What’s a guy gotta do to get noticed around here?

If they were still running them, Shawn Williams would be a perfect candidate for one of those “Do you know me?” American Express ads.

Williams didn’t make the first-, second- or third-team preseason All-Southeastern Conference teams by either the coaches or media despite leading the Bulldogs last season with 72 tackles and finishing second with four interceptions.

Not exactly chopped liver, is it?  Hopefully, it’ll motivate him to have the kind of season that’ll make folks think of him as something other than the starting Georgia defensive back who wasn’t facing a suspension threat in the offseason.


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24 responses to “What’s a guy gotta do to get noticed around here?

  1. Bevo

    Agree. Williams has turned into a difference maker. He is more than just a big hitter; he’s got ball skills too. It’s been fun to watch him evolve as a player.

    Speaking of suspensions, another thing to like about S Williams: The only time he’s ever been suspended was for being too violent on the field (vs Vandy).

  2. shane#1

    Williams has gotten little respect even from some Dawg fans. If I were he I would be fired up for Mizzou after all the talk about the suspensions and Rambo’s absence. Warning: their is a guided missile in UGa’s D backfield!

    • IveyLeaguer

      “Williams has gotten little respect even from some Dawg fans.”

      That’s because most Dawg fans listen to the media, and make up their minds based on what they hear, or don’t hear. Williams certainly has my respect, and has had it. Georgia has a starting safety that I don’t have a lot of respect for, but his name isn’t Williams.

      Shawn Williams is the best safety Georgia has. Easy. He was last year, and he will be this year. And I’ll be happy to see him finally get the credit he deserves.

      • hailtogeorgia

        What’s the reason for the lack of respect for Rambo, out of curiosity?

        • Dawgfan Will

          He hasn’t been knocked unconscious on game-saving plays enough times.

          • Bubs

            I was right there when that happened and still remember the “Rambo, Rambo!” chants in Sanford.

            That said, Rambo has much room for improvement and I have seen him improve each year, minus the gun shy start to 2010. He has benefited from some easy interceptions which inflated his stats last year, but has really come into his own as a safety. Once he gets back, Shawn and Rambo have the skills to shut down anything from the safety position.

            • IveyLeaguer

              Thanks for the acknowledgement that Rambo has much room for improvement (and not just in the ordinary sense). And He HAS gotten better each year.

              Not sure he has come into his own as a safety, though I hope so. If he has, he will no longer do the things that bother me and a lot of other people … such as getting beat over the top, taking bad angles, shoulder-bumping ballcarriers he doesn’t want to hit, misreading or being late to the gap, and such like.

              All things he was doing just last year. Those are not things a 3rd year player should be doing. He did make some plays last year and got plenty of credit for those. And credit for some he didn’t really deserve, as you pointed out.

              Safety is too critical a position for those kind of things to be happening. Rambo could do himself (his team, and the rest of us) a lot of good by having a solid year. Because there’s no way the pros watch his film and miss those things.

              • hailtogeorgia

                Fair enough, though I disagree that he got credit for things he didn’t deserve. ‘Easy interceptions’ or not, you get easy interceptions because you put yourself in a position to be in the right place at the right time, and ultimately, because you hold onto the ball. Given our propensity for dropping passes that should otherwise be picked off, I’m not complaining.

                • IveyLeaguer

                  Good point about the interceptions. About half of them were gifts, but he did catch them.

                  • hailtogeorgia

                    Ultimately, I just think back to our defense under Willie, where the complaint was always about why our guys weren’t around the ball more. I think it’s fairly clear that one of Grantham’s big points of emphasis is to ‘be around the ball’…if you make a habit of staying around the ball, good things happen (like easy interceptions).

        • IveyLeaguer

          hailtogeorgia: fair question, see reply to Bubs, below. ~~~

  3. PNWDawg

    You either have to walk on water or get in some hot water to get attention these days. Or so it seems.

  4. Macallanlover

    Pre-season All SEC isn’t important but I do hope it motivates him to show why he deserves to have been included. At the end of the season he has an excellent chance to make 1st or 2nd team, and he will if he performs. I like his hitting ability but would love him to avoid the penalties and hang onto errant passes. The measure of a safety to me is separating runners and receivers across the middle from the ball, not biting on the fakes, and reacting to tipped balls.

  5. Dog in Fla

    James Franklin may not have voted for Shawn

  6. Dawgfan Will

    Maybe he needs to show a little leg. It worked for Claudette Colbert.

  7. Rebar

    He played very well last year so I expect him to shine bright this year; sounds like he has been a real leader for some of the younger players too.

  8. E dawg

    My favorite player

  9. hailtogeorgia

    Richt talks about Shawn Williams twice in Saturday’s presser after practice…I can’t remember the exact times, but once he’s referring to him as a big hitting safety, and the other time he’s talking about how great of a football player he is.


    For my two cents, his interception against Georgia Tech where he leaped in front of the receiver to make the grab was the most athletic play anyone on the team made last year.

  10. Snookie

    This is proof that, just because someone has a pen, microphone, keyboard or a nice clothing allowance from network – it does not mean they anything more or are any more of an expert analyst about college football than those of us that like to make a cursory effort to keep informed.

    • Snookie

      Anyone paying half attention last year knew Shawn had the goods…even better he wasn’t willing to let anyone disrespect the “G”….Just ask James Franklin at Vanderbilt.