Jarvis Jones, summer MVP

I’ve mentioned that my biggest worry about the Crowell dismissal is the internal fallout, the impact it might have on team chemistry.  If Cornelius Washington’s initial angry response was cause for concern, Jarvis Jones sounds like he’s ready to offer the antidote.

Despite the distractions, Jarvis Jones is upbeat as ever about what he’s seen in summer workouts.

“It’s been an unbelievable summer for us,” he said. “We’ve still got a goal in mind and we’ve got to stay focused on what we have.”

To that end, Jarvis Jones said leaders like Abry Jones, Aaron Murray and King have relayed a message to the rest of the team during Thursday meetings with younger players.

“We just told the guys, ‘Y’all know what we have here. Y’all know why we came back here. Y’all know where we’re trying to go, and y’all know we’ve got one of the best staffs in the nation and we’ve got the whole Bulldog Nation behind us,’” Jarvis Jones said. “The more we stick together, the more things we do right, the more we make our way to where we want to go. We just have to stay focused and continue to believe in each other, stay out of trouble, we’ve got to support each other. If we see somebody not doing the right thing, you’ve got to correct them. You’ve got to be the big brother no matter what.”

If this year turns out to be a success for the Dawgs, remind me to post a mash note to Southern Cal’s doctors.


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22 responses to “Jarvis Jones, summer MVP

  1. onceadawg

    Seems to me that Jarvis is turning into one of those players that we’ll regard as a DGD for life.

  2. Spike

    After his performance in Jax last year, especially that last sack, he is a DGD in my book.

  3. hailtogeorgia

    How disgusting is it to think that this gem of a human being could be playing for Junior right now? Oy vey…

  4. Comin' Down The Track

    I’m starting to creep myself out with how much I love Jarvis Jones.

  5. I say we go to Jarvis for quotes about the Dawgs even when his is in the NFL. Damn I love that kid.

  6. CoachSpurlock

    I spoke to Coach McGhee at Carver last week. Jarvis told him they have watched film on Missouri nonstop all summer. He is very confident they will shut them down. We’re going to be fine folks.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      I have never had a dream about football in my life, but last night I actually dreamed our line and lb went to town on them, just went over their o-line like a flood and thoroughly disrupted the Mo QB. I forgot all about it until I saw your post.

  7. TAdams

    Team chemistry depends on what combo of players make the scoring gap increase when they are on the field. It’s gonna be tough for the first 4 games or so, because some of the best players, like Rambo, will not have a chance to impact the score due to suspensions, so you might not figure out your best combos until late in the season. Each time a starter gets suspended, it slows down the team chemistry process. You’ve got to figure out your team identity, tough when a bunch of guys are suspended. Ultimately, when a player gets in trouble, it reflects back onto team leaders like Jones & Murray, so these team leaders need to adapt their leadership style to stop the bleeding.

    • ben

      I’m with you with regards to building on the field chemistry, but you lost me when you blamed felony weapons charges on Jones’ and Murray’s poor leadership style. That makes no sense. At the end of the day, 20 year old dudes are gonna do what they want regardless of how inspiring their teammate is. To borrow from Stuart Scott, you can’t stop (poor decisions) you can only hope to contain them.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Also, it is neither Jones’, Murray’s OR CMR’s job to babysit problem children 24/7 – they can and should try to lead them, but asking Jones and Murray to forfeit their own college experience by stalking and nagging the other young (adult) men on the team and then faulting them when they fail is, frankly, ridiculous.

  8. Bruce Lauriault

    WHOA T where did that come from ? Sounds like you would be fun to hang out with!

  9. TAdams

    Jones, as leader of the defense, and Murray, as leader of the offense, are partially responsible when so many players are getting into trouble. Might need to get some new player leaders who are better problem solvers since the problem persists as the players do not seem to respond to either of these 2 player leaders seriously. Richt is also partially responsible, and if you get several more suspensions this season, his time as Head Coach will come to a sudden end at UGA due to his inability to fix this problem. To say player leaders or Richt, are not even partially responsible when so many things are going wrong, is erroneous.

    • Julie

      If I didn’t believe in reincarnation before, I do now. No one could achieve your level of stupidity in one lifetime.

    • IndyDawg

      In TAdams world of logic it’s ultimately all God’s fault.

      • Brian Dawg

        or, as Mett would say-part of God’s plan….

      • Spence

        TA, clearly everyone takes some share of the blame. So, allow me to say, way to go TA. Yes, you. If it wasn’t for people like you, IC would still be on the team. If you’d played a more active role in his life, none of this would have happened. Or if your blog posts had been more inspiring. Or if you had given more to the Hartman fund so that he could have better tutors.

        I can go on… but you get the point. Bulldog Nation has judged your leadership abilities, and you’ve failed.

    • Hill Dawg

      Does the “T” in TAdams stand for tech?