Okay, but wait ’til you get a look at Hutson Mason.

NFL.com analyst attends Manning Passing Academy and has this to say after watching Aaron Murray:

Georgia QB Aaron Murray was shorter than I anticipated, but he was outstanding during Saturday night’s throwing session. This junior is a good inch shorter than senior counterparts Barkley and Wilson, but he matched them throw for throw. He has very clean footwork in his drops, as well as a compact delivery. Murray can generate a lot of velocity and his accuracy was excellent at all three levels. I was surprised at how powerfully he threw the deep ball. Murray had as much range as any quarterback at the camp.

Oh, and about that quarterback who smoked Murray off the field two springs ago?

LSU QB Zach Mettenberger is a very big man. He is at least 6-5 and he could easily carry 240 pounds on his frame. His delivery can get long at times, but he has outstanding arm strength. Mettenberger threw a beautiful deep ball during Saturday’s workout. His accuracy and touch underneath are both works in progress entering his junior season.

I blame (who else?) Bobo for all that.


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48 responses to “Okay, but wait ’til you get a look at Hutson Mason.

  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Aaron Murray is an excellent QB, maybe the best in the nation. Whatever problems he may have had in the past really haven’t been his fault. It is tough to throw a completion when Jadeveon Clowney or someone like him has hold of you no matter how good you are.

  2. HVL Dawg

    If ol Saint Richt could evaluate talent as well as some spring game spectators, we would still have the tall, woman assaulting, wild as they come, work in progress QB that is now the toast of Baton Rogue.

  3. Lrgk9

    Hmm, nothing on Murray’s touch throws mentioned.

    • Charles

      Hmm… “his accuracy was excellent at all three levels”

    • MGW

      Hmm. They didn’t say he was gay, but they didn’t say he was straight either.

      • Charles

        Well played. But, to be clear, the assessment DID say his throws were excellent in terms of velocity, accuracy AND touch (so, in that sense, he’s definitely straight).

  4. DawgFaithful

    Give Bobo a raise too.

  5. Merk

    Murray can throw…lies!!!!!!!

    Really Murray is neither as good as they say, nor as bad as some here think he is. You really would have to be a crappy QB to suck throwing when all you have to worry about is throwing the ball. Cough*** Mett****cough

    We do have very good QB development. There is a reason why Stafford is turning Detroit around and Sanchez is pissing away his opportunities.

    Now if we could just get a decent run game and an O-line….in the same season.

    • Todd

      So QB development at Georgia is why Stafford is turning Detroit around? So why didn’t Greene turn the Seahawks around and Shockely show out in the pros? Or hell, maybe Joe Cox would have gotten a shot…but….but Joe T. was awesome too right? Come on man! You think Staff may have been a bad ass that Mel Kiper called #1 overall pick when he graduated?

      Who knows Mett might be a one of those wild dudes that doesn’t shit himself in critical situations.

      • Dawgfan Will

        But the fact that Sanchez was the second QB taken that year (after Stafford, of course) combined with the comments made by the coaches in Detroit about Stafford’s development tend to support Merk’s point.

        • todd

          Me pointing out that the other qbs have done nothing in the pros doesn’t support Safford just being good from the start? Did Murray win the elite 11? He wasn’t a “project” type qb when he arrived. Then again, Joe Cox was in the elite 11. Where does Lemay fall in all this?

      • Hackerdog

        You think Stafford understood how to run an NFL offense when he was in high school? That’s amazing!

  6. he mentions the QB that smoked Murray off the field, then went into a piece about Mett… I was wanting to read about the QB that smoked Murray???

  7. Skeptic Dawg

    We are all waiting on 2013! The O-line will have a year under their belt and finally jell. The freshmen RB’s will have a full year in the program. Most importantly, Hutson will be leading the team! 2013!!! Dawgs win it all! 2012 is merely an opportunity to watch football until 2013 arrives!

    • Biggus Rickus

      Pretty sure you’re going to have to wait until 2014 for Murray to be gone, as his height will keep him from drafted until at least the second round. He won’t forego his senior season for that, I think.

    • Charles

      Good heavens! Even the South Carolina fans are cockpuppeting around these parts.

  8. But..but…The Stues at 790 said they knew somebody in the know at LSU and Mett was the real deal and UGA lost out big. See happy talk lives on forever.

    Having said that if Mett ends up beating us in the SEC championship game I will grow a similar porn stash and wallow in self loathing.

    • Dog in Fla

      Which brings up the burning question


    • HobnailedBoots

      Why would you listen to that yankee station? I’d rather drag my nuts across hot coals then listen to those carpet baggers at 790 talk about SEC football.

    • dave

      The Stues are GT folks – anything to get a dig on UGA.

      Tired of the Mett talk – the guy committed assault – screwed up – then tried to cover it up and lied to the coaches.

      If that was my daughter he assualted he would not be at LSU today. I wish him the best and hope he learned his lesson. Yes, playing against 2nd and 3rd string players – he looked good in a spring scrimmage a few years ago.

      Go Dawgs

      • Dawgfan Will

        Were Mett’s transgressions severe enough that we can call him a thug?

        • 81Dog

          he should have been trying to set up a deal to sell 100 pounds of weed. Then, maybe he’d still be playing for us. I mean, it was ok for Rueben Houston at Tech, wasnt it?

          The Stus can smooch my pasty man saddle.

  9. shane#1

    Murray can’t beat a good team whereas Mett has beaten lots of….what? wait, never mind, bring on Mason! He’s beaten the big biys!

    • shane#1

      BOYS, DAMMIT! It’s this damn lexdistic key board.

      • Cojones

        …And misspelled: 1. lexdysic 2. lysdexic

        The Senator is dyslexic, but it didn’t stop him from passing the Bra exam.

        • shane#1

          I didn’t even know the Senator wore a bra! When I was a kid I used to sit by my window after everyone was asleep and gaze at the stars. I wondered if there really was a dog.

  10. jax

    Murray is just plain better b/c he screws chicks on spring break.

  11. UGARUGBY79

    Careful Shane #1–your loving Father keeps a tally on comments like that–I make mistakes all the time–I pray you mistyped again and did not refer to the creator in that fashion—just saying–in Love—be careful

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Whether or not that is sacrilege is an interesting question. It’s not really a comment on God but a play on letters in the context of a familiar phrase…the punch line is not funny “about God” but just meant to be absurd (of course there’s a dog – I have two looking over my shoulder as I type this to make sure I get it right).

      It isn’t really taking anything about God or his nature into question, if anything it’s only playing around with humans’ inclination to ponder the universe and the fact that those two words (not the things the words represent, mind you) have interchangeable letters.

      And wondering if there is “a” god is not the same thing as wondering if the (Christian proper name) God exists. For it to be sacrilege, in your estimation and in mine, I imagine he’s have to be referring in some way or another to either our capital-G God or somebody else’s capital-G God (being respectful, here), not the lower-case g “concept of god”.

      Your short post was awfully tender and darn near poetic, though…

      • Cosmic Dawg

        ^ Cosmic Dawg avoiding bedtime which leads to work. Mrs. Cosmic Dawg will be out shortly to inquire what the heck he could possibly typing about this late at night…:)

        • shane#1

          Cosmic Dawg, I am getting ready for work now, sorry for the four letter word there. Thanks for your posts, man you know some big words, I couldn’t understand it all but you sure write pretty.

    • shane#1

      I was not making fun of the Most High, merely making fun of myself. I will try to be careful with what I say, but I am not good at it, what ever pops up pops out. I am sorry if I offended you, but I will tell you, in love, to be careful, lest you join that great nation of the offended that parse every phrase to be sure that everything said is offensive to no one.

      • Cojones

        Hell, I thought you were referring to the Dog Star.

        Don’t let anyone’s negative take kill the humor, dodgammit! Just tell them to go to their jackyard and backoff.

  12. TAdams

    Funny post. We know what Mettenberger can do, 11-1, led Butler to the Championship, 32 td’s, 4 int’s.

    Murray has always been a great practice guy, it’s just competing against the great teams where he struggles (still winless against teams that finish top 25).

    Yeah, Murray is a PRACTICE SUPERSTAR. In the big games, not so much.

    • Funny comment. Care to give us a list of Mett’s big games?

    • Ginny

      You’re really using his season at Butler Community College as an example of how he’s better than Murray? Wow. That’s about as delusional as they come.

    • Brent Schaefer also lit it up at community college during his exile between Tennessee and Ole Miss. He sure was a superstud when he got to Oxford. They won so many big games riding the arms of a JUCO legend!

      I would say this is the dumbest post I’ve ever seen here, but I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic and I don’t want to give you that much credit.

    • Cojones

      Hey, Tad’ems, your qb probably isn’t even a practice superstar.

    • Snake Plisskin

      Wasn’t the rap on the Murray, that Met, et al (every other QB on the team) always beat out Sticks in every practice, every Spring Game, etc. and the only way Sticks was starting was because “he was the appointed one.”…not tall enough (midget is the word thrown around), not football smart (can’t read the defenses), coaches favorite (yea, all the coaches and sportswriters are wrong here), has happy feet (now they’re telling him they want him to use his legs more and make plays), etc….the biggest thing about AM is that he’s very coachable and will do what the coaches tell him to do…yep, he’s a bum…Snake out