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I felt bad about $100 game tickets at Texas A & M…

… until I discovered I was paying the highest average season ticket prices in the SEC.

At least TAMU fans are getting Florida and LSU games for their money.


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When one legacy closes, another legacy opens.

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Say adios to JoePa’s statue.

The famed statue of Joe Paterno was taken down from outside the Penn Statefootball stadium Sunday, eliminating a key piece of the iconography surrounding the once-sainted football coach accused of burying child sex abuse allegations against a retired assistant.

Workers lifted the 7-foot-tall statue off its base and used a forklift to move it into Beaver Stadium as the 100 to 150 students watching chanted, “We are Penn State.”

What you are is about to get pounded on all over by the NCAA, folks.

CBS News has learned that the NCAA will announce what a high-ranking association source called “unprecedented” penalties against both the Penn State University football team and the school.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” the source told correspondent Armen Keteyian.

Can I get an “oh, shit!” from the congregation?

It sure smells like somebody’s in a hurry to take advantage of the situation with a good old-fashioned power grab.  I hope this doesn’t turn out to be one of those circumstances where the cure is worse than the disease, considering how bad the latter is.



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“… so no further action was taken.”

You know what really chaps my ass… okay, you know one thing that really chaps my ass?

It’s how Mark Richt has lost control over the North Carolina and Virginia Tech programs.

Seriously, North Carolina is guilty of academic fraud that’s so blatant it makes what the Harricks did look like child’s play.

According to the Raleigh New & Observer, UNC has acknowledged that its all-time receiving leader, current New York Giant Hakeem Nicks, was ineligible throughout his junior season in 2008 due to academic fraud.

But since it wasn’t caught until after the season was over and since Nicks turned pro after the season, no harm, no foul.  Or if you prefer a more philosophical description,

His agent told the New & Observer that, four years after the fact, his client’s eligibility is “low on the totem pole of relevant issues,” which is hard to dispute from Nicks’ perspective or North Carolina’s.

Glad that worked out for all concerned.  After all, the Heels are already penalized for eligibility issues related to payments from agents.  Is there really any need to pile on further just because it involves cheapening the primary mission of any academic institution?

Meanwhile, Uncle Frank Beamer needs a kicker.  So let’s all welcome back junior Cody Journell from his temporary exile after his suspension for felony home invasion.

Fortunately for Va. Tech, no scooters were involved in the incident.


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Don’t hate us ’cause our schedule’s pretty.

Pat Dooley hints that dissatisfaction over Georgia’s 2012 conference schedule is more widespread than we thought.

They also have the best schedule of the East contenders with games against West teams Auburn and Ole Miss. That schedule has been a source of irritation for coaches privately and publicly with South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier taking a shot on the first day of SEC Media Days, saying that if he made the schedule Georgia would be playing Alabama and South Carolina would be playing Ole Miss.  [Emphasis added.]

Given Dooley’s beat, I’m going to guess that Muschamp is one of the whiners.  Like he doesn’t already have enough to worry about.

I keep saying it, but Evil Richt needs to step up here and embrace the advantage.  There’s a psychological edge to pushing the smaller margin of error Georgia’s rivals seem to believe they’re handicapped with this season.


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Things you don’t want to hear from your coordinator of officials.

This doesn’t exactly instill a great deal of confidence in me.

SEC coordinator of officials Steve Shaw said a lot of league coaches worked on the new kickoff rule this spring. Shaw is very interested to see how it plays out and added that NCAA rules committee members aren’t sure how it will develop and are “very interested to watch.”

Sure.  Just like some of us are very interested in watching car wrecks on the side of the highway.  Because you never know what Penn Wagers might cook up.


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