Mark Richt has a new tailor.

This outfit and a goatee would match the exact mental image I have of Evil Richt.


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33 responses to “Mark Richt has a new tailor.

  1. ctfain

    So, basically, Garth from Knight Rider. I sense a meme coming on.


    • Too flashy. Evil Richt is quietly understated… but evil.


      • Go Dawgs!

        I dunno, Senator, I’m not sure having dozens of football players run into the end zone to mob a teammate after a touchdown is “quietly understated:…

        That said, I for one welcome back Evil Richt, if indeed he’s back. We need him!


        • A more flamboyant ER would have led them into the end zone.


        • Macallanlover

          Go Dawgs, I have never understood people that do not get the facts right on the celebration issue, Richt did not “have DOZENS of players run into the end zone”. His direction to have the players celebrate and have some fun enjoying their success was never intended to involve the players on the bench get into the action. You can make a case that he should have been more specific, or been smart enough to see how emotion can spiral out of control, but only a dummy Florida fan would spin this as being evil, or reckless. This has been discussed enough that Georgia fans should dismiss anyone that implies otherwise.

          Did he enjoy seeing the excitement as it occurred? Certainly, but to have put the players in the position of starting a brawl in a big game was never in his mind. His naivete may sometimes be fairly questioned but only a F-Bomb or Corch would see that as mean-spirited.


  2. fuelk2

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. I was wondering if he had lost a bet or just let the players pick out his suit.


  3. DawgPhan

    a goatee and a jab at spurrier about the schedule and the transformation would be complete.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I don’t mind the goatee, but I’d much rather have accusations of running up the score of the South Carolina game from Spurrier. That would be more evil than verbal jousting.


  4. hassan

    Evil Richt looks ready to cause some mischief in the league. Maybe put some super glue inside the OBC’s visor. Hire 100 Todd Grantham lookalikes to mysteriously wander around everywhere James Franklin goes. Switch Mushie’s regular coffee for Sanka. You know…stuff like that.


  5. FCDore

    You want a coach dressed in black, with a goatee? We’ve got you covered here in Music City!


  6. AlphaDawg

    A mustache, some Just For Men, and black cowboy boots are all thats missing. Add those and maybe a young Sally Fields as arm candy, then we’ll have the ulitmate ER.


  7. ag

    So I guess, judging from the interview, that the guys are going to be suspended for the Missouri game.


    • Careful Brad

      It was Fowler that mentioned the suspensions, Richt just didn’t correct him. I don’t know one way or the other but Richt doesn’t have to offer up that info.


      • and to add… I don’t believe anywhere does the school’s enforcement of multi-game suspensions state that they MUST be across CONSECUTIVE games… IF Rambo, Ogletree, and others have to miss 2+ games… then there is the loop-hole that they may only serve during the NON-Conference games. That would put our defense back to 90-95 % for Mizzou. Just a thought. Has anyone thrown that point of view into the big ‘ole cookin’ pot of speculation?


    • DamnGoodDawg

      ER does not comment on the status of suspended players. ER tells the media the WHOLE team is suspended!



      • Cosmic Dawg

        Since ER has total control over his program and every other organization run by weak humans, and since his machinations have finally come to diabolical fruition, ER suspends all press worldwide for the first two games.


  8. Bevo

    Mark Richt has a new tailor, or Mark Richt needs a new tailor?


  9. Cosmic Dawg

    I was saving this for Chuck Norris, but…

    “When Evil Richt plays with fire, the fire gets burned.”


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    What’s the big deal? If he was wearing a white shirt with the same suit and tie everybody would be talking about how he looked like he was in church.


  11. Cojones

    With the heat that black suit is sucking in, it must have been chilly in Conn. Either that or he is practicing for the hot seat this year.

    Put a crow on his head and he can replace Depp as Tonto in a remake of The Lone Ranger. Two streaks of Crow soot markings on the face would then make him evil-looking, indeed.