“It’s pretty simple if ESPN buys everything.”

And speaking of ESPN, the big news about the ginormous new contract it’s signed for the Rose Bowl broadcast rights through 2026 isn’t what that portends for how much the playoff broadcast rights are worth or the value of the Champions Bowl’s TV rights (although Slive is probably pinching himself over his good fortune there).  No, it’s that the WWL is sending a clear message to its rivals that it won’t be a pushover as all these new postseason deals come up for negotiation.

Consider what it’s committed itself to with the Rose Bowl:  “The Rose Bowl’s new $80 million annual rights fee represents a 167 percent jump from the $30 million the network currently pays.”  [Emphasis added.]  That’s for a game that in many years is going to have a reduced importance as the new four-team playoff takes hold.

Expect more preemptive bids.  And expect that ESPN’s influence over the college game won’t miss a beat.


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4 responses to ““It’s pretty simple if ESPN buys everything.”

  1. JasonC

    I guess this solves both the issues for the future. We won’t have to ask Delaney about standard for bowls because ESPN will own them all. We know who will control the selection committee because they own college football.


  2. Paul Webber

    good comparison on all the Qb’s under CMR and Aaron Murray’s legacy on


  3. Macallanlover

    I am a strong supporter of capitalism and free market pricing but people who get into bed with a 2000 pound gorilla have to be careful of that gorilla rolling over and killing them eventually. An increase payout of this size for what could very likely be a declining property has to be viewed with an eye for what it portends. I have always supported a bowl scheduling themselves opposite the Rose to give viewers a choice. One of the early PM slots on New Year’s Day to break the log jam where 3 SEC teams overlap would be best. A rival network has to see the advantage of this.


  4. Daniel

    Seems to me this may indicate an 8 team playoff in the near future. Spending that much money for a bowl that could be diminished in years when it’s not in the playoff rotation doesn’t make a lot of sense. Spending that much money for a bowl you know will sooner, rather than later, be a constant in an 8 team playoff makes better sense.