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“We already play in the toughest conference in the world. Why would we make it more difficult on ourselves?”

Mr. Conventional Wisdom checks the SEC’s pulse on the question of going to a nine-game conference schedule.  He thinks it’s inevitable.

But several developments appear to be pushing the SEC to a nine-game schedule soon rather than later:

  The Pac-12 and Big 12 already play nine games and the ACC will do so next season when both Syracuse and Pittsburgh join the league.

  The Big Ten and Pac-12 tried to work out a scheduling relationship but couldn’t overcome the logistics. As a result, the Big Ten will probably take another look at a nine-game conference schedule.

 When the four-game playoff begins in 2014, the selection committee will look at a number of criteria, including strength of schedule. An undefeated Auburn got left out of the BCS championship game in 2004 and Commissioner Mike Slive vowed that would never happen again.

“We thoroughly vetted this idea of scheduling and we took a vote and chose to stay at eight games,” said Slive. “But we are also mindful that moving forward our strength of schedule will be a factor. I can’t tell you what we will decide. But I can tell you that this is something that we’re going to watch.”

Given that it’s Barnhart saying this, I’d say it’s worth giving it some very solid weight.  He also makes a good point about where the real point of contention may lie.

Within the conference, the argument lines break down like this: The schools at the top of this conference that are competing for the national championship are willing to play nine conference games, a good intersectional game and two teams they can beat at home. But there are other teams in the league that need at least three guaranteed wins in non-conference games in order to have any shot at a bowl.

For me, though, the most interesting part of his piece is what he doesn’t say.  There’s absolutely no mention of TV’s role in wanting more  – and paying for more, of course – conference product to broadcast as a factor in expanding the conference schedule.  That’s hardly an insignificant matter.  So why do you suppose Barnhart omitted it?



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Jarvis Jones, summer MVP

I’ve mentioned that my biggest worry about the Crowell dismissal is the internal fallout, the impact it might have on team chemistry.  If Cornelius Washington’s initial angry response was cause for concern, Jarvis Jones sounds like he’s ready to offer the antidote.

Despite the distractions, Jarvis Jones is upbeat as ever about what he’s seen in summer workouts.

“It’s been an unbelievable summer for us,” he said. “We’ve still got a goal in mind and we’ve got to stay focused on what we have.”

To that end, Jarvis Jones said leaders like Abry Jones, Aaron Murray and King have relayed a message to the rest of the team during Thursday meetings with younger players.

“We just told the guys, ‘Y’all know what we have here. Y’all know why we came back here. Y’all know where we’re trying to go, and y’all know we’ve got one of the best staffs in the nation and we’ve got the whole Bulldog Nation behind us,’” Jarvis Jones said. “The more we stick together, the more things we do right, the more we make our way to where we want to go. We just have to stay focused and continue to believe in each other, stay out of trouble, we’ve got to support each other. If we see somebody not doing the right thing, you’ve got to correct them. You’ve got to be the big brother no matter what.”

If this year turns out to be a success for the Dawgs, remind me to post a mash note to Southern Cal’s doctors.


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Name that caption: Saban better have time for this shit.

This young lady may be the most intense autograph seeker I’ve ever seen.  And considering the prey she’s stalking, that’s pretty fearless.

photo via Landov

Do your thing in the comments, people.


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