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Your daily dose of Dawg porn

I dunno about you, but this kind of talk gets me hot.


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Slive wins again!

The Big Ten and Pac-12 have dissolved their scheduling pact.

The two leagues announced Friday that their pact, which initially called for 12 football games per year, has been called off. The reason: at least four Pac-12 schools were unwilling to agree to mandatory scheduling, ESPN.com has learned. A key sticking point is that Pac-12 teams play nine conference games, while Big Ten teams play only eight. Adding in traditional non-league series like USC-Notre Dame, Stanford-Notre Dame and Utah-BYU, and it makes the scheduling situation tougher for those in the Pac-12.

Needless to say, that takes a ton of pressure off the SEC to adopt a nine-game conference schedule to answer strength of schedule concerns.  In fact, if this remains the status quo, Slive now finds Delany as an ally on that front as they figure out an eligibility formula for the playoff selection committee to use.

My only question is whether Slive’s known all along this is how this would play out.



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Bad cases make for bad Emmert.

While I share in the righteous indignation sent Penn State’s way after the release of Freeh’s report, there’s something about this that leaves me a little uneasy:

NCAA president Mark Emmert told Penn State in November that the organization would be examining the “exercise of institutional control” within the athletic department, and said it was clear that “deceitful and dishonest behavior” could be considered a violation of ethics rules. So, too, could a failure to exhibit moral values.

Letting the NCAA wade into waters of morality has “Pandora’s Box” written all over it.  Covering up a pedophile may be an easy call, but what happens when the next time isn’t so black and white?  And this with an organization that lacks resources to do proper investigative work and isn’t bound by police power restraints… count me as somebody who doesn’t see this as a good move.

Besides, it’s not as if the NCAA is the last wall here.  Every bad actor will be sued.  And lose.  The school will be sued.  And will settle.  Paterno’s legacy is already in the process of being demolished.

“Just do something” may make for a good sports slogan, but it’s not the best moral imperative.


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Georgia and the coaches preseason All-SEC teams

True, there’s one less Dawg on this year’s list than there was on last year’s – but that can be explained by (1) having to accommodate two more schools and (2) Georgia’s lofty preseason reputation on special teams last season.

What is impressive is that Georgia put more defensive players on the three teams than any other team in the conference.


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SEC, you’ve been warned.

James Franklin, at the unveiling of Vanderbilt’s spiffy new unis – at a Barnes and Noble! – took the occasion to throw down a warning to the rest of the conference.

“You guys saw last year, we’re not gonna take a backseat to anybody.  You come into Vanderbilt Stadium you better be ready for a fight…  Change is happening.  The culture has been changed.”

If by “fight”, he means having to deal with a mouthy head coach after things don’t go his way on the field, consider us served.


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