“I hear about Champ Bailey a lot now.”

And if your hamstrings were more durable, you’d be hearing a lot more.

Bailey is widely viewed as Georgia’s most versatile player since the inception of two-platoon football, logging more than 1,000 plays on offense, defense and special teams during Georgia’s 8-3 regular season in ’98. The All-American tallied more than 100 plays in seven games and amassed 744 receiving yards, 52 tackles and three interceptions.

Mitchell won’t be getting 100 plays a game any time soon, but coach Mark Richt said he could be in for 60 plays during the first couple of games before getting to 70 or 80 when the weather cools. Richt said Saturday that Mitchell could be in the defensive and offensive game plans for the Sept.1 opener with Buffalo.

“That’s a lot of opportunity,” Mitchell said. “Some people don’t play 80 plays in two games, and I may get to do it in one? That’s a lot of opportunity and a lot of chances to make something happen.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be holding my breath all season, hoping he stays healthy.  Should the blow outs come, Mitchell should come out of the game and placed in bubble wrap even before Murray does.


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11 responses to ““I hear about Champ Bailey a lot now.”

  1. After reading about the movie theatre diet (candy and sprite) of his freshman year, we can only hope he turns the corner, and realizes his career is at stake every time he dines. I’m pretty sure I didn’t drink water once in my four years at UGA. Better diet and proper hydration and we can cross our fingers. His twitter suggests he’s above the BS. (whatever that means)


  2. Boss Dawg

    AMEN!! Have the bubble wrap ready and get him out of the games if we don’t need him.


  3. Bevo

    Ditto. Let’s please keep MM healthy this season.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    We have plenty of options at WR – King, Brown, Wooten, Conley, Bennett, Scott-Wesley and newbee Tibbs. And after the suspension, we have starters Commings and Smith at CB. Rather than give MM lots of playing time against our lesser opponents and/or mop up duty, I’m hoping we carefully pick the points in big games where his skills will be put to maximum use.


  5. 69Dawg

    Guess what Herschel ate, Snickers. His diet was terrible but he could carry the ball 40+ times without too much trouble.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I really, really like Malcom Mitchell. Every time I see him interviewed or read his quotes, I just really like the kid. I hope he can have a special season this year. We need him to.