Monday morning buffet

Here are a few nuggets to get your week started:

  • Richard Samuel, tailback again.
  • But who’s going to be the #1 tailback?
  • It’s not painting over the halo that makes you wonder about this story.  It’s painting the halo over the head of a football coach in the first place that does.
  • A.J. McCarron on Zach Mettenberger“Zach’s a crazy head,” McCarron said. “He’s as wild as they come.”
  • Here’s the schedule for SEC Media Days.  And if these are the best burning questions the media can come up with, it’s going to be a pretty tame session.
  • Edward Aschoff says the seat under Richt has never completely cooled off.
  • And Joe at Coaches Hot Seat Blog claims it’s going to get much warmer after this season.
  • Here’s an extremely tortured analogy in support of Paul Johnson’s recruiting you won’t want to miss.


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49 responses to “Monday morning buffet

  1. What fresh hell is this?

    Senator, would it be possible to start a GTP-administered journalists hot seat top ten? Mark Bradley comes to mind as an early No. 1.

  2. Reptillicide

    I get tired of, literally, everyone and their brother looking for games on the schedule that they can predict us to lose. We finished 10-2 last season with our only losses to two top 15 teams. Then we lost to the #1 team in the nation and lost our bowl game. OK, I get it, our post-season didn’t turn out so great. But can anyone look at this year’s schedule and honestly think that somehow we’ll find a way to navigate it worse than 10-2? Maybe so, but why bet your money on it?

    • Chris A.

      I agree. It seems reporters sit there and think “I have to come across as smart and thinking outside of the box, so I will have GA lose to some random team.” I always love seeing what the “experts” predict who will win what games.

    • Macallanlover

      Our post season was really odd in one way, the bi-polar way our defense performed in the first and second halves. We all remember the 2nd half collapse against LSU because it was a game that really counted, but I had forgotten how similar the Outback Bowl went. After completely shutting them out the first 2 quarters we allowed 27 second half points (7 of those directly from a Pick 6) before the overtime scores.

      As dominant as the defense looked early, we looked like Swiss cheese on the drive at the end of the game, and gave up a medium length drive for the their first score, and a long pass play to the tight end setting up another score. I had also forgotten the goal line play where we were called for a face mask as time was running out and we had stopped the runner outside the one. They could have gotten off another play, probably a spike and then one chance to score. I ran that play back a couple of times and it looked like Washington didn’t grab the face mask and his head never jerked backwards. He tackled him in the helmet area which often gets a penalty, but often not on the goal line.

      The offensive strategy in our first OT possession was awful but Walsh hit that kick pretty well, just lined it up a foot or two wide, or didn’t get the hook he expected. Walsh then made a 47 yarder into the wind to get us to the 3rd round of OT. That was definitely a game we should not have lost. Have to give credit to MSU for not giving up.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        “…bipolar way our defense performed in the first and second halves.” In a word–“depth.”

        • Macallanlover

          You think so? Our defense wasn’t on the field many plays at all in the first of either game (total of 2 first downs in the 1st half…total.) I agree we looked winded on the final drive against MSU, and that one drive down our throats against LSU where they ran it all over us. I wouldn’t say depth, maybe conditioning, or maybe they made adjustments we had no answer for. Jenkins was hurt and in the locker room on the final drive in the bowl game, but Kwame should have been up for that.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Some guys got hurt (Jenkins) and a lot of guys got tired in both games. We ran out of players, Mac.

  3. Doug

    SPOILER ALERT: In his little bio blurb at the end of the Georgia Tech recruiting column, the author reveals he’s a huge Georgia Tech fan. You don’t say!

    I pretty much guessed that when the entire tone of the column turned out to be “Keep your awesome, talented, prima-donna 5-star athletes, we didn’t want ’em anyway.”

    • Go Dawgs!

      If that guy honestly thinks that Paul Johnson wouldn’t take one of these blue chip five-star recruits with the potential of off-field trouble, he’s crazy. He is literally, certifiably insane and shouldn’t be walking free without treatment. In fact, my read on Paul Johnson’s personality leads me to believe he’s probably MORE likely to take on a guy like that, because Johnson probably thinks he’s smart enough and controlling enough to “fix” him. The problem is that Tech can’t get those guys, so as a consolation they get to sit back and pretend that their program didn’t want them in the first place. What a high-brow fantasy.

    • Bulldog Joe

      He had me going until he got to the story of the two-star Maryland DT who completely destroyed “the types of student/athletes that I enjoy watching compete for the Yellow Jackets”.

  4. It’s been quite some time since I felt confident in our ability to shut down any team we play. I believe in Todd Grantham. I believe in the Georgia defense. I believe in quality depth. I believe that behind every great offense is a great defense.

    As a graduate, with honors, of the Vince Dooley school of pessimism, I can honestly say I have no fear of Tigers, Cocks or Gators being able to score enough points to take the Georgia offense out of it’s comfort zone.

    Our seasons rides on the decision making of Aaron Murray. I have some reservations that he is up to the task. If he protects the ball, we go undefeated.

    Archive this post, Doomsday Dogs……………..

    • Go Dawgs!

      Wow. I’m one of the most optimistic Dawg fans on Earth, a charter member of the “Disney Dawgs” over at that other place before the internet air in there got too toxic for my tastes. I’ve got a lot more faith than you do in Aaron Murray, but I don’t know that I can predict an undefeated season for Georgia. I might have, before the off-season roster carnage, but not anymore.

      • Aaron, as of yet, hasn’t reached his potential. In fact, as a team, Georgia has not come close to reaching it’s potential. The last time I recall Georgia playing to it’s potential was late 2007.

        As for going undefeated, please point out any team on our schedule that you believe is a better team than Georgia. If you can’t find one then my premise is feasible. Turnovers and special teams, not roster, have been Georgia’s Achilles heel. We have found a way to lose big games. That trend needs to be reversed.

        • BCDawg97

          And that sums it up though why people don’t have us going undefeated. Yes, the schedule says 12-0 but we always manage to cough up a game or two. Given previous performance, until we actually turn the corner, Richt and UGA will be pegged for 10-2. And given how this offseason has looked like 08, I’m inclined to not put money on 12-0. And I’m a Disney.

          • Meh.

            For all intents and purposes, Aaron is a senior. TK is a senior. Marlon Brown is a senior. DickSam IV is a senior. Artie is a junior. Dallas Lee is a junior. Gates is a junior. Burnette is a junior. Austin Long is a junior. We have some quality leadership on offense.

            The defense is loaded with seniors and juniors.The two deep at LB is ridiculous. I see no less than 8 future NFL guys playing for Grantham this year.

            If not now, when?

            • BCDawg97

              I agree with all you say. I agree that it should be now. I agree that we have a loaded veteran roster (I do worry a little about depth over the long haul). It’s just that I’ve just gotten too drunk on the Koolaid too many times and watched the pieces not fall into place. I will gladly say I was a “non-believer” at the end of the season should this finally be our year. But believe me, I want to believe…

          • Hello BC……my name us AthensHomerDawg……and I’m a Disney.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Better than Georgia? South Carolina might be. Missouri’s a pretty big wild card since we’ve never faced them and their strength in the passing game will be going against our biggest weakness in our suspended secondary. Florida’s Florida, and is always tough for Georgia.

          And when was the last time Georgia won every game that they were “supposed to” win on their schedule? We’re paper thin at a few spots. I feel like 11-1 or 10-2 are very much possible, but even then I wonder if I’m drinking the Kool-Aid.

          • Macallanlover

            Have to agree with Red Blackman about being a little better than everyone on our schedule (disclaimer: at this point). But even with that, I would never predict anyone to go 12-0, even if the stronger team was much stronger than UGA relatively. Too many ways to lose: injuries, weird bounces, bad calls, weather, suspensions, emotional highs and lows, love affair problems, family issues,etc. I like our chances for winning the East, doubt we go undefeated, and would have us as an underdog at this point to the West winner (LSU would be my pick this month.) Nothing wrong with being optimistic if you are UGA based on all that is known, but expecting to go undefeated is asking for disappointment, imo. Worthy goal to shoot for, wouldn’t expect our players to want any less, but winning the SEC is all that matters. So winning the East is the first goal to set objectives for.

            • I say to the Blogosphere as I said to posters who have joined this cause, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat(and some aged Booker’s if we fail). We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many, many months of struggle and suffering.

              You ask, what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by land and air. War with all our might and with all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of Georgia football. That is our policy.

              You ask, what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory. Victory at all costs – Victory in spite of all terrors – Victory, however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.

              Let that be realized. No survival for the Bulldog Nation, no survival for all that the Bulldog nation has stood for, no survival for the urge, the impulse of the ages, that Red Blackman shall move forward toward his goal.

              I take up my task in buoyancy and hope. I feel sure that our cause will not be suffered to fail among men. I feel entitled at this juncture, at this time, to claim the aid of all and to say, “Come then, let us go forward together with our united strength.”

              Or not……..

  5. Go Dawgs!

    Joe at Coaches Hot Seat certainly does like to use bold-faced type.

    I’m glad that he did at least see fit to include the final score of the Alabama Blackout, though. The beat down of epic proportions was an 11-point UGA loss.

    • Charles

      But, no, you don’t understand. It was THE GREATEST 11-POINT VICTORY IN HISTORY. In… history… it was four years ago after all.

  6. WarD Eagle

    I gotta say Richard Samuel as a 4th quarter tailback is a lot more scary than Isaiah Crowell. Maybe not more than that Carlton guy – good grief…is he still running through AU’s secondary? But Samuel hasn’t had a carry since 2008 against AU. Has he played?

    Of course, it’s hard to start or even get a carry when you have Stafford/Murray and Moreno/Ealey/Crowell in the backfield.

    Man, you guys have been loaded on offense for years now.

    • Samuel looked stout in the fourth quarter in Jax last year.

      Of course he got hurt on the last play of the game.

      • kdsdawg

        really senator, you and I could have run through that hole….together …holding hands. If we have an OL that can open holes like they did against UF and AU last year, then I am sure one of those other guys can tote the rock better that RS. Whats worse is, I am sure he would have been a heck of a fullback.

        • That was hardly his only run of the game.

          • kdsdawg

            and most of them were just like that, through big holes. Look, if you think he is a viable option at TB, then you haven’t watched the same games I have been watching that he ran in. I will just keep hoping that the trio I mentioned are more than serviceable. RS as a fullback would be awesome and is most likely his only chance at the league.

            • I wasn’t thinking about viability. I was responding to a commenter who hadn’t seen him play in two seasons.

              I have no idea why you think RS would make an awesome fullback. He’s a straight-ahead runner who needs depth from the line of scrimmage to get up to full speed when he hits the hole. Setting up closer to the line of scrimmage doesn’t suit his style of running.

              • AlphaDawg

                RS will get a shot at the league simply because of his Size and Speed. Maybe not drafted, but he’ll easily get an invite to a camp.

              • kdsdawg

                RS at fullback but not for running, although I am sure he would be as good as any of our other options there, but as a blocking fullback and catching passes out of the backfield, I like him there. Its not like we run our FB anyway, although I could see him break one ala Keith Henderson vs UF.

    • Gravidy

      Carlton Thomas transferred in the off season, just one of the many reasons UGA is down to 70 legit scholarship players (or less, I’ve lost count). Samuel is a freak athlete who has switched positions at least four times, so he’s never been able to fully realize his potential on the field. He forever cemented his place in Dawg lore by running all over FU in the second half of last year’s game. He’s a sympathetic figure to us Dawg fans, and we’d love to see him shine this year. But, personally, I’m not holding my breath on that one.

      • WarD Eagle

        “Carlton Thomas transferred…”

        Thank goodness. Now, if Murray will decide football isn’t really his thing and all those receivers will get busted on Mudcat’s Moped, AU might stand a chance.


  7. kdsdawg

    RS= 2 yds and a cloud of dust. Man I am excited about him moving back to tailback. Seriously though, please lets hope that out of Malcome, Marshall and Gurley we can just leave RS at fullback.

  8. Otto

    I don’t think UGA collapsed against LSU in the 2nd half but rather LSU woke up.

    LSU had a habit of sleeping until half time and then playing for 15-20min. in the 2nd half until they could coast to a win.

  9. Brodie Bruce

    Tech Recruiting article is indeed torture. Awful analogy to start with…very poorly executed. Can’t figure out if he is glad that Tech football players don’t play in the NFL, mad about inconsistent recruiting rankings, or just can’t get enough of the fair.

    We all like it when athletes are successful after college–whether in football, the business world, or wherever. Not sure why the writer acts like Tech has the market cornered on that.


  10. Will Trane

    Bobo. Listening to him as a player would be difficult. “what we got is what we got”. Damn Bobo, take a couple of English 101 and 102 courses again. It is what it is. Never can get hopeful when he talks about players or the offense. Always pass blocking first for the TBs. Well, Murray will need alot of that since there are no Mitchells or experienced TEs this season. Murray was fortunate the past two seasons to have a Green and Mitchell.

    Never seems like the Dawgs have solid depth at TB or the secondary…well add the O line. The roster for these positions have been major issues for awhile. If CMR could clean these up, think most people would feel more comfortable with CMR and Bobo. The projected starting center is not big by SEC standards and you wonder how opposing D’s will attack the center of the line and Murray dropping back. Plus, Samuel is a vertical running back. He gets out of the blocks quickly, but straight ahead. Look at most of his runs, especially in the Florida game. Not one RB is there who can get to the edge in Bobo’s offense and stretch the D horizonatally on the field and create “green”.

    Hope Bobo goes to Hoover and talkes with Bradley. To every question from Mark, simply respond we got what we got.

    • Go Dawgs!

      A great many of our players aren’t exactly staying up late in debates over the finer points of grammar, Will. I’m pretty sure he’s able to communicate just fine.

    • Brodie Bruce

      I could give a shit about his grammar as long as they score 6’s rather than 3’s and they shelve 3rd and Bobo.

      I would say that without Max Jean-Gilles the Oline has been a weakness the whole time Richt has been coach. Unlucky with a bunch of injuries to highly rated prospects the entire time–I know why it happens. Even though they are still always playing catch up on O-line…there is never, ever a shortage of TE’s–seems like they’ll have 4 TE’s and 5 or 6 healthy lineman at certain points. Weird right?

      Meanwhile Auburn and Alabama raid this state for O-lineman every year. I just don’t get it.

      Feels like the focus is always on the flashy players, WR QB TB TE. At TB it seems like they are always trying to find the next Warrick Dunn (rather than the next Herschel) without having enough guys to block for him.

      Hopefully Boo and Gurley will be successful this year forcing a change to our dimunitive TB rule.

  11. Debby Balcer

    Hot seat articles get hits. There are too many DAWGS who buy into it and so the articles continue. We need to believe and carry the into the stadium. Often when the team needs the crowd to be loud we have given up. Lets play our part and shut those writers up. Two out of three of our first games are night games so all DAWGS should be on deck. GO DAWGS!!!

  12. Debby Balcer

    Richard Samuel’s excites me in that he is showing leadership by talking to Gurley and Marshall. He is a good person for them to be spending time with. He puts team fiirst. It is a positive that they are with him and listening.

  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Sounds like the Tech “writer” was awarded “Honorable Mention” in the essay contest at that fair. … extremely tortured analogy… is comic understatement.

    • shane#1

      The Tech writer could be an alum which would explain the poor creative skills and the lack of State Fair knowledge, probably should have used the old Science Fair analogy.

  14. W Cobb Dawg

    News flash – Penn State announced Paterno’s statue would not be removed from campus. However, it will be turned slightly so it can ‘look the other way’.

    • Dawgfan Will


    • Bulldog Joe

      Strange… that “halo” looked like a shower head in front of a shower curtain. The glasses looked like they had water drops.

      Might be best to paint over the entire thing.