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“We’ll still have plenty of guys to field a team.”

One thing you can say about Mark Richt:  when he promises a kid there’s meaningful playing time available, he’s not kidding.


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“Yes, folks, this is going to be a big game.”

Enjoy Gamecock Man’s breakdown of this year’s Georgia-South Carolina matchup.

It’s a close call, and I can’t fault him for backing his team (at least if Lattimore is healthy).

That being said, I think the garnet-colored glasses show through a little bit in his conclusion:

Until proven otherwise, I think we should be able to handle Georgia’s running game, and while Murray is a dangerous passer, Clowney and Taylor are likely to have a field day with him, hopefully leading to some of the classic Murray breakdowns. Georgia’s defense will likely make things tough on us, too, but if we can stay steady running the read-option with Shaw and Lattimore, we should be able to move the ball with a bit more consistency and without putting the ball in danger. I’m concerned about our ability to throw the ball against a team with such a great defensive front, but Shaw’s ability to improvise with his feet should keep us out of trouble until our running game opens things up down field.

I’m not sure I see why Carolina’s offense will be more likely to have its way against Georgia’s defense than vice versa.  That certainly wasn’t the case last year.  And, yes, Murray versus the Gamecock ends is worrisome, but he still managed to put up a 175.98 passer rating with Clowney and Taylor on the field last year.  (That’s not a number Shaw managed to hit against SEC competition in 2011, by the way.)

The big question to me is whether the Dawgs can avoid self-destructing.  If they can, I think Gamecock Man’s got his prediction backwards.



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The curious case of Kolton Houston

Yep, he’s still in limbo.

Kolton Houston manned right tackle at the end of spring after not playing last season due to an unspecified NCAA issue. Richt couldn’t say earlier this month if Houston will be available.

“I wish had an answer for that,” Richt said. “I still don’t know the answer on whether he’ll be eligible.”

Hey, I’ve got a thought for the NCAA.  If Georgia hires someone to conduct an independent investigation, the investigator produces a report that clears Houston and the school stands behind the report, can he play?  Just sayin’, guys.  Wars have been fought and lost in less time.


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