So, how much you makin’ on amateurism these days?

The NCAA is ordered to turn over lots of key financial data to the plaintiffs in the O’Bannon case.  Somehow, the court wasn’t swayed by this reasoning:

The athletic association has already turned over some of its agreements with licensees, but there were many contracts that were signed at the conference or university level. The NCAA argued that disclosure of the requested information “could chill the willingness and ability of the NCAA and its members to engage in candid and sensitive communications going forward, based on their fear that a future litigant might also seek discovery relating to those communications.”

Too bad Emmert can’t threaten O’Bannon with death penalty sanctions.  I’m sure he’d like to.


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4 responses to “So, how much you makin’ on amateurism these days?

  1. Dog in Fla

    Emmert should withhold payment of fees for four years and unilaterally reduce hourly rates if that’s the best discovery objection tNCAA counsel can concoct


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Everything the NCAA does is crooked.


  3. LRGK9

    Oh, the power of discovery.