For Paul Johnson, playoffs are about “at least”.

Paul Johnson is in favor of a sixteen-team playoff.  Of course he is, bless his heart.  And for just the reason you’d expect.

“You take 11 [conference champions] and then you add five at-large [teams], give ’em a chance,” Johnson said this week at ACC Media Days. “If your conference hasn’t done well, you become the 16th seed. You have to go play against No. 1, but at least you had a chance.”

Cue the obligatory movie reference.

Within a few months of college football adopting such a format, I’d expect Georgia Tech to move to the Sun Belt Conference.  The battles it would have with Georgia State to make the playoffs would be epic.


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17 responses to “For Paul Johnson, playoffs are about “at least”.

  1. Chopdawg

    “I think if we went to eight, we’d have to cut back to 11 games [in the regular season], get one of those games off the table maybe,” Grobe said.

    What? And lose our meaningful regular-season game against Buffalo?


  2. ChicagoDawg

    I am sure that dick would love a 16 team deal, for obvious reasons. Gets Maggot Nation within sniffing distance of a bid. If somehow they did land a bid it gets them into a condensed tme format where he can have a tactical advatage with his offense that no one sees anymore.


    • Porter Osborne Jr

      Exactly what I was thinking. It makes it easier for them to get in and then he has an advantage since it’s difficult for a team to prepare for his offense in one week. He has a chance to make some noise.


      • Beer Money

        Gotta land enough D1 players though to compete with real D1 teams. High school offense run with high school players against future NFL draftees is not a recipe for success no matter how smart this arrogant POS thinks he is.

        Unless Gif Smith can be lured back, The Genius’ time on the Flats may be limited. Therefore, he will not be around long enough to see it get to 8 or 16 teams in 10-15 years. Then again, maybe by that time Tech would have dug out from the recruiting/talent disadvantage The Genius has put them in currently.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Take into consideration Tech’s recent run of misfortune.

      If they do somehow make it, they probably get paired against us.


  3. TomReagan

    That’s the NCAA model for a national tournament, and it’s a scary thing for fans of D-1A football as we know it.

    I’m always surprised at how little coverage there is of the effect of a potential NCAA sanctioned playoff in D-1A. Now that the BCS conferences have created a playoff, it’s not much of a stretch to see the NCAA creating their own playoff.

    Clearly, the BCS schools are aware of this and know that if they push things too far in their favor that they may face an upstart tournament. The NIT’s fall has to be in the back of their minds, or at least it should be. It may sound crazy now, but you never know how things will pan out over time and an official NCAA champion title would probably carry a lot of weight. If the bowls are totally neutered, then it could happen–or we could get the 60 some odd team super division that the Senator foresees.


  4. X-Dawg

    I think they should give everyone on GTU’s team a commemorative ring for this. It should have something like this engraved on it: “Eligible For The Playoffs But For The Size Of The Tournament Field”.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I bet Johnson would love a playoff like that. Georgia Tech would be a tough opponent in a big playoff like that. I don’t know that the ACC Champion would ever end up as the 16th seed, I’d imagine the ACC Champion as a 6, 7, 8, or 9 many years. And at that level, wow. Depending on how much practice time you’ve got leading from the end of the regular season to the first round game, it’s going to be damn hard to get ready for the Tech option. Georgia can get ready for it in a week because the ‘Dawgs devote some practice time to it in the spring and summer camps, so a lot of game week is refresher material. That’s probably also the case now for a lot of the teams in the ACC. But if you’re a Big 12 team that never expected to see Tech in the first place? That’s tough sledding. And then if they were to make it out of the first round, then you’ve really got problems in Round 2, because you’re really trying to do it in just a week.


    • Beer Money

      meh. Unless their defense gets tremendously better, I wouldn’t worry about Tech too much for any team with D1 talent.


  6. Win your first game against Georgia AND consistently back into a playoff as a tough out? Paul Johnson will never have to look for another job.


  7. Macallanlover

    It is easy to see how he would approve an expansion to a level where GT might aspire to be once a decade, there is no way he can envision taking GT to the exclusive level of eight teams….not with the talent he has available and that gimmick offense. It is clear he has D1 confused with the minor leagues/Ga Southern where he has his only success as a HC.


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    I don’t believe I’da told that, Coach.


  9. stoopnagle

    Just yesterday I was cleaning out the DVR. I found a College Football Live from NYE. I was curious why I kept it, so I watched (we may be rid of Craig James, but Lou and Mark live on. God bless Reese. Seriously.) I am not one to wallow in Tech’s misery, but the only reason I could see that I kept it was for the highlights of Tech getting punked by Utah.

    Which all led to the thought: how long until PJ is shown the door? How many more Georgia games can he get beat in before he has to win it? (It’s a serious question).


    • The Lone Stranger

      I give him 3 more years, continuing on his current path of 3 straight losses to UGa and 0-4 in bowls. The ACC would seem to be coming back to him, as well, what with N.C. being dismantled in sections and Miami about to see the hammer. Tech can forget about FSU probably, but Va. Tech is the only stiff competition on its side of the conference. Now would be GT’s time to strike.

      No ACC title game appearance in three years and I see him canned.