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Hang around a while.

Chip Towers haz a funny.

And finally, “coaches’ sideline behavior” will be closely monitored.

“We have great coaches in this league and we don’t think there will be anything here for us,” Shaw said. “But I think nationally we’ve all agreed that anytime the coaches’ behavior on the sideline is demeaning to the game we have to deal with it. And we will.”

You’ll recall that, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham and Vanderbilt head coach James Franklin had a nose-to-nose, postgame confrontation this past season.

Oh, that.  Good one, Chip.  Except that incident didn’t involve sideline behavior.

And one more thing:  it’s kind of hard for the officials to take charge of something they’re not around to see in the first place.  Is Chip advocating that they stick around after the game until everyone has left the field?



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SEC, Missouri grows bored with your petty questioning.

The short answer to this stupid question

“Do you think that the Missouri family has a little bit of a chip on their shoulders because they’ve been told over and over that you’ve been playing JV football and now you’re going to the big league.”

… would be “yeah”, but allow Gary Pinkel to retort.

“I’ve got a place down in Florida and go down there sometimes,” Pinkel said. “People act like we’ve been playing a bunch of high school teams. We’ve played in a pretty good league.”

And T.J. Moe sounds like he’s heard enough about the new neighborhood to leave a lasting impression.

“They say the girls are prettier,” Moe said, “the air’s fresher and the toilet paper is thicker.”

If nothing else, that sounds like a man who’s ready for the sights at Toomer’s Corner.


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About that “having two or three key players suspended” thing…

I normally don’t dabble in stuff like this, but over the past couple of days there’s been a surprising amount of background chatter to the effect that the only Georgia player suspended for the Missouri game will be Commings.

I bring this up not because I have any direct knowledge of whether it’s true or not, but rather because it’s kind of delicious to imagine what the reaction would be to the news.  If you think Spurrier’s been irritated by the unbalanced schedule, this would probably cause him to blow a gasket.  (Which would be ironic, given the number of second chances Garcia received.)  And I can’t begin to imagine the levels to which the denizens of Stingtalk might descend in their collective frustration.

On the other hand, it’s kind of interesting to speculate what that might say about the respective mindsets of Richt and McGarity, no?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this “what if” scenario.


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Well, he does touch the ball more than the quarterback does.

I’m just curious – if you were playing this game, would you take Barrett Jones over any other player in the college game with the second pick in a mythical draft?  Me, I’m thinking I’d probably choose to build up my program around a position other than center.

If you wouldn’t take Jones either, who would you want?


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Time is on his side.

Steve Spurrier just can’t help himself.  He can’t lay off obsessing about Georgia’s schedule.

The question was about the perceived advantage of the open date on South Carolina’s schedule before the Gamecocks’ Nov. 10 game against Arkansas. But South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier veered in a different direction with the answer.

“You think I make the schedule?” Spurrier said from the podium at SEC Media Days. “If I made the schedule, Georgia would be playing LSU, and we’d be playing Ole Miss.”

The schedule says otherwise, of course — South Carolina at LSU on Oct. 13 and Georgia vs. Ole Miss in Athens on Nov. 3.

Spurrier didn’t make more of the issue, quickly moving on by saying: “Not complaining about that other part I mentioned there.”

Yeah, sure.  That would mark a change.

It’s real simple.  The OBC ain’t coaching another twenty years.  (He’s probably not coaching another five, if you want to get down to it.)  He’s clearly elevated the Gamecock program from where it was before he got there.  But he doesn’t have that conference championship ring he wants.  And he’s watching his best players leave – Jeffery after last year, Lattimore after this year, Clowney after next year, most likely.  He knows that window is closing.

That’s why the scheduling stuff is eating at him.  He doesn’t have a twenty-year horizon to wait on for things to even out.

I don’t know if the schedule is going to be the deciding factor that gets Georgia back to the SECCG this year.  I have my doubts it’s going to matter as much as many think it might.  But if it turns out to be the case, I wouldn’t be surprised if it hurts Spurrier as much as Bill Stanfill did in 1966.


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