“I’ve seen a lot of growth in Tyler.”

Once again, SOD shows he has the finger on the pulse of his team, as Tyler Bray, fresh off showing his maturity at SEC Media Days, indulges his inner Stephen Garcia by tossing a few beer bottles at cars parked below his apartment balcony.

He’s been served with an eviction notice by the apartment complex, which is more punishment than I expect  him to receive from Dooley.


UPDATE:  Shoot, I can’t believe I didn’t pop this baby up to start with.  Hat tip to fuelk2 in the comments for pinging my memory.


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28 responses to ““I’ve seen a lot of growth in Tyler.”

  1. 81Dog

    Get off Tyler Bray. He was just trying to be green and put his bottles in the recycling bin a few floors below, when one of his roommates yelled “Lookout, Jarvis Jones is about to blindside you!!!!” That would affect anyone’s aim. Tyler’s the victim of an unfortunate, malicious prank, and hopefully SOD will stand tall in the coaching pocket in support of this fine young man.



  2. Dog in Fla

    CMR and Tyler have the same wardrobe person?


    • Puffdawg

      Good catch, Dog. My first thought was, “What in the hell is he wea…” and then it hit me CMR was wearing the same damn thing in his ESPN interview. Maybe Nilke has transitioned to men’s clothing and we’ll be seeing these on georgiadogs.com soon?


  3. Dawgwood

    To be fair, I did the same thing in college. I got mad one night and threw a beer bottle off my balcony. I was trying to throw it in the creek below, but I forgot about the apartments that were down next the creek. Two days later an ACCPD officer knocked on my door and asked me to follow him around to the apartment complex below. There he introduced me to a not so happy girl and her car. Apparently I used some muscle on the toss because the Bud Light bottle went half way through her windshield unbroken. I agreed to pay for it, and all was ok. However, at the start of one of my classes the next semester, who do I sit next to: the same girl. I ended up dropping the class. I miss college.


    • fuelk2

      I’ve done this before, only not at cars, and just because it was fun to watch glass break. Yeah.


    • Will

      Did the article say the victim went to lunch at 1:30 pm and came out 30 minutes later and saw the damage to her car? They get rowdy early up there at UT. I can understand day drinking around a pool or something, but I was normally trying the girls to throw away their inhibitions and better judgement rather than throw bottles and balls at cars.


    • uglydawg

      ….you could only enhance this story by telling us that you ended up marrying her….


  4. ETennDawg

    My money’s on nothing happening to Bray.


  5. SCDawg

    Clearly, Mark Richt has lost control of the Tennessee football program.


  6. stoopnagle

    So, Bray would get a 10% of his season suspension at UGA, right? Alcohol violation since he’s what? 20? Or is this his second run-in while boozin’?


  7. Mike not Gator Mike

    Shouldn’t Grandinetti be investigated for providing alcohol to a minor?


    • Puffdawg

      What the hell is a 20 year old college QB doing living with a 26 year old. Who do you think is paying the rent? The college kid or the college graduate with a full time job?


  8. Cojones

    “A very good working relationship” ; part of quote from Knoxville PD.
    Yep, you sure do. You let DaRick and his other recruits beat the shit out of one of your cops BEFORE HIS FIRST PRACTICE AS A VOL.

    And SOD calls him “The face of our offense”, eh? Sounds like he represents another part of their anatomy when he isn’t in front of the cameras.

    And the retliatory strike on the car of the girl who informed authorities about the first incident and got him kicked out of his apt. Now how do you suppose they found out which car was her’s? Maybe the 26 yr old employee of UT who was throwing objects along with their 20 yr old “matured” player has resources within UT’s Campus Police to ID her parking sticker or verify a license plate?

    They got hoodlum problems. These white kids from lower economic strata, as fatherless and rudderless as they may be, are an embarrassment to the hard-working and appreciative black players on the team that have “matured”. The next thing you know they will be dealing cocaine and fathering children out of wedlock like they do back home in their communities. Oh,well. They could be pumping gas in SC were it not for the chance they have been given.

    Say, what happened to the other white qb who rode into Tenn on DaRicks coattails? Probably just squandered his chance for a better life by now. These Irish (excluding my friend, IrishDawg) are culturally different from many of us what with their flaring tempers continually getting them into barfights and other imbroglios. F’ing bunch of potato-eating……..wait a minute; I like potatos.


    • shane#1

      No skin off my nose. Highland Scots here. Not Lowland, they talk funny and they are just as bad as the—-IRISH! The buggars steal anything that they can get there hands on.


  9. TomReagan

    Example 1-A of how things are handled differently in other college towns. First, you have the quote from the police chief. Second, you have a girl who was told by an apartment employee that Bray and his roomate had been told they were being evicted minutes before her windshield was smashed in–but we now have a quote from a UT representative saying no arrest and no eviction either.

    Not saying we should do things that way in Athens, necessarily, but it’s important to remember when comparing all of these arrest numbers that are thrown around.


    • Cock of the Walk

      Of course you could have said Tyler that pulled a Washaun Ealy . But it fits the narrative to make fun of other players – even ones graduated and gone – than use examples closer to home. Of course, Tyler was smart enough to do his boozing at home, while DUI seems to be the screw-up of choice in Athens. (And in case y’all remember, Washaun’s little incident was not the reason he left UGA)


      • Dawgfan Will

        No, but he also wasn’t let completely off the hook either. Let’s just say I’m not holding my breath waiting for Bray to receive any sort of suspension.


      • 81Dog

        Riiiiiight. Let’s forget about Stephen Garcia and his 5 year litany of booze related mishaps, none of which cost him so much as a snap in a game UNTIL Spurrier felt like he had a competent backup to replace Garcia halfway through his fifth and final year in the program. God forbid we use Garcia as an equvalent example; heck, it’s been almost 10 months since he suited up for the Chicks. Old news. Nothing to see in Columbiadishu. Move on.

        Why dont you go back to whining about the schedule, or polishing your South Carolina 2011 SEC East championship ring?


      • stoopnagle

        Stoopid troll.


  10. uglydawg

    Maybe they’ll remove the statue of SOD from the UT campus for his part in covering things up.


  11. Dawgfan Will

    Why is it always Georgia?

    (I’m trying to get a meme started here, folks.)


  12. Dawg19

    I wonder if Bray scraped off the serial numbers of the beer bottles first…


  13. Russ

    Well, “Bray” is what a jackass does.


  14. RP

    Because none of this ocurred in or around an alley, no legal or disciplinary action is warranted.