“I’m trying to make it my business that they have him ready from day one.”

Jeebus, talk about thug love.  Tell me you’re not digging you some Jarvis Jones.  (Although Theus probably isn’t right now.)


UPDATE:  Still not feeling it?  You will after reading this.

“But as far as now, you know, we’re in training session for camp, and that’s what I’m focused on, making myself and my teammates better. The next move, man, it’s gonna be down the road, which I don’t know what it is yet. I’m just trying to take it in stride: Carpe diem, and seize the moment that I have right now. And that’s getting better.”

Jones was then asked if he had heard from people surprised that he hadn’t left after last season.

“You get some people that are like: I would’ve taken the money, or I would’ve did this,” he said. “It ain’t all about the money. A lot of guys could’ve left and made money. But they sacrificed their careers to come back here to get better. Become legends of the university.”

I think carpe diem is Latin for GATA.


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39 responses to ““I’m trying to make it my business that they have him ready from day one.”

  1. dawgfan17

    If the front 7 on D go full out in practice against the OL then when our OL gets into games it will be easy compared to practice as they will not face as good a front 7 all year long. The only teams that could come close are USC and whoever we face in the SECCG.

  2. Cojones

    Both Jarvis and Aaron have love of team and their leadership is spot on, but Jarvis is shouldering part of coaching responsibility for his team. Top Dawg with passion, athleticism and team spirit. What’s not to like?

  3. X-Dawg

    Wow! Every time Jones speaks, it’s a gem! GATA Jarvis!

  4. Scott W.

    Love this guy!

  5. The other other Doug

    Top notch individual that will go far in life. DGD!

  6. DawgPhan

    ready to start the thug love campaign.

  7. X-Dawg

    “Become legends of the university”…….. you are one Jarvis, you are one.

    • BCDawg97

      That quote is just scary. Sounds like it was written for a movie but such sweet college football poetry that only perhaps Munson could’ve said better. If JJ’s attitude rubs of on the team, man, I’m all in for some serious NC kool-aid….sadly, its based on the whims of 18-22 year olds who don’t all share JJ’s drive. But man, it is sweet koolaid.

  8. Spike

    If there are any questions about his sincerity, review the WLOCP replay from last year. DGD, indeed.

  9. adam

    Jarvis is already one of the top Richt-era dawgs. Hard to think of someone other than maybe Pollack who has been more celebrated and decorated yet humble. The guy loves Georgia and the fans love him for it. The fact that he’s our best player makes it even better.

    • Governor Milledge

      If Jarvis came back, he could be in the same league as Pollack (3x consensus All-American)

  10. WH

    Jarvis Jones: The one reason I would walk across the street to pee on Lane Kiffin if he was on fire.

  11. rocksalt76

    Need a CTG/Jarvis quote generator. Better than daily affirmations.

  12. JAX

    I love the talk, now let’s walk the walk.

  13. Bulldog Nation has a mancrush on JJ. DGD, indeed. Does anyone think Junior wants to fire USC’s staff orthopedist?

  14. Think of the ultimate irony if ever UGA meets USC (the genuine one) in Miami, with JJ delivering the biggest sacks of his career. LOL for Kiffin.

  15. Normaltown Mike


    Another Latin maxim to consider while partaking of Dawg porn – caveat emptor.

  16. heyberto

    Playing for ‘the University’.. not too shabby from a guy who transferred here after it didn’t work out for him at his first school. For that I’ll always appreciate and be thankful for Jarvis Jones. One of the best leaders we’ve had.

    • hailtogeorgia

      I think that has a lot to do with his affinity for UGA. When USC, the team he originally chose, told him he couldn’t play, Georgia’s doctors gave a second opinion and took a chance on him, even with the risk of re-injury. JJ had a lot of doubters, and I don’t think that fact is lost on him. He appreciates the opportunity he was given.

      • The ATH

        Without a doubt. Amazing how the threat of losing something can put things in perspective.

      • heyberto

        Certainly no hard feelings on my part regarding his initial decision to go to USC. It all worked out beautifully.

  17. Charles

    My Southern Cal friends blather endlessly about how our doctors are less knowledgable/ethical than their doctors, and that we never should have cleared Jarvis to play, just more evidence the SEC cheats, blah blah blah blah.

    Then I remind them who’s on probation…

  18. Debby Balcer

    He is a DGD so glad USC messed up and wouldn’t let him play.

  19. Franklin Tenny Dawg

    Good grief that got me fired up.

  20. Chadwick

    and to think that John Jancek felt he could slow play Jarvis. Lord, what a coaching staff cluster that defensive staff was to behold. Was Richt in a coma?

    • charlottedawg

      Speaking of Jancek I always wonder how good Rennie would’ve been under this current coaching staff. I think he was probably the one guy on defense with no association with the Van Gorder or Grantham that I enjoyed watching play all the time.

      • Chadwick

        Curran would have been good, but with Grantham calling the would he have gone for a five-ten guy? The world will never know.

        • Chadwick

          calling the shots…dang, i am a mess typing on an Ipad.

        • adam

          As good as Rennie was at Brookwood, I’m absolutely sure that Grantham would’ve recruited him and found a way to use him. Rennie was (throughout high school AND college) a tackling machine. I’m a Falcons fan, but I’m kinda cheering for him to do well down in Tampa this year. Rennie is a DGD.