The Montana Project, second update

Introducing yourself with a comment tucked away at 8:27 PM?  I don’t think so.

Let’s back up the truck and try that again, shall we?  Dawgnation, Hoppy.  Hoppy, Dawgnation.

Hey and Go Dawgs,
The MT Project was made for me. My name is Hoppy and I am and tried and true Dawgs fan. Born in Macon my dad was a UGA grad and raised me to bleed the red and black. Since then, I have live in Great Falls, MT for the past 25 years and have rooted for the Dawgs every year. I have converted and ex girlfriend, my best friend and my wife to be part of the “Dawg Nation”.
My man cave is Dawg-centric and I buy the College-Game Plan package for the soul purpose of watching the University of Georgia Bulldog games!
I will gladly don a Dawg helmet and ask 100 people if they know what I am wearing.
I am a teacher and I share a room with a video production class; filming it won’t be a problem.
Will you really send me a helmet to wear? Lets figure out a game and I will head to the largest sports bar in town (its a legit sports bar, not some hole in the wall, po-dunk MT bar you are envisioning) and make the project happen.
I really think we will be in the high 80′s/low 90′s of people who know the “G”! Like one of the posts says, “Everyone knows that ‘G’”.
On a side note, my wife is from Glasgow MT and their high school has adopted the “G” as their own. It drives me bat-shit crazy. If I went to that town and did this they would all say “Glasgow Scotties”. Maybe 15 would say Georgia.
Go Dawgs!

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Hoppy is our man on the ground for the Project.  If you need more evidence of his bona fides, here’s a pic of him at the Colorado game with a mascot you may recognize.

On a second front, I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with the response we’ve received to my request for helmet support.  In addition to one offer to pay for the helmet in its entirety, I’ve also gotten two offers to supply Hoppy with helmets on loan.  You people are the bomb.



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15 responses to “The Montana Project, second update

  1. Thanks for taking this upon yourself, Hoppy. Although, I don’t know that you should put on the helmet and ask people what you are wearing. They may try to institutionalize you… unless it is more common to wear football helmets in public in MT than GA. Just sayin’.


  2. wnc dawg

    Any word on if Travis still plans to set up the pay widget? In addition to helmet costs, we could throw a few shekles Hoppy’s way to buy him a round or two for his troubles.


  3. Cojones

    Hoppy’s perfect!


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    I approve this Montana Project Shenanigan. That Colorado game was enough evidence to prove the G brand is big time. That whole town was overrun with a sea of red, drinking them dry… I only wish the team had matched the fans’ enthusiasm on that day. 😦


    • Nate Dawg

      I’ll second that emotion. I was there too – it was Red but we played kinda dead…


      • Boulder was a bit of a culture clash…. I just felt like it had been too long since I smoked dope. Those folks were just a tat too laid back for me to handle. I just remember the Georgia boys drinking their bloody Marys at the bar asking the bartender twice if he was sure he put vodka in these here drinks and it appearing that sarcasm is lost on stoners and people at high altitudes


  5. 81Dog

    OK, who was that mascot? Is that the “Ralphie” I’ve heard so much from Mandel about?????



  6. Dawg19

    For bonus points, Hoppy could shave his head and paint a Bulldog ala Mike Woods…anybody that gets that reference gets free beer…


  7. Just Chuck

    If Hoppy gets down to Dillon, I know there is at least one faculty member at U. Montana – Western who has actually been to a game in Athens. Thing is, I don’t know if she spends much time in sports bars.


  8. Keese

    Let’s get Uncle Verne in on the action for a CBS spotlight!


  9. OKDawg

    “Hoppy” – just how I like my draft beer. Good to have you on board, sir, and thanks for being our ambassador. DGD.


  10. UGARUGBY79

    Senator-I would like to chip in to pay Hoppys expenses–please provide the link-I just returned from helping with the fires in Colorado and agree with jdrip things are very differant out there-also agree he should not wear the helmet,just place it on a table and do the interviews.


  11. MT Dawg

    Thanks for all the support DawgNation! This is going to be fun!
    I don’t know about anybody else who went to the Colorado game, but to me, they were the rudest fans…EVER. They were jerks all around, and that’s lopping them in with UF fans. Either way, it’s always good to see the Dawgs west of the Mississippi.
    Once again, thanks for the support!