Stick Oven Liner. The oldest brother, Album Liner, became obsolete years ago. Dee has sisters, Bee Liner, a track star specializing in short dashes, and Eye Liner, a cosmotologist; a direct cousin, Linear Liner, an algebraist; and an indirect cousin, Dee Hart from Orlando, who is MIA somewhere in Nick’s tailback depth chart.

  9. Comin' Down The Track

    Wait. Throwing objects isn’t assaulting an officer in Alabamistan?

  10. Russ

    Aaaaaand….also my thoughts.

  11. 81Dog

    when mama ain’t happy, and in handcuffs, nobody’s happy.

  12. WarD Eagle

    I wonder why they didn’t report the pistol and weed.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Probably because he was dismissed from the team so quickly that they’ve been focusing on that.

      Oh wait….

  13. RomanDawg

    Brandon Cox was in the car too. He tried to hit the cop with a bottle but Tra Battle intercepted it and returned it for a touchdown.

  14. Nate Dawg

    Absolutely awesome. Needed that – esp with the PSU crap coming thru. Thanks.