Something else Mark Richt has lost control of.

Anybody know what South Alabama’s secondary looks like?


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  1. Where is Jeff Schultz’s column?

  2. HVL Dawg

    Love it!!!!

    Sooooo glad he de-committed from UGA.

    • Can you imagine if had went to UGA and got kicked off today for whatever offense? The AJC would have a Sunday Special edition on how out of control it is at Georgia. I mean they have already came close anyway with all the negative coverage but on the heels of IC getting the boot this would really send Shultz and Bradley into overdrive.

  3. Dog in Fla

    I blame David Hale

    • Me too.
      Someone should probably alert the FSU program now that David “Blackcloud” Hale is on their beat, a shitstorm of player related issues is sure to follow. God only knows what he managed to do to the Phillies.

      • Silver Creek Dawg

        I think it’s obvious what DH managed to do the Phillies. Just look at this year’s W-L record…

        • UGA76

          hell send DH to cover the nats. they’re beating the phillies 2-1 top 4. we need the damn stinking pesky nats to start losing. i mean go like a 6 game losing streak. btw we’re down by 3 runs its 4-7 marlins bot 4

  4. JasonC

    Spurrier wants to know if he can play QB. With that other guy speedin’ n drankin’, he’s gonna need someone else to play musical QBs with Connor.

    • OBC

      Don’t worry. It’s nothing a little “internal discipline” can’t handle. Tanner won’t miss any time.

  5. JoDawg

    I can see another remake of “The Longest Yard” starring him, Crowell, and Dyer…

  6. GossDawg

    Bobo must have a hand in this….that trickster!

  7. Bevo

    Isn’t it Alabama State (where Crowell went, etc)?

  8. Will Trane

    What in the hell is wrong with these guys? He came out of one of the best high school programs in the nation, a very good high school…Lowndes County High School. It does not get much better to live in and to work in than Valdosta and Lowndes County. Goes to FSU. One of the best sports programs and football programs in the nation. Tallahassee and Leon County are super. FSU has outstanding colleges and faculty.
    Do these guys not understand the opportunity they have to write themselves a meal ticket for life?
    I’ve heard the bitch about Coach Richt not having control or discipline of his players. Frankly, I’m tired of hearing it from any media about a program and its coaches. The issue is on the player. Mature. Grow the hell up!

    • ETennDawg

      Continuing to flog the dead horse…
      Kids are dumb, not all of them “get it.” This has always been the case. Not everyone is like you…

    • Cojones

      Jimbo has had several of his good players in the news this summer. And none of it was good. The FSU alums are waiting for a good year this year because his record doesn’t match the players he gets and if he doesn’t do very well this year, he gets a spear in his chest. But he’s getting on top of it by hiring a family member (dear ole’ Dad) of the best player in the country (according to ESPN) recruited over a year ago.

      While they have the AD Tanner on player Tanner at SC, FSU has Dad (Player Development) on son. While he is on the field with players every day, FSU maintains it isn’t a coaching hire. This will get more interesting than the phantom coaches (“analysts”) at Bama.

      • Ben

        You are right it’s about the players, not the coaches, in high school, we weren’t suppose to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, 1st time, 25 miles each mile under 6 minutes, 2nd time 50 miles, 3rd time adidos. We did it any way, coaches can preach all they want it’s up to the players to make the right choices. So get off of Richt’s back, and any other coach that directs his players in the right life style.

        • CoachSpurlock

          No kidding. I got caught smoking in the 9th grade. Coach ran my butt off. Haven’t smoked since.

  9. shane#1

    UCF, USC USCjr, PSU, tOSU, UGA, AU and on and on. It is obvious that Mark Richt has lost control of college football. I blame Bobo.