Sometimes, being the last conference standing can pay off.

If this story is accurate, that’s a knee to the nuts of Pitt and Syracuse, ain’t it?

Who’da thunk the only other conference besides the SEC with a national broadcast contract would be… the Big East?


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13 responses to “Sometimes, being the last conference standing can pay off.

  1. Always Someone Else's Fault

    And the bubble got a little big bigger….


  2. Macallanlover

    Consistent with NBC’s understanding of CFB, imo. They may get a twofer as ND may be scrambling for a football affiliation if the 4 Super Conference idea ever comes to fruition. NBC may want to consult with someone outside NYC or Montana before investing in college football properties.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    The ‘somewhat forgotten power conference’? What an artful piece of baloney.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Actually this makes a lot of sense TV-wise. The Big East has a large footprint. Sure, the quality of the football isn’t up to the SEC but that doesn’t stop the fans from following their favorite teams. If they live in Jersey or NYC that logically would be Rutgers. Connecticut and parts of New York, that would be UConn. Then there’s Florida with 18 million people. Plus Pitt and ‘Cuse may wish they hadn’t left after they get hammered by Va Tech, Clemson, etc. a few times, too.


    • Macallanlover

      Mayor, you really need to get out of town more often. There is nothing more illogical than citizens of the Northeast and their views on CFB. NJ, NY, CT, and MA do not favor the “local” teams at all, they overwhelmingly watch ND….period. Not saying there aren’t small pockets who watch Boston College, Syracuse, or Rutgers, but most viewers do not watch any CFB at all, or they watch the Domers. Strange, strange area to live, and the last place you want to be if you want news on CFB, or to discuss it at a bar. I would say the helmet test will get much higher recognition in Montana than it would in any of the states you mentioned… a large margin.


  5. TrinityEer

    NBC needs some sort of programming for the Versus now NBC Sports network, so it is in a position where it has to overpay. Lots of teams, lots of inventory with football and basketball.


  6. TrinityEer

    Also to add: One must wonder ACC teams will be thinking if this is the case. How much confidence could one have in Swofford if the Big East gets a contract even in the ballpark of them? The FSU + one other random to Big XII rumor would certainly pick up some more steam.


  7. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    So the girls do get prettier at closing time …


  8. Dawgaholic

    The story as I read it is 4 million per year per team for basketball only teams and 10 million per year for schools that play football and basketball. Essentially, the rights for basketball are 4 million per year and football rights are 10 million per year. Further, ND is guaranteed more games if traditional opponents take them off the schedule.

    As live TV is in high demand, this may be seen in the future as a shrewd way to lock up and then showcase the best regular season college basketball – this assumes there is real future value in regular season basketball outside the states of KY and NC.


  9. Always Someone Else's Fault

    This sounds just like Fox and Myspace.


  10. Dante

    More importantly, it’s a knee to the groin of Paul Johnson. SMU heavily courted Johnson but he ultimately turned them down for Georgia Tech. Now SMU is in a BCS conference like Tech and SMU will have better TV coverage.