@#()*&% activist judges!

Before you dismiss Ray-Ray Armstrong’s chances for reinstatement at Miami, I cite you the case of Reuben Houston v. Georgia Tech.  (And Ray-Ray hasn’t been indicted – at least not in the judicial system.)

One question:  if Armstrong does get reinstated and Golden refuses to play him, do you think he could get a court order requiring that, too?  I’ve always wondered whether judges would make good defensive coordinators.

America is a great country, friends.  Anybody can sue anybody over anything.


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7 responses to “@#()*&% activist judges!

  1. 81Dog

    in retrospect, it’s clear Mark Richt lost control of GTU’s program a long time ago. Except for on the scoreboard……he still owns them there. Tech fans will still go into convulsions at the mention of his name 20 years after Richt retires, just like they do for Vince Dooley.


  2. Bulldawg165

    Did Ray-Ray really get suspended in part because his girlfriend bought him dinner? Wow.


  3. Governor Milledge

    The U’s death penalty will come 20 years too late.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    1. Houston graduated from Tech on December 17, 2005 with a degree in management.
    2. He was signed as a free agent on a tryout contract by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on May 8, 2006, but was released on August 6, 2006.[
    3. In December 2006 Houston was arrested in Florida for possession of over 20 grams of Marijuana. He began a year-and-one-month prison sentence in June 2007 and was released in May 2008.
    4. Since September 2009, Reuben Houston has been on the run from U.S. Marshals [when he brought a gun to the home of a family whose child had gotten into some sort of a fight with Houston’s daughter.
    5. Houston is wanted for making terrorist threats and aggravated assault with a weapon. Houston is also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.
    H/T to Wiki.
    Sort of unbelievable lack of discipline there. Also kinda hard to believe that pot was 38 bucks an ounce in 2005*. What say you Cojones?
    (*On June 22, 2005, he was arrested for allegedly conspiring to distribute 100 pounds of marijuana worth