From the object of Uncle Verne’s affection…

Did you know that Craig James’ replacement on ESPN’s Thursday Night college football broadcast once played Pee Wee football with David Greene?


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6 responses to “From the object of Uncle Verne’s affection…


    Good for Pollack. I think I’ll have chick-fil-a for lunch today to celebrate.

  2. section Z alum

    pollack is a smart commentator. if it translates to the booth maybe it will help jessie palmer actually think before he utters tragic phrases like “the quarterback position requires a smart football player to move the football down the football field by executing football plays.”

  3. Deanna


  4. Just Chuck

    I don’t know which is the bigger story, that Pollack got the job or that James is for sure GONE!

  5. Governor Milledge

    Even though both are ensconced at the WWL, it would make for an interesting Cocktail broadcast having Palmer and Pollack in the booth