Musical palate cleanser: meanest blues of all

This seems appropriate in light of the news that ESPN plans to let politics invade the sanctity of our Saturday football watching.  It’s Little Feat, performing “Apolitical Blues”, with the incomparable Mick Taylor guesting.


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6 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: meanest blues of all

  1. Sneaky Short

    Great way to open a Saturday morning Senator. Lowell George is surely missed.


  2. BMan

    Mick Taylor has never gotten enough credit. One of the all-timers.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I think that was one of the reasons he left the Stones….Jagger wouldn’t give him credit for his contributions to songs and Keith was jealous of his ability.
      Taylor still tours with Dylan.


  3. very cool that’s the southern-est non-southern band I’ve ever heard.


  4. Marshall

    Great pick, Senator. As a blues-bases, rock’n’roll (with some acoustic americana in for good measure) player, I’ve always had a major appreciation for Taylor. And, as I think you’ve mentioned a time or two, the Stones were never greater than during the Mick Taylor era.

    I’ve always dug on Little Feat pretty good although I’ll take the Robert Palmer version of “Sailing Shoes” any day of the week…