“We’ll still have plenty of guys to field a team.”

One thing you can say about Mark Richt:  when he promises a kid there’s meaningful playing time available, he’s not kidding.


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4 responses to ““We’ll still have plenty of guys to field a team.”

  1. Ms. Emily Litella

    Lets see. Penn State is on probation and as punishment they lose 10 scholarships a year for the next 4 years. This is incredibly debilitating to the point that the Nittany Lions may fade into oblivion and have multiple losing seasons. Yeah, Penn State can have no more than 75 scholarship players at one time. For 4 years–really bad for them. What’s that? UGA has only 69 players? And has had only about that many for several years in a row– without even ever being on probation?………………Never mind.


  2. Secret Memo From Michael Adams to Penn State Coach Bill O'Brien

    Bill: It was great to talk to you. This is to memorialize our verbal agreement. Penn State is losing 10 football scholarships each year for the next 4 years as punishment from the NCAA. As you know, since I have been its President UGA has had the most profitable program in all of college football. This has been, in large part, due to our frugal nature when awarding football grants-in-aid. Why pay for a player to attend school when you get get one to play for free–that’s my motto. To that end, we have operated well below the 85 player maximum for years at my personal instruction as a means of saving money. We are therefor in a position to offer this proposition to you. For the sum of $10 Million, wired to my secret Swiss bank account, I will arrange with my personal friend Mark Emmert to allow Penn State to transfer the scholarship shortfall to UGA. Since UGA has been using fewer players anyway for years no one will notice. Please confirm by return email. I will then transmit the account numbers and we can finalize the transaction. Remember, this must remain hidden at least until I leave office next year. Regards, Mike


  3. Texas Baller

    “plenty of Quality Guys” he failed to imply…