The opposite of Michael Adams

West Virginia’s athletic director is contemplating the addition of a “party deck” to the football stadium.


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9 responses to “The opposite of Michael Adams

  1. HobnailedBoots

    Why can’t we have nice things?


    • WarD Eagle

      Apparently, you’ve never been to Morgantown.

      I love WVU’s school and football program, but somewhere along the line , their fans became vile. I’ll never go back and I recommend you don’t either.


  2. DawgPhan

    I wonder if there will be a burning couch launcher for every time they score a touchdown.


  3. And the toothless shall lead them………..


  4. 81Dog

    will the suites up there have burnable couches? I mean, if you’re going to party, let’s PARTY!!!! “We Must Ignite This Couch!”


  5. eagledawg

    How long before Holgorsen finds the need to call the game from the “deck” as opposed to the sideline?


  6. shane#1

    I already have a party deck. It’s called a patio. There will be no couch burning, my lady friend would never let me burn the new couch and I’m too lazy to drag the old couch from the front porch. Besides, it’s holding up the old fridge.


  7. LIfe is easy. Live It !!!

    The absolute worst fan base in the nation. A night game at LSU has nothing on Morgantown. It’s hard to even list all the vile things I heard and saw there. I’m so glad they weren’t the 13th/14th SEC team.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ah hell, I can’t let it pass, Graham Spanier is a little different from Michael Adams, too….or at least so it appears.