Trivia question of the day

There have been only two quarterbacks in the Richt era who have played as true freshmen.  Matt Stafford is one.  Can you name the other?


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  1. The other other Doug

    Hutson Mason. I blame Bobo.

    • Mason probably shouldn’t have played that year, but Zach’s fun in Remerton didn’t help matters.

    • AusDawg85

      First play, first pass was a TD. Yet he did not stay as the starter because Bobo does not know how to stay with the “hot hand”!? We are going to Thursday Down that effing decision for years to come I tell ya.

  2. Bulldawg165

    For some reason I thought David Greene played as a true freshman too.

  3. Andrew

    “those are things you can’t really get a feel for…”
    Yea, I’ve got a pretty good feel for it. If we’re in MNC contention, you’re burning the shirt.

  4. Heathbar09

    Didn’t The Big Red Machine (J Cox) play his freshman year? The winning drive against Colorado. Or was that his RS Freshman year?

  5. Gravidy

    That article brought up the possibility that Murray might go pro after this year, leaving the door wide open for Mason. I don’t believe Murray will turn pro early for several reasons including his height.

    But regardless of that, reading that article made me wonder if a large percentage of the “Mason should be playing RIGHT NOW!” crowd will magically transform into the “Holy crap! Murray is leaving! How will we ever win another game?!?” crowd. I’m betting they will.

    • Andrew

      I would say there is no chance Murray leaves early. Even if he has an incredible year and somehow wins the Heisman, he’ll still be considered too small by most teams. He’d be lucky to get drafted early in the second round. IMO. He’s also talked about staying all 4 and becoming a coach.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        It is interesting that Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Kurt Warner were all 74 inches tall.

  6. Hobnail_Boot

    Technically, A.J. Bryant counts too.

  7. The other Doug

    How tall is Murray? He is listed at 6’1″, but I think he is closer to 5’10”. Am I smoking crack and seeing things?

    • Gravidy

      I’m a shade under 5’11”, and I stood right beside Murray at spring practice a couple of seasons ago. Let’s just say he ain’t 6’1″. He MIGHT be 6’0″ in his cleats…standing on concrete.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        LOL. I remember hearing much the same meme about Eric Zeier. Didn’t hurt him.😉

        • Gravidy

          You are correct. To be clear…I’m not saying Murray can’t play in the NFL because he’s too short. I’m saying he’s too short to be drafted high enough to warrant leaving school early.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I have stood right next to Zeier with both of us in street shoes. I am exactly 6 feet tall. Zeier is at least an inch to 2 inches taller than I am. My point is that you hear a lot of this “he’s so short” stuff and the player is really taller than they are saying ’cause they don’t really know what they are talking about.

          • Gravidy

            I’m sorry, Mayor, but I do “know what I’m talking about” regarding Murray. I don’t have a clue about Zeier. But that’s OK. Whether it is spring of ’13 or ’14, Murray will almost certainly be at the NFL combine, and we will see exactly how tall he is measured right down to an eighth of an inch. If measures a legit 6’1″ barefooted at the combine, I’ll eat my hat and apologize to you in all CAPS on the Senator’s fine blog. Can I expect the same from you?

  8. Matthews Dawg

    Those that are worried about Murray leaving and Mason taking over should not worry. I would say that LeMay is going to show that he will be taking over the starting QB role when Murray is gone. He will show what he can do this year. The only problem he has is he hasn’t played in a real live game in a couple of years. So, there will be rust! We’ll be fine and Go Dawgs!!

  9. Dawgaholic

    Hutson Mason