Don’t hate us ’cause our schedule’s pretty.

Pat Dooley hints that dissatisfaction over Georgia’s 2012 conference schedule is more widespread than we thought.

They also have the best schedule of the East contenders with games against West teams Auburn and Ole Miss. That schedule has been a source of irritation for coaches privately and publicly with South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier taking a shot on the first day of SEC Media Days, saying that if he made the schedule Georgia would be playing Alabama and South Carolina would be playing Ole Miss.  [Emphasis added.]

Given Dooley’s beat, I’m going to guess that Muschamp is one of the whiners.  Like he doesn’t already have enough to worry about.

I keep saying it, but Evil Richt needs to step up here and embrace the advantage.  There’s a psychological edge to pushing the smaller margin of error Georgia’s rivals seem to believe they’re handicapped with this season.


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24 responses to “Don’t hate us ’cause our schedule’s pretty.

  1. Bob

    Actually I thought Dooley’s artcle was ok. He did not make a big deal of it, pointing out that Spurrier had.

    Of course he did not mention that we have 3 home SEC games and 5 on the road. Yeah, I know, Georgia is the “home” team in the “neutral” site “Gator” Bowl. LOL

  2. Spike

    Wow, I could see a legit beef if WE made the schedule. We did not make it. So why doesn’t the media write a column asking these whiners why they just don’t GET OVER IT? If Spurrier had our schedule we would not hear a peep.

  3. Lrgk9

    Hey Senator – Where is that article where it went back and showed the SEC schedule stats back 10-15 years?

  4. shane#1

    SOS is giving the talking points to keep UGA out of a MNC game if they win out. ESPN and various sports writers have picked up the mantra so his strategy is working.

    • The Lone Stranger

      That’s an intriguing semi-conspiracy theory right there, and given the unseemly clout of MothershipSports there is some validity to it. Infuriating, it is.

    • freedawg#10

      Could it be that Spurrier is playing on Richt and his past teams’ penchant for becoming complacent when they are picked as the favorite?

      • shane#1

        The OBC is trying to get into Richt’s head all right, but IMO that’s just part of his plan. He cannot afford for UGA to go to the BCSCG. He is in a small state with limited talent so he has to compete with Richt in Ga. for players. USCe has starters that can compete with anyone but lacks quality depth. Thus they tend to break down late in the season. Everyone from the real USC east recruits in Ga., so Spurrier faces tremendous odds recruiting here. Too top it off Dabo is recruiting lights out and Spurrier has to face him every year, and the Old Ball Coach is becoming the elderly ball coach. He wants an SEC title and has just a handful of years to get one. If the Dawgs play for the MNC Richt will get who he wants from Ga. and Soucackalacky, Dabo will get the rest from their home state and SOS will be out in the cold.

  5. fetch

    If we beat everyone in the east, this meme dies.

    • charlottedawg

      This, and if we win the SEC, we’ll have beaten a top 5 team in LSU, Bama, or whoever. I’m not all concerned with this meme.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        This is what I was thinking, too. Get to the SEC championship game *and* win it and it won’t matter what Thee Indefatigable Pie Hole of Columbia thinks, if it ever did. I’m ready to see GA beat the snot out of everybody they play and be the 900lb gorilla of this conference. If we could do that I don’t particularly care about a NC, although I think one gets you the other.

        • AlphaDawg

          First time i’ve heard the word ‘Indefatigable’ since Hornblower was Midshipman, and totally appropriate considering the reference and all it implies.

  6. I believe the response to the line of thought is exactly what the Senator suggests,to wit; You are correct sir this is the weakest schedule we have ever faced and it is Tenn,USC’s and Florida’s fault. We did not make the schedule and we can’t help it if our tradition rivals suck. Not my problem…just win baby.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Oh how awesome it would be if Richt was asked about our weak schedule and just replied by saying we can’t help it if our traditionally strong rivals suck right now.

    • Cosmic Dawg

      Another great point that nobody’s bothering to mention.

  7. Mike

    The good Senator writes;

    “Given Dooley’s beat, I’m going to guess that Muschamp is one of the whiners.”

    You would guess incorrectly. Muschamp went on record as saying he thinks the Florida/LSU game should be maintained.

    • Beer Money

      …because he now has to. The SEC is keeping the 6-1-1 for now and until a motion is made to move to 9 or drop the permanent east-west matchup, you will hear nothing to the contrary. Then if/when they do drop it, he will point out all of the positives of not having to play LSU every year any more.

      He will look like a chicken shit if he comes out and says he wants out of the game now. Plus, Foley would probably reprimand him internally. He knows this.

      Besides, given UF’s propensity to play UGA’s ’12 schedule every single year, Muschamp knows he better not say anything regarding scheduling.

      • Mike

        Actually no. He said that right after Miles and the LSU AD expressed an interest in dropping the yearly series. Long before the decision was made.

        And then you write this;

        “Besides, given UF’s propensity to play UGA’s ’12 schedule every single year, Muschamp knows he better not say anything regarding scheduling.”

        Can you rewrite it, this time in English?

  8. Mg4life0331

    Maybe the suspensions thing going on has been beaten to death, however I had not read this interpretation. If Rambo told CMR about the situation last year and not fail a test (as his coach said), then this year would be his first offense correct? Olgetree did not fail one last year did he? First offenses for both am I right? Im trying my bit as a lawyer here….

  9. dawgfan17

    None of those teams seemed to concerned about how “unfair” the schedule was for UGA in 2008 when we had to play AU, AL and LSU all in the same season from the west.

    • Mike

      Welcome to Florida’s world, crica 2011. And with a true freshman starting two of the three games and playing significant minutes in the other.

      • Harry your hands are freezing

        Cry me a river. Recruit a quarterback. By the way, is “crica” English?