Big news in the defensive backfield

No other way to categorize this:

There will be questions about the decision, as Smith was arrested for marijuana possession, but…

In any event, this has huge consequences for the Missouri game.  (You also have to wonder what this presages for the other outstanding suspension news.)

Maybe everybody will quit fighting over Malcolm Mitchell now.  And I wonder if John Pennington will have second thoughts about who wins the SEC East.


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55 responses to “Big news in the defensive backfield

  1. Castleberry

    Great news. I’m hoping all of the other players awaiting news will be banished from Valdosta.


  2. GaskillDawg

    Guess he didn’t fail a drug test. Possessed itbut didn’t ingest it’


  3. The other Doug

    According to Seth Emmerson he passed a test from the school and one from the court.


  4. OKDawg

    Glad to hear it. Am curious to hear an explanation but Richt doesn’t owe one to anybody, especially in light of our tough existing policies (relative to others in the SEC). Richt’s (and presumably McGarity’s) decision here may be helpful if the NCAA would like a lesson in the “letter versus spirit of the law” (see Houston, Kolton).


    • The other Doug

      How long do you think it’s going to take an AJC sports writer/troll to whip out an editorial talking about how obviously Richt can no longer take the high road?


      • section Z alum

        amen and amen – i await the breathless, crestfallen laments of jeff schultz. if only the ncaa would, like, look at evidence maybe kolton houston would be eligible.


      • OKDawg

        I’d put the over/under somewhere around 3.7 minutes after they finish writing about the racism of Bob Costas. 😉


      • Anonymous

        I think that’s the AJC’s strategy now. Spin the stories to troll UGA fans; have to get attention somehow.


      • ScooBoo

        Just wait until he tells them that the current suspensions will be during the Buffalo and Florida Atlantic games instead of Mizzou! 🙂

        I can dream can’t I?


      • X-Dawg

        Yep, I’m just waiting for the Senator’s next update to be linked to the latest “news story” from the AJayzeera about this example of Richt being “losing of control of this team”.


      • Cojones

        I think he takes the high rode pretty well. Mark, I’ll smoke my first one to you tonight. I’ll leave the second one out with the light on ,buddy.


  5. shane#1

    Great news, now if Rambo is cleared for Big Mo the game picture changes. In other good news, JuCo O lineman Trenton Brown committed to the Dawgs today. He will enroll in January. I think he might be the biggest commit ever, literally, 6’9″ and 350 lbs. Do ya’ll know of any players at UGa that were bigger?


  6. Rampdawg

    Avalanche of troll comments forthcoming.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    I’d like to think of this as ‘restoring competitive balance’ with the Corches, Nicklets, and Genies of the world.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      And the Spurriers too.


    • Rhino

      I don’t want your “competitive balance” with the “gentleman” that you mention. I much prefer the moral high ground that having Richt as our coach affords us. I take that back, that sounds way too sanctimonious for me. I prefer having a coach that does things the right way. And I don’t think this decision costs us that- correct decision given all the facts.


  8. Porter Osborne Jr

    Wow, I didn’t know Chase Vasser was that intrical of a player that we’ll now lose the SEC East.


  9. The Lone Stranger

    F***in’ far out, man!!! This Dude abides.


  10. HVL Dawg

    Wait a second….. Do we lose Fulmer Cup points?


  11. rugbydawg79

    SHANE–had a recruit named Dwayne Puckett long time ago-he was close to that size–this was before players got that big–he missed his Moms cooking and went home


  12. Spence

    None of this matters. Without Vasser we’re fucked.


  13. LRGK9

    If I remember right, the dirty copper in Alerbammer said he ‘smelled’ mary jane as his reasonable cause for the search. Then found one joint in a sealed baggie. Obviously a problem with the search here if Branden tests clean.

    This guy and his bloodhound nose that can smell ganja in a plastic bag ought to be working at the airport.


  14. SCDawg

    Mark richt has clearly lost control of mark richt.


  15. I wanna Red Cup

    I blame Bobo. He wants Malcolm and will do ANYTHING to get him back on offense


  16. Tom

    WOW, is it possible he did nothing wrong? Arrest does not equal guilty. What a concept.


    • Ben

      Yes what you said. Also, has Commings actually been found guilty? Keep in mind, in no way am I trying to dismiss the young woman’s allegations, but I have read there is a flip side to the story. Anyone know?


  17. JCB

    Translation: I don’t care if he killed a dwarf tranny hooker, we’re shorthanded for the Mizzou game. He’s going to play.