I felt bad about $100 game tickets at Texas A & M…

… until I discovered I was paying the highest average season ticket prices in the SEC.

At least TAMU fans are getting Florida and LSU games for their money.


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10 responses to “I felt bad about $100 game tickets at Texas A & M…

  1. Great link….who knew….I had just always assumed that Tenn and U of F fans paid more for their tixs than we do. I hope the AD is paying attention and understands he is in the act of killing the Golden Goose


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Well, this tears it. I’m a Commodores fan from now on. Lowest ticket cost in the SEC and I get to see all my favorite teams.


  2. Mctyre

    Revenue rich program but concessions still lacking: food aside, were stuck with stinky ice and sparsely placed TV monitors that are either broken or early unviewable.


    • Macon Dawg

      The concessions are just horrible in some areas of the stadium, with the space to accommodate lines of people just as bad. And it’s been that way for a long, long time. And they just haven’t given a damn b/c people keep buying the tickets. Well…seems that’s a changin.


  3. Reptillicide

    Hey, looks like the NFL figured out how ridiculous it was for them to not show replays to the fans in the stadium. That’s always been one of the biggest complaints of people that go to games. Controversial play happens and everyone in the world knows what’s going on except the people that paid for a ticket to see the game. Just absurd. Maybe the NCAA will follow suit, though I doubt it.


  4. 69Dawg

    Let’s face it since Adams took over he has done everything in his power to spoil the gameday experience. He has closed parking lots, dug up streets, built parking decks that people hate and made North Campus a no man’s land. With guys like Mike UGA is lucky they can give the tickets away. This year the scalpers will be broke. If James “the SOB coach not the QB” Franklin had not pissed off CTG the only games that would sell out would be UT, GSU and GT. The AD can’t change anything if the Supreme Leader won’t let him. The problems with football Saturday’s at UGA begin and end with Mike Adams.


    • Bob

      Michael Adams might be a real jerk, but he did not make up this home schedule. Sorry, but passing the buck doesn’t get it. I just hope McGarity EVENTUALLY does.


    • Governor Milledge

      The article’s whole point is increasing the atmosphere, excitement and activities which surround Gameday. Adams has done a lot to squelch said atmosphere, especially on N Campus. Scheduling is a big part of it, but Adams is definitely far from blameless


  5. Class A

    Bring on a 9 game conference schedule. After this year’s slate of home games, I think I will be ready for it.


  6. Chopdawg

    I know too many Dawg fans who’ve given up their season tickets for seats in front of their TV’s on Saturday afternoon…what with air conditioning, cheap beer, no parking hassles, uncrowded restrooms, I might be joining them soon