Are you ready for some (college) football?

Well, you’d better be:  SEC players report for fall practice next week.  In fact, at Georgia and Auburn, they report on Tuesday.  Auburn gets the first practice underway on August 1.  Here’s a handy chart of all the key fall practice dates, if you’re interested (via).


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3 responses to “Are you ready for some (college) football?

  1. it’s time ,tickets received Friday….so yes I’m ready


  2. AusDawg85

    Thank God…it’s the off-season is nearly over. Here’s what I learned at GTP the past few months:

    – Athens Police can’t tell when someone’s just an avid gun collector.
    – Mark Richt does have his limits…in patience and squad numbers.
    – Grantham’s going to have a bad-ass defense, and even steals the best players from Bobo to improve it.
    – No matter which side of the argument you are on, we can all agree that PSU should have had to forfeit the ’83 Sugar Bowl…then I could find listening to Blackledge on TV broadcasts a little more appealing.
    – Puppet mastery and the use of select statistics to prove a point is best left to DawgVent.
    – Dog in FL still makes no sense.
    – You can tell when Cojones goes on vacation (word count at GTP is cut in half).
    – Aaron Murray can’t win a big game, but may win the Heisman.
    – Bobo IS to blame….for something.
    – Nick Saban has cute stalkers.
    – A revered leader from Arkansas got caught with his pants down…and Petrino did too!
    – No one cries for Mike Adams, and Bernie should be the new prez.
    – T. Kyle King has jumped the shark.
    – Montana is not a mythical place…maybe.

    And the Senator has the utmost patience, skill and dedication to run the best UGA Football blog in the world. May he cash-in on the Mumme Poll and retire in Dawg heaven.

    Go Dawgs! Sic ’em!