“We’re going to move him all over the place.”

Yeah, on one level this sounds all clever and mad-scientisty, but I can’t help but wonder how good Jadeveon Clowney is in pass coverage.


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  1. sniffer

    Has Superior given up? He must know Lattimore is 70% and wants to shine the light of desperation somewhere else. He’s pathetic.

  2. Charles Grant

    Good idea.

    • I recommend a toss sweep. Don’t you Charles?

      • NRBQ

        Geez. After being dazzled by the wild rushing gains from Shotgun-Palooza last year, I’d forgotten the ole’ toss-sweep.

      • ZeroPointZero

        It was such a good idea until his knee went pop. I hope we don’t sew our own crop of regret with MM going both ways. I know 3 things about football. 1. Never red shirt a running back, never 2. QB is an important position ( years ago when I asked a Bama fan about their upcoming season and lack of QB they replied “someone will step up” 3. It’s a great idea until he gets hurt. Then it is really stupid.

  3. I’m gonna leave my foot out of my mouth on this one. Clowney is for real and it will take all we got to keep him out of our backfield.

    • charlottedawg

      Uh yeah, i still have nightmares of him coming through the line untouched with Ingram on that fumble from Murray.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yep. Clowney’s good. Really good.

        • adam

          He’s good, but that was our offensive line’s fault. And Murray only exacerbated things. It’s easy to look good when no one blocks you.

          • Whatever. Go watch the So Car game again. Clowney is a grown-a$$-man.

            • As much as I want to laugh at the old canard that no one ever beats Georgia other than by virtue of UGA’s pristine generosity, I did think that particular play was in large part more UGA’s fault than Carolina’s success. The tackle across from Clowney didn’t even tap Clowney before breaking downfield to set up the screen. You’re at least supposed to try to get the end off balance, particularly when it’s Clowney you’re lined up against. And then Murray trying to get the ball out–just crazy. Of course, part of what makes the play is that Clowney is able to get to the QB so quickly because of his freakish athleticism. It takes a great player to make you pay so dearly for your mistakes.

  4. Clowney is athletic enough to play coverage as well as most linebackers. Of course, he lacks experience in that department, but if they keep the scheme simple, he should be OK. In any event, any packages with Clowney at LB are probably going to have him blitzing, so you might not see him in coverage much, anyways. A good OC would be able to exploit this with toss sweeps, draws, and quick passes, so I would assume that we’re going to try to disguise these packages somehow.

    We’re probably also doing this because we want to figure out ways to get backup DE Chaz Sutton on the field. He’d be a starter for 75% of the SEC’s teams. The idea is to get him, Clowney, and Devin Taylor rushing the passer at once, kind of like we did with Melvin Ingram, Taylor, and Clowney last year.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Should be a great game. Georgia has some players of their own that can disrupt an offense.😉

    • As far as I’m concerned, every play with Clowney in coverage instead of attacking the line of scrimmage is a win for the offense.

      As for blitzing, fine, but by moving him away from the line of scrimmage you’re neutralizing one of his big advantages – that incredible initial burst he’s got.

      To me, this move is kind of the opposite of what Grantham did with Ogletree last year. Ogletree was moved to LB to be closer to the line of scrimmage so he would be in a position to make more plays. Clowney is being moved away from the line to play LB.

      I’m no coach, so I’ll give Spurrier the benefit of the doubt here. But I do wonder if it’ll turn out he’s being more clever by half than he needs to be.

      • That’s all fair enough. I’m a little skeptical myself, although I think part of the idea is that Clowney is going to draw a lot of double teams when he’s lined up on the line and that moving him back may create more one-on-one situations. But as you say, we’ll see what happens.

        Regardless of whether this works, I doubt it’s something you see more than a handful of times over the course of the year, anyways.

  5. todd

    Don’t forget about Taylor. Clowney was a true freshman last year. Hell, in certain packages last year, I think you could have had Clowney ad Taylor at OLB and Ingram as ILB.
    One thing teams like to do with a stud DE is run straight at them Sometimes they take themselves out with over pursuit. Clowney is enough of a freak to move around and cause problems. Theus, will never have seen anything like it and Dantzler will never be able physically to handle something Clowney, so you are required to use a TE to help. On plays with a planned double team, Clowney could be allowed to move around before the snap.

    Put it like this fellow Dawg fans, Clowney or Ray Drew? Who you got and why? Evaluating your answer will let you know if you have the “red and black” goggles on.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I think I’ll put my Kentucky fried chicken napkin on instead. I don’t have to chose. The Pastor of Disaster is only suiting up for the red and black. Riddle me this. Why can’t Theus be just as big a stud as your boy was when he was a freshman? Dantzler won’t be able to handle him? Why not? You got some game film I haven’t seen? When Patrick Kerney (DE signed with Atlanta) was wearing Stinchcomb/Quincy out in Peach Bowl 98….they put Orlandis Gary on PK to chip on him. Afterwards he (PK)spent some time on the pine with an icepack. A back chipping on a stud DE can give said stud pause. Ask our stellar DE Pollack. He has spent some post play moments on a knee collecting himself after being chipped and tag teamed with a tackle and back. I think DickSamIV might have something to say about how that game plays out …. and he won’t be clowning around. Bring ice.

      • Todd

        I don’t know what Theus has got, but I have seen Clowney play big boy ball.
        Wasn’t Brown the TE used to double Kerney in that game? Gary & Brown both came with Donnan from Marshal.
        Dantzler is not good enough! Ask any realistic Georgia fan if Dantzler can handle Clowney one on one. Get back with me on that one. If he could, he would be starting LT right know.
        Honestly, I don’t know if Clowney doesn’t have better lateral movement than DickSamIV. Can he block in space?
        Then again, you did say Ray Drew over Clowney so I know you are straight Disney. After seeing the production of the 2 and you having a choice between Drew and Clowney and still picking Drew because he plays for Georgia. That is like saying Crowell is better than Lattimore.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          No Brown didn’t come from Marshall he was an Atlanta guy. Jermaine Wiggins came with Donnan and later played in the NFL and in a Super Bowl. “Dantzler is not good enough! Ask any realistic Georgia fan if Dantzler can handle Clowney one on one. Get back with me on that one.” OK I’m back. Dantzler is holding his own in Fall camp against the best D line in the SEC. Or don’t you know that? He will start on the O line this season. So I guess you just qualified that. “Honestly, I don’t know if Clowney doesn’t have better lateral movement than DickSamIV. Can he block in space?” Honesty is the best policy. No you don’t know. Hey, can Clowney really cover a back out of the backfield.? Yeah I got the Pastor of Disaster. I don’t have a man crush on Clowney. He doesn’t wear the red and black. Now he may be black and blue and require ice post game day …. but I digress. Crowell doesn’t play for Georgia Mute point. I will say that Lattimore 2012 isn’t better than Lattimore 2011. He is gonna be about 90% and won’t have that 4th gear and grind this year. And next year he will get it back…. but he won’t be back.
          just sayin’

  6. Todd

    Wiggins! thats right. Name was wrong, but he was needed to block Kerney right?
    I don’t have a man crush on Clowney either, but he will dominate Dantzler. Him or Taylor for that matter. Who has Dantzler got to beat out, a true freshman. True freshman rarely start in D1 and hardly ever in the SEC. They do in situations of needs(like no other person available to fog up a mirror). He is not a given that he is an out right starter.
    Georgia has the best line in the SEC? Says who? LSU ain’t got anything close right?
    Georgia would have to throw to a back out of the backfield first before we know if Clowney can cover. Him being moved around allows ability for him to roam and make plays with ability in certain situations.
    Ok, DickSam is better than Lattimore? Has to be because he plays for Georgia. Athletically, you are saying Clowney is inferior to Drew? I guess if it weren’t for the moped accident, The Pastor would surely have taken SEC freshman of the year.
    Following your logic, Because they wear red and black and shit the bed against good teams means Georgia is a good team. Because they are Georgia. Is there anybody that can beat Georgia other than Georgia?
    Drunk of the Koolaid is an understatement.

  7. todd

    Oh, “I got the gold right here Josey”

    “Show me all those SEC Championsbip rings of yours again….I must have blinked.s” That is like a Mark Richt “in the arena” comment. Typical bullshit from the Disney Dawgs that refuse to answer the real questions. Deflect and spin and never answer. Wonder if they played “The Rose of Alabamie” at halftime of the bama blackout game.
    Here is a movie line:
    ” you want the truth, you can’t handle the truth”

    So Dantzler is the best OT in the SEC because he can handle Clowney. Petty damn good OL when Dantzler is not a lock to start and he is th best tackle in the conference. Georgia is the best DL in the SEC, hell..might as well say country.
    The good thing about not being Disney is not being let down lately. I have no SEC championship rings and I didn’t need a crystal ball to tell you what was going to happen in the bowl.

    So please answer my questions ithout spin or deflection, “cause the buzzards got to eat same as the worms”

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Why Todd does this mean we’re not friends anymore? You know Todd, if I thought you weren’t my friend… I just don’t think I could bear it” “Maybe football just not your game, Todd. I know: let’s have a spelling contest.”

      Good luck with your season Todd. No way you get through it with with less than two losses. I don’t think SOS gets an SEC championship while at uSC. New D coordinator. Unstable qb coach. Spurrier is ripe for having to push his calls this year. His judgement is becoming clouded. He’s getting impatient. He doesn’t have that much time left and this team is probably gonna be his best opportunity………… “Your life is defined by its
      opportunities… even the ones you miss.”
      And yeah…. Georgia probably has the best D line in the nation and in the top five line backing core.
      just sayin’

      • Todd

        “say when”

        “Why, AthensHomerDawg your an oak.” I respect the loyalty to the dawgs, but I am a dawg fan too. I am not delusional.

        The Mark Richt era has been plagued by”missed oppurtunities” on the OL. The biggest common weakness has been the OL. No way other than blind loyalty can you say this OL will be bad ass. What did you see last year on the OL? A dominate force that blew holes against the best of DLs? Hell, they couldn’t even dominate the gimmie games. So why in the world are you saying this line is gonna be better and dominating? It is almost like Clemson fans bragging about 40 times, only to find out it isn’t a track meet.

        Over the last few years, the colossial beatdowns have outweighed the wins against the Big Boys. SECC, Mich. St., USF, Bama 31-0 at half, Tennessee multiple times. So yeah, I am a skeptic and have to be shown on the field results. Summer practice reports ain’t doing it for me. I have been down that road and got tired of hearing coach speak and see bed wettings on saturdays.
        I agree with your assesment of USCe. It has real logic, but it quickly goes away when talking about Georgia

        • AthensHomerDawg

          “I’m your Huckleberry.”
          Apology if I offended. I did think you were a uSC fan. I’m working on an in depth post on the OL for a blog I read all the time . Sometimes its tough to be upbeat on the OL because of the history there. Yet, this OL will surprize. There is some talent there and there is a lot of coaching and determination. We aren’t that shy of a great OL. Last year in Knoxvegas the starting OL played over 95% of the snaps. Wore down…. made mistakes. Yeah we were 3rd and 1000 yds at one point. Depth for a breather and give time to that guy resting to listen to his coach and make adjustments. We haven’t had that in awhile. We have it now. A lot more than last year. Will it be enough. Yeah… I think it will. The Georgia D is gonna grind on some teams. uSC qb will get his chin strap knocked loose. uSC vs. Georgia? Our O can play with their D. Our D will beat their O down to the ground.
          just sayin’

        • AthensHomerDawg

          ps…. that OL beat Awwwbarn’s azz. We threw it twice in the second half. I happen to know that Bobo personally went to the Barner sideline and told them -” we are running the damn rock… load the box…. save yourself.” The rest is hx. Auburn beat a real life version of uSC with out the gimmies that UGA spotted them. Point being. THE DAWGS WILL PLAY INSPIRED BALL AGAINST THE COCKS. BOOK IT.

          • Todd

            you stole my favorite line!

            I live on the border and have to listen to these cock fans all year. I want a beatdown of beatdowns.

            You think the “hurry up” that is ran by Murray hurts the OL? I do. It seems like an eternity in a stance while Murray looks to the sideline for the call. DL has the luxury of waiting in a “resting” position. I know it is little, but like Bear Bryant said,” the little things win championships”

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Lot of Dawg Fans have pointed out the wait time’s burden on the OL. I got friends in Charleston that worry me to death about it . Dawgs will have to play Inspired Ball… in Chicklumbia. I think we see a workman like performance similar to the Barners, and I say the Visor will throw his headgear at his qb. Enjoy.
              oh and glad you are a dog.
              just sayin’