And while we’re on the subject of things to ask in Hoover…

I sure hope somebody brings this Jon Solomon article to Steve Spurrier’s attention.

SEC divisions played out remarkably balanced since expansion in 1992. The East won two more SEC titles than the West; the West won one more head-to-head game against the East per year.

“It probably tells you things are cyclical in nature,” Womack said. “If you charted it by five-year increments, you’d probably see a swing back and forth between the two divisions. What you want to see is some parity in both divisions over time.”

Of course, Spurrier isn’t working in a five-year increment these days, but for the rest of us, the SEC’s competitive balance between the divisions has been impressive.


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2 responses to “And while we’re on the subject of things to ask in Hoover…

  1. Macallanlover

    It is a well balanced conference with the designated rivals from the other division insuring the “historical” Top 6 SEC teams face a difficult game every year. Why would anyone want to screw around with that?

    Funny that everyone has forgotten to research that balance since SOS started whining, and Bama fans began thinking they were dominant again with their one title this century. All would be good in the SEC as it ebbs and flows if the wimpy schedulers would leave the traditional rivalry games alone by allowing a 9ith conference game.