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Musical palate cleanser: I can do anything.

Today’s musical offering is inspired by the quarterback Missouri hopes is ready to play when Georgia shows up for the Tigers’ SEC opener, for obvious reasons.

Sing along with James.

By the way, if I’m a Missouri running back, I’m asking for hazard pay.  The top three have all missed (or in Josey’s case, will miss) a season with injuries.  Gives new meaning to the phrase “breakout runner”.


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“The gap in talent between Cam Newton and Barrett Trotter is larger than…”

If you liked Paul Myerberg’s preseason review of Missouri, you won’t be disappointed in what he writes about his No. 40, Auburn.  There’s plenty of interest, but this really caught my eye.

Last fall, Auburn went 6-1 in home games and 1-4 in true road games – 2-4 in all non-home games, counting the bowl win over Virginia. This marked the second time in its three years under Chizik that Auburn had won only a single road game during the regular season; in 2009, the Tigers went 1-3 on the road and 6-1 at home.

No Cam makes for a pretty Jekyll and Hyde kind of team, it seems.  Which could mean more trouble for the Dawgs on the Plains than we think, given last season’s lopsided win.

If you’re looking for a sunnier preseason look at Auburn, the Orlando Sentinel’s Matt Murschel pegs the Tigers at 16th.


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The Montana Project, second update

Introducing yourself with a comment tucked away at 8:27 PM?  I don’t think so.

Let’s back up the truck and try that again, shall we?  Dawgnation, Hoppy.  Hoppy, Dawgnation.

Hey and Go Dawgs,
The MT Project was made for me. My name is Hoppy and I am and tried and true Dawgs fan. Born in Macon my dad was a UGA grad and raised me to bleed the red and black. Since then, I have live in Great Falls, MT for the past 25 years and have rooted for the Dawgs every year. I have converted and ex girlfriend, my best friend and my wife to be part of the “Dawg Nation”.
My man cave is Dawg-centric and I buy the College-Game Plan package for the soul purpose of watching the University of Georgia Bulldog games!
I will gladly don a Dawg helmet and ask 100 people if they know what I am wearing.
I am a teacher and I share a room with a video production class; filming it won’t be a problem.
Will you really send me a helmet to wear? Lets figure out a game and I will head to the largest sports bar in town (its a legit sports bar, not some hole in the wall, po-dunk MT bar you are envisioning) and make the project happen.
I really think we will be in the high 80′s/low 90′s of people who know the “G”! Like one of the posts says, “Everyone knows that ‘G’”.
On a side note, my wife is from Glasgow MT and their high school has adopted the “G” as their own. It drives me bat-shit crazy. If I went to that town and did this they would all say “Glasgow Scotties”. Maybe 15 would say Georgia.
Go Dawgs!

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, Hoppy is our man on the ground for the Project.  If you need more evidence of his bona fides, here’s a pic of him at the Colorado game with a mascot you may recognize.

On a second front, I can’t begin to say how impressed I am with the response we’ve received to my request for helmet support.  In addition to one offer to pay for the helmet in its entirety, I’ve also gotten two offers to supply Hoppy with helmets on loan.  You people are the bomb.


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“We’ll still have plenty of guys to field a team.”

One thing you can say about Mark Richt:  when he promises a kid there’s meaningful playing time available, he’s not kidding.


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“Yes, folks, this is going to be a big game.”

Enjoy Gamecock Man’s breakdown of this year’s Georgia-South Carolina matchup.

It’s a close call, and I can’t fault him for backing his team (at least if Lattimore is healthy).

That being said, I think the garnet-colored glasses show through a little bit in his conclusion:

Until proven otherwise, I think we should be able to handle Georgia’s running game, and while Murray is a dangerous passer, Clowney and Taylor are likely to have a field day with him, hopefully leading to some of the classic Murray breakdowns. Georgia’s defense will likely make things tough on us, too, but if we can stay steady running the read-option with Shaw and Lattimore, we should be able to move the ball with a bit more consistency and without putting the ball in danger. I’m concerned about our ability to throw the ball against a team with such a great defensive front, but Shaw’s ability to improvise with his feet should keep us out of trouble until our running game opens things up down field.

I’m not sure I see why Carolina’s offense will be more likely to have its way against Georgia’s defense than vice versa.  That certainly wasn’t the case last year.  And, yes, Murray versus the Gamecock ends is worrisome, but he still managed to put up a 175.98 passer rating with Clowney and Taylor on the field last year.  (That’s not a number Shaw managed to hit against SEC competition in 2011, by the way.)

The big question to me is whether the Dawgs can avoid self-destructing.  If they can, I think Gamecock Man’s got his prediction backwards.


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The curious case of Kolton Houston

Yep, he’s still in limbo.

Kolton Houston manned right tackle at the end of spring after not playing last season due to an unspecified NCAA issue. Richt couldn’t say earlier this month if Houston will be available.

“I wish had an answer for that,” Richt said. “I still don’t know the answer on whether he’ll be eligible.”

Hey, I’ve got a thought for the NCAA.  If Georgia hires someone to conduct an independent investigation, the investigator produces a report that clears Houston and the school stands behind the report, can he play?  Just sayin’, guys.  Wars have been fought and lost in less time.


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The Montana Project, first update

Well, that didn’t take long.  Less than half a day passed before a volunteer stepped forward who passed muster.  (Behold the power of the Intertubes!)

I don’t want to lay out too much detail, because I want to give him the chance to introduce himself to you in his own words, but suffice to say he fits the bill nicely.   He’s a long-time resident of Montana who bleeds red and black (he shlepped to the unfortunate Colorado game and sent me the photo of him and Hairy Dawg there to prove it) and reads GTP.  I had to pinch myself when I read his e-mail; he’s almost overqualified.  So anyway, be on the lookout for an introduction.

One other thing to mention is that Travis is going to front for the cost of one of the necessary props for this exercise, a real, live Georgia football helmet.  He’s found a good one on Amazon for about $200.  I can’t set up a widget for PayPal on WordPress, so Travis will do that at his blog.  I will supply a link to that from here, and I hope that you will give a few bucks to the cause.  When the dust settles, I plan to set up a permanent Montana Project page here at GTP and list all of those who participated financially, so there’s that small shot at quasi-immortality you can grab for yourself.

Bottom line –  we’re on our way.  Stay tuned for more news on this.


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Now that you’ve got that ol’ righteous indignation stoked…

Big talk from Greg McGarity:

“If you see it, you own it,” said McGarity, who took over at his alma mater in August 2010 after serving 18 years as Jeremy Foley’s right-hand man at Florida. “No matter what it is, from a piece of paper on the ground to somebody breaking the rules. If you see it, you own it, and if it is serious you are obligated to report it up the chain of command.”

No doubt he’s sincere.  And no doubt he reflects a general consensus among his peers (at least I hope so).  But let’s face it – being concerned about a Jerry Sandusky is easy.  Nobody wants to be seen as empowering a monster.

But how about turning some of that worry about the chain of command to something a wee bit harder, eh?  Something like, oh, say, this.

There’s another college sports scandal largely going unnoticed this summer. It’s not as horrific as Penn State. What could be worse than that?

But North Carolina’s academic scandal is a big deal. And it could be bigger if it becomes attached to Roy Williams’ basketball program.

Concealing the rapes of boys presumably (hopefully!) doesn’t happen often in college sports. Yet a big reason why that duplicity occurred is similar to why large numbers of North Carolina athletes attended bogus classes.

Keep the athlete eligible or a coach/administrator employed. Keep the school’s image intact while trying to win games. Keep printing money through the college sports machine.

I think Solomon’s kidding himself if he thinks Penn State grabbed all the oxygen in the room such that we don’t hear much about what’s unfolding in Chapel Hill.  The reality is that academic scandals sprout like weeds in the college football world.  Some brief attention may get paid to one thing or another, but they all wind up fading when the weather turns cooler.

But he’s spot on about the rest.  Just as much as what we saw at Penn State, academic scandals are about letting athletic departments have too much say over school management.  (And just like at Penn State, some of what occurred at North Carolina may violate state criminal laws.)

So, what say you, Mark Emmert and your band of merry men?  Is it culture changing time again?

I’m not holding my breath.  Like I said, condemning a serial child rapist and those who enabled him isn’t hard.  Lifting the curtain to assign blame for college football’s sausage making is.  Just ask someone close to us.

Georgia president Michael Adams, a former member of the NCAA’s Executive Committee, has made some unpopular moves concerning athletics in his time at Georgia. He forced former athletics director and Hall of Fame football coach Vince Dooley to retire in 2004. He was the force behind the hiring of basketball coach Jim Harrick, who he later fired due to NCAA violations.

But Adams has shown a zero tolerance approach to coaches or employees who behave badly. When athletics director Damon Evans, Adams’ hand-picked successor to Dooley, was arrested for DUI while with a woman who was not his wife, Adams immediately fired Evans…

Don’t you love the way Barnhart finesses that academic scandal?  Sure, Harrick got fired.  But does anyone remember that the only people who paid a price for the school turning a blind eye to what Harrick Junior was doing were the basketball players who weren’t allowed to play postseason ball?  They got sacrificed on Michael Adams’ altar.  But the administrators who allowed the situation to fester suffered not a whit.  That’s the approach that makes this quote from McGarity so laughable:  “It has to start with presidential leadership. If you have a president who has his priorities in order there is less of a chance that something like this [Penn State] could happen.”

So don’t count on Sheriff Emmert riding out again to clean up our fair town.  Child rapists, beware.  The rest of you folks undermining college sports?  Keep the noise down, or they might have to issue you a citation.


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Standing pat

In less than a week, Mark Richt goes from announcing the program will look into pursuing players leaving the Penn State program, to submitting a list of nineteen players of specific interest to Georgia… to walking away from the whole deal.

In a statement released by UGA at 5:08 p.m. on Friday, Richt simply stated:

“Currently, Georgia is not pursuing any of Penn State’s football players. We wish Coach O’Brien and the players the best.”

Now, sure, you can read something into the word “currently”.  I presume if a PSU player emerged who made it very clear that he wanted to jump ship for Athens, then Mark Richt would be attentive.  But for all intents and purposes, it sounds like the chase is over before it really got started.


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Are you ready for some (college) football?

Well, you’d better be:  SEC players report for fall practice next week.  In fact, at Georgia and Auburn, they report on Tuesday.  Auburn gets the first practice underway on August 1.  Here’s a handy chart of all the key fall practice dates, if you’re interested (via).


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