About that “having two or three key players suspended” thing…

I normally don’t dabble in stuff like this, but over the past couple of days there’s been a surprising amount of background chatter to the effect that the only Georgia player suspended for the Missouri game will be Commings.

I bring this up not because I have any direct knowledge of whether it’s true or not, but rather because it’s kind of delicious to imagine what the reaction would be to the news.  If you think Spurrier’s been irritated by the unbalanced schedule, this would probably cause him to blow a gasket.  (Which would be ironic, given the number of second chances Garcia received.)  And I can’t begin to imagine the levels to which the denizens of Stingtalk might descend in their collective frustration.

On the other hand, it’s kind of interesting to speculate what that might say about the respective mindsets of Richt and McGarity, no?

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this “what if” scenario.


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77 responses to “About that “having two or three key players suspended” thing…

  1. Sneaky Short

    “Richt’s a hypocrite, Richt’s a hypocrite……Hes just like Bobby, all he cares about it winning.” If UGA is charged with enforcing the toughest suspensions in the SEC, then who is anyone to say when and how they hand out pardons. I hope its true. Mizzou over UGA is the sexy pick in Hoover this week.

    • 81Dog

      you can bet they’re rooting for Mizzou in Columbia, SC. And you can bet the Chiks will be the first ones to chirp, and the loudest, if any of the people rumored to have been suspended end up not being suspended for that game. Of course, maybe we’re just doing the Stephen Garcia thing and putting them on double secret probation for the first 5 or 6 offenses, and not suspending them until they prove they can’t really play better than their backup, errrrrr, cross the line of no return.

  2. HVL Dawg

    Free Sanders Commings!

  3. Maybe, the athletic department did its own investigation, found that Tree & Rambo didn’t know about the brownies, and used some common sense. I guess I would think there may be some truth to it because I would have thought Rambo would have applied for the supplemental draft if he were to miss 4 games his senior year. Let’s just go out to the “Zou” and leave no doubt.

    • Go Dawgs!

      if that’s the case, then UGA’s just as bad as Florida and all the other schools we make fun of on discipline issues. Look, I wish it was true about being completely innocent and not knowing about these magic pot brownies that the friends decided to surprise the boys with. It’s just not. The friends know that athletes get drug tested… if they didn’t know it on their own, they CERTAINLY would know when our sainted athletes supposedly refused to smoke a J with them because they can’t show up hot on a drug test. Of course, that didn’t happen. It was spring break and college kids like weed. It’s just that simple.

      • shane#1

        And it’s a one game suspension for a failed drug test, school policy. Rambo had not failed a drug test before and has never been arrested for pot. I do not know the history of the other guys other than Cummings. UF does not suspend for the first failed test, so at UF he would miss no games.

        • I don’t know what happened. I trust McGarity & Richt to do the right thing at the end of the day. Whatever happened, follow the policy with allowance for judgment at the end of the day.

  4. Bob

    I guess Russ Mitchel has been putting this out over the past 24 hours. Have heard it on several other CFB Blogs using him as the source.

    Has the University ever listed or stated suspensions for any of these guys other than Commings?

  5. Dawg in Beaumont

    The reactions would be fierce from our rivals for sure. Honestly though, I don’t see it happening. I think they will all be out.

  6. Reptillicide

    I have no problem with reducing or dropping the suspensions altogether. Where else in America would a player be suspended for four games for eating brownies that he didn’t know were laced with Marijuana till afterward? It’s absurd. You suspend these kids for four games and it earns them public reputations of being “thugs” and it’s not fair. It’s not fair to them and it’s not fair to the team or the fans.

    If we truly are revisiting are hardline stance to these things, and McGarity is reviewing these cases on an individual basis now, then I applaud it, because it’s long overdue. To hell with the people that have a problem with it. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is winning. Win and nobody will care that you reduced some suspensions. Lose and nobody will care that you stood your ground and held fast to those archaic rules.

    • paulwesterdawg

      Reptillicide – Who bakes on Spring Break? I don’t buy that one.

      The bigger issue was suspending Rambo for the Boise Game last year which was idiotic.

      Not sure that Tree (or his brother who I suspect will miss Buffalo) were eating brownies. They may have failed the old fashion way.

      • kdsdawg

        Been saying this since it happened, unless Mrs. Cleaver was in the condo, I doubt there were any brownies baked on spring break.

      • IWanaBDaveGrohl

        Not that I know from experience (wink), but when you are going on trips, you make the brownies before hand and bring them with you, fwiw

      • simpl_matter

        I recall being a broke college kid on several spring breaks, we took everything we could to save money (and avoid having to use a fake ID to buy booze locally). I can buy they we hanging out with some people (college girls) who had brought home made brownies. The girls that would tag along with us brought room food every year.

      • HobnailedBoots

        Paul, personally I didn’t toke on Spring Break, there was only one time I ever did and it was during Junior year and it was one hit. That said, obviously others I went with did, and while nobody I went with every brought brownies, we brought plenty of other stuff with us to save $$$. And an enterprising young person going on spring break would surely see the clever strategy in putting your weed into some brownies so that in case you are searched during a traffic stop (and if you ever went on spring break down to the panhandle like I did, you know how the five-oh is looking for college kids to bust), the likelihood that a cop is going to give a 2nd thought to your brownies right next to the chips and the salsa is very unlikely.

        • 81Dog

          they set up a roadblock on Interstate 185 outside Columbus every spring to catch people headed for Panama City. And, every year they catch (among others) stupid college kids heading to the beach with recreational substances. Unless you can learn how to teleport yourself to a hotel room or condo, leave the dope at home, kids. Better yet, just dont smoke weed. Solves/avoids a lot of problems.

    • paul

      That’s not true for everybody. I’m glad we have strict rules. I’m glad we enforce them vigorously. Very, very few of these young men ever play professional football. Among those, their careers are notoriously short. Richt is preparing these young men for life, which is much, much more important than football. I love me some college football. I’m a huge fan. But I love life even more. Men who live good lives are a far more valuable resource than men who play good football.

      • Macallanlover

        I am “all in” on your philosophy of discipline and rules for life versus football, I just don’t understand why the “academic leaders” who run the schools/conferences/NCAA do not set consistent standards. Rules should be set to maintain a level playing field for all competitors. I personally like that our standards are elite but how can others not be called on the carpet for having such low/no standards in an important area like this?

      • Joe Schmoe

        Paul – What are you 90 years old? We are talking about marijuana not heroine. I mean when are we going to get over this hollier than thou nonsense about pot. It isn’t a big deal, most college kids smoke it, and so do many successful adults. I smoked a lot when I was in school at UGA and graduated with a 3.96GPA. I liked to party but I also went to class all the time (although hung over at times) and studied hard as well. Just because you like to toke every now and again doesn’t mean you are a) an idiot, b) a thug, or c) incapable of doing anything productive.

        • paul

          Actually, I am just shy of 55 and a UGA graduate. Do the math. I was there in the late seventies. While I do not necessarily disagree with any of the very valid points you make, the fact of the matter is these kids are on scholarship and they know the rules. Whether or not the rules make sense is completely immaterial and a wholly different discussion. I never said, nor do I believe our athletes are idiots, thugs or incapable of being productive. But they do have to learn that life is not fair. It never has been and it never will be. Ever. The sooner we all learn this and learn to deal with it the faster we all become productive, well adjusted adults who make positive contributions to society. Which is, if I may say so, the primary result we hope for when we send our children to college. The book knowledge we gain in school is actually one of the least important things we learn while we are there. Ask any employer. I went to college. So did my two children. I did a lot of stupid, ill advised and irresponsible things while I was there. So did my two children. We all learned from those experiences. We all grew up. It’s a process. When we fail to discipline our children and fail to make them suffer the consequences of their behavior we fail to educate them properly. We fail as parents and educators. When we fail our children, they in turn, fail us. Then everyone suffers. That’s the point I’m trying to make about discipline.

          • Joe Schmoe

            We also destroy our credibility with our children by making federal cases out of things that aren’t really a big deal – it’s a boy-who-cried-wolf kind of thing.

    • uga76

      pot brownies… LMAO if you actually believe that then you are just plain stupid. they were smoking blunts and bowls. they should be suspended.

      • HobnailedBoots

        Sounds like you’re just plain sheltered.

      • adam

        Clearly spoken by someone who hasn’t been on a trip with college students in the last 5-10 years. Brownies are extremely popular. So are muffins. Baked goods make the trip with lots of different groups. Drugs (including really heavy drugs) are insanely common in the Greek scene, for example. If university policy was to drug test frat boys, you’d see how well-behaved the football players are by comparison.

  7. Gravidy

    Senator, I’m obviously not as “pluggin in” as some of you guys, because I haven’t heard any of this chatter. What, exactly, is being alleged here? Are all of the players besides Commings supposedly going to get one-game suspensions (or less)? Or are people saying Richt/McG are going to do a bit of Spurrier discipline and suspend them for other games in the schedule?

  8. Go Dawgs!

    That’s great and all, but I personally don’t believe the rumors that we’re going to have those guys back for Missouri for one simple reason: Malcom Mitchell. If we were going to have those guys for the trip to Missouri, then he’d be in the receivers’ room.

    • Not if you need him at DB for Buffalo.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Of course, but Richt and Co. have indicated that they expect him to be with the DB’s through the Missouri game. Obviously, that can be a ruse, but this coaching staff hasn’t really been into deception during their tenure.

        • HobnailedBoots

          No coaching staff believes in disclosing more info than they have to. Why would Richt or anyone else on the staff indicate that those players will be available for Missouri and let Mizzou know it? Again, nothing is final so why announce when there’s nothing to announce, especially when you can just let others go on believing that you’ll be hurting in the secondary. That’s a huge advantage if it shakes out that way, because there’s a good chance Pinkel game plans around the assumption that we’ll be thin in the secondary, and if we’re not, well that could throw a serious wrinkle into their plan of attack.

        • Which may mean that this is a decision being made above Richt’s level.

          • Mudcat's Impala....

            Senator, from Dean over at Scout (not $ posted on free board)…

            “is it true that Ogletree will not be suspended?”

            DL: That’s certainly possible, but that would be the work of Greg McGarity.

            DL: From what I have been told … and this is actually premium information … Georgia slightly modified its drug policy coming into this season… I was told that; I am not reporting that.

            That modification had nothing to do with these two suspensions.

      • Gravidy

        I hope things are not so dire at UGA that they would need an extra body at DB badly enough (against effin’ Buffalo, no less), that they would waste their best receiver’s entire offseason for a one-game patch job.

        • Go Dawgs!

          So much this.

        • Cosmic Dawg

          Exactly what I was thinking. I hope we could use our greenest freshmen against Buffalo at half the positions and still win.

        • adam

          I’d rathe have a shut down corner that runs some go routes on offense than a speedy little receiver. A great corner is a big time game-changer. Malcolm’s a good receiver but he’s not AJ Green. If he’s amazing at CB, I’d rather him be there. Those guys are harder to find.

          • Dawgaholic

            Maybe it’s because Mitchell will be needed against Mizzou because Commings will be out and may be needed at any point next year when a CB is injured. We have three somewhat proven CBs, Commings, Smith, and Swann, three CBs are needed on most critical third downs. If Mitchell is head and shoulders one of the 4 best corners on the team, we are crazy not to get him ready to play.

    • HobnailedBoots

      Even the rumors state that nothing is final – but there is a reason why UGA has not announced suspensions for all the players but Commings, and the reason being that there’s a good chance their suspensions are reduced, or some of them even dropped.

  9. TomReagan

    Suspend whoever should be suspended by the rules and go with what you’ve got left. Have to treat them like injuries and not concern yourself with someone who’s unavailable. Next man in line has to be ready.

  10. goalinestalker

    Mizzou has NEVER played against the speed that the Dawgs have on D. On the SOS front just beat the Barners and the UGA schedule means nothing! He fails to mention we blew out the defending National Champs and they lost at home to them. I get it that Auburn was down last year but how is that the Dawgs fault? We need to drop a 40 bomb on the State Fair grounds in Columbia this year.

    • I’d argue that Texas’ D is pretty darn fast. The ‘Horns have ranked 11th, 6th and 3rd nationally in total defense over the past three seasons.

      That being said, Missouri has played Texas in two of those seasons and scored a total of 24 points. The issue may not be that the Tigers haven’t seen speed, just that they can’t handle it.

      • goalinestalker

        Texas? How many SEC schools ranked in total defense nationally? I concur they haven’t seen it but Texas is no SEC caliber defense IMO.

        • Alabama is the only SEC defense that’s been ranked ahead of Texas all three years.

          • goalinestalker

            Just so we are clear, Texas is on the level of the SEC elite on defense based on stats? Big 12 laid an egg in the 1st round of the draft with zero players taken on defense, the SEC landed 8. Mizzou will struggle with the Dawgs off the edge. I have feeling we will see 5-10 WR screens.

      • Mudcat's Impala....

        Was lookin’ at the box score of that UT-Mizzou game…MU had 338yds of “O”, & only scored 17 points. 1 TD on a long busted play, a FG where MU started at that UT 1yd line after a blocked punt. MU scored 14 in the 1st half but UT made adjustments & held MU to 71yds passing & 8yds rushing(including a 26yd run by Franklin) in the 2nd half….

  11. newdawg

    Ogletree was suspended as a freshman for a non drug offense. I thought that UGA policy dictated that for your first drug offense, you would recieve a one game suspension, I really think that this will be the determining factor in Ogletree’s punishment. I believe he will only have to serve the one game suspension since he has never failed a drug test before. I could be wrong, but that is my understanding of our policy.

  12. The other Doug

    Browniegate might be Rambo’s first offense. I don’t think Rambo ever tested positive for the Boise suspension. He was driving a car that weed was found in, but one of the passengers said it was his.

  13. stoopnagle

    If there’s no police report, then they should play and discipline should be handled internally.

    If techies and cocks and the AJC don’t like, who give a shit?

  14. Debby Balcer

    If due process finds none of the student broke rules then they will play if not they will be suspended. I agree that you can eat something you don’t know if spiked and end up with an issue. I had someone give me spiked punch and it was not funny. If Rambo wasn’t going to follow the rules I think he would have left last year, He played a game having just lost his son. I don’t think he would have been so stupid as to eat brownies he knew were laced with mj.. If they did break the rules and get away with it I think that causes other disciple issues such as UF has.

    • GaskillDawg

      Agree Debbie. Rambo could have declared for the draft but elected to return for his senior season. He knew he would be tested. He is not stupid. He would not have smoked a blunt or a bowl a few days before a test knowing he would forfeit a thrid of his senior season; why not declare for teh raft and smoke to his heart’s content after the combine?

      I admit to having been more than a “I smoked it once” user. Hell, yes folks baked laced brownies to take on trips. Rambo’s version is plausible. Had the drug test been unannounced maybe he would have knowingly ingested, but the fact that he knew he would be tested makes his version more likely to me.

  15. Cosmic Dawg

    I say let’s have some SERIOUS discipline around here, NO MATTER WHAT, ZERO TOLERANCE, PEOPLE.*

    *unless we need those players for a game, in which case I think we ought to remember that’s JUST POT and tumble joyfully, breezily into a weed-induced hammock of situational ethics.

    I am totally down with that plan…listen, you need to rationalize a sketchy decision on an issue that should have never been such a BFD to begin with, you come to Cosmic Dawg.

    By the way, has anybody seen Cojones this summer?

    • Dog in Fla

      Rumor has it that Balls is the lead captioneer for Mitt’s pre-Olympic photo ops

    • NRBQ

      Think the drought’s been hard on his home “garden.”

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Cojones is a scientist. I’m sure his garden has all it needs to avoid the drought.

        • Cojones

          I don’t have any idea what you guys are talking about, but I have been experimenting with chocolate and flour side-dressing to some herbs. Their precious little buds will be fastened inside a clear plastic case the size of a cigarette package to finish their growth.

          Keep your fingers crossed that the freed squares will taste like brownies. If successful, I’ll graft onto a papershell pecan tree. Pecan brownie pot trees should find a place in every foyer to greet visitors.

          Next thing to graft to is a pussy willow.

          Someday, after the hops pot begins to develop, the brewing industry will lift a glass in a toast to Georgia’s Player’s Delight. Gatorade will never be heard of again.