If only there were a list of the most overrated statisticians…

You know, in a way I perversely admire ESPN’s KC Joyner.  How many stat hacks would try to get away with a list of college football’s most overrated players that starts with Marcus Lattimore?


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  1. Dog in Fla

    It’s apparent that KC has never tried to tackle Lattimore


  2. dawgfan17

    So if you take away the two best options for a qb his stats will go down. Hmm.


  3. WhirlyWinder

    Good thing Aaron Murray didn’t make the list. I half expected him to put Murray on there, you know, the whole “0-9 vs. teams that finish top 25” thing. Or how Murray compiled most of his stats against bad teams. But no, KC’s pretty high on Murray from what I’ve seen.


  4. WhirlyWinder

    That was a joke. Murray made his list of the nation’s most overrated players, but KC noted for other reasons, like how poorly Murray did when his top tier receivers were out in ypa.

    Like I said, KC is real high on Murray, not.

    Here’s what KC said about Murray:

    Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia Bulldogs Murray has certainly showcased his superb skills over the past two seasons but last year also brought to light a weakness in his game. As noted in this March Insider article, Murray saw a significant decrease in productivity when the statistics for Orson Charles and Malcolm Mitchell were removed from his metric mix. The best quarterbacks find a way to get high-level productivity out of second-tier players (as Brandon Weeden and Robert Griffin III did last season) and Murray has yet to show that he can do that. Moreover, his 7.8 overall yards per attempt average (YPA) for the season ranked only 32nd in the nation, behind returning SEC QBs Tyler Wilson and AJ McCarron and barely ahead of South Carolina’s Connor Shaw and Missouri’s James Franklin. So Murray may have some work to do in order to remain among the SEC’s best passers.


    • Normaltown Mike

      I wish this guy would do a list of the most underrated players EVAH!

      John Stinchcomb would surely top this list with his perfect rushing average of one touchdown for every single carry he ever had in college. EVAH!


  5. WhirlyWinder

    Murray was the No. 2 most overrated player in the nation on KC’s list, besides Lattimore.


    • Cojones

      See dawgfan17 at 4:09 PM. Prescience.


    • Ubiquitous GA Alum

      You know if you take away Tom Brady’s TD throws to Grankowski and Hernandez he only ended up with 22 … That would put him in the lowere third of NFL QBs … Very average player IMO


  6. The Lone Stranger

    Consider the source: this is the very character who reckons that the Vols may well play themselves into the Top 25!