Mark Richt has lost control of the Honey Badger.

On the bright side for Dawg fans:  if there’s a rematch in the SECCG, Georgia’s special teams just got a lot better.


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62 responses to “Mark Richt has lost control of the Honey Badger.

  1. David

    Wow. I think is about to crash.

  2. D.N. Nation

    Rumor has it that this was Mathieu’s *fifth* failed drug test, which means the LSUAD has one heck of an information filter.

  3. X-Dawg

    If we do play them in the SECCG, I’ll miss not punting to him.

    • 81Dog

      maybe we SHOULD punt to him. He’ll be sitting up in the bleachers. No way they can run THAT back for 6.

  4. Nate Dawg

    Wow – so he’ll never get a chance to actually score a TD against the Dawgs on a kick return. Damn shame.
    SOMEBODY please help get Richt get this thing under control…please?!?

  5. JoDawg

    Alabama State just got a little stouter on defense, though….

  6. AlphaDawg

    Alabama state is gonna have a hell of a team.

  7. Debby Balcer

    Some LSU fans on ESPN actually said he would still on the team with Mark Richt. They are clueless.

  8. what an utter and complete dumbass!

  9. JAX

    The utter stupidity of these guys is incomprehensible.

  10. WFdawg

    Maybe it was Les Miles that Corch was talking to on the phone?

  11. reipar

    What I cannot fathom is how Les Miles over looked all the red flags when recruiting this kid out of high school.

  12. Cojones

    Let’s see, that makes Jones pretty much top D Dawg in the SEC and a run up on Rambo as the upcoming flavor of the year.

    Can’t believe they had the cojones, but we have no idea how many failures/undisciplined chances he had. Must have been a bunch. Inflating an irresponsible kid’s ego has it’s drawbacks. That leaves SOS & D as the two holdouts on disciplining players for public indiscretions.

  13. David

    The law’s the law and stupidity aside… Its a joke that this kid can’t smoke weed and still play football. Our society needs to get off its ass and finally get around to legalizing marijuana.

    • GaskillDawg

      Amen, David. I don’t mind, as a Georgia fan, to see him go, but what has this never ending war on drugs accomplished?

      • Prisons full of non-violent offenders and a huge municipal/state/federal budget overruns arresting drug dealers that are replaced by new drug dealers the next day (i.e. fighting an unwinnable war).

        /done with politics on the sports blog for the day

        • Cosmic Dawg

          One of the many small things I enjoy about this blog is the number of libertarian voices I hear when we meander off topic…although folks can, of course, be pro-legalization and not libertarian…

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Or anti-legalization and libertarian.

          • uglydawg

            You don’t have to be either to recognize the utter failure of the war.
            Every city is a warzone, the US Mex boarder is a warzone, and it’s just getting worse. What are they fighting over? Drug money. Just like Chicago during prohibition….When was anything ever prohibited out of existence? Drugs are horrible whether they’re legal or not. Drugs are available…legal or not. Making them legal will stop (at least most of) the violence. That’s about the best we can do…just like we did with alcohol. Sell it…tax it…and put up with it. You’re going to have to put up with it anyway. Prohibit it and you create a nasty, black market.
            Thanks for indulging me…I’m sorry…I know this is a sports blog…but this thread IS about drug abuse.

            • jaxdawg

              It was a bit of a challenge to get beer and liquor when I was under 21, not a strong challenge but we had to get creative and cross a few hurdles. Then we’d drink our beer and some bourbon and vodka and go back to doing whatever we did back then: sports, school, small jobs, etc. Occasionally someone would stumble upon some pot or mushrooms and we’d do/try it – it was cool, we liked it but never strayed too far from our beer and bourbon b/c we knew that pot was illegal and we were (for the most part) good kids who knew that keeping it between the lines was the right thing to do, and that pot didn’t facilitate that effort. I knew some guys – good, smart, well-meaning guys – who tried pot and developed a bit too much of a liking for it. These were good kids, on the right paths, were strong in the classroom and on their respective fields, but got off course over time. Not immediately, it was a slow process and one that their parents might not have noticed until it was too late. My point friend is that I believe the illegality of marijuana creates a bounds for many minors who may try it but whose integrity keeps them from going “all in”. I’m not trying to sound sanctimonious and lord knows I’ve made some mistakes, but I never knew anything good that came from recreational pot use. I’m not talking about medicinal uses for cancer patients and such, I’m referring to the casual user who allows pot to lead to worse things. Yes the same can be said for alcohol but I still maintain that beer/liquor and reefer are not the same. I think you make some excellent points re the war on drugs but I’d hate to see us legalize it and create the impression among our children that since it’s legal, it’s acceptable. Then again, WTF do I know?…….

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well until it does…..”Bust a deal …. face the wheel.”

    • Hey to Goober

      True dat!

  14. 81Dog

    “and then I got high, and then I got high, and then I got hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…….”

    it’s a shame talented kids like Mathieu and IC would rather blaze up than show a modest amount of self discipline and be stars, but football is only important is it’s important to you, I guess.

  15. Spike

    It must be bad to boot him. There will be more to come. There always is.

  16. Scorpio Jones, III

    I blame Bobo and Aaron Murray…and to Hutson Mason who so wanted to be mentioned here…I blame you too, Hutson.

  17. paul

    Stewart Mandel is tweeting kudos to LSU for updating the Honey Badgers bio so quickly to reflect the fact that he has been dismissed from the team. The Mad Hatter could teach us all a thing or two about media relations, no?

  18. fishook dawg

    If Alabama State gets Honey badger from LSU, Greg Reid from FSU and Ray-Ray from Miami to go with Crowell, they should be pretty stout as long as they had enough stuff to go around.

  19. Will Trane

    Hey Mark Bradley, you freaking idot, did the Mad Hatter lose control of his team? Or at FSU.
    The AJC. Confirmation, it is just piss poor journalism. Go ahead AJC and attack both of those schools for what an individual player does. What about the rest of the roster players who remain who had no issue. Yeah, they do not count. The coaches. school, and team mates were the cause.
    One has to be a freaking damn idiot to even think like that.

  20. shane#1

    Mark Richt lost control of the Honey Badger last year.

  21. someone with better net skills than me needs to post a link to Afroman’s “Because I Got High” I know it will make several people cry.

  22. Cosmic Dawg

    For future, should you want to do it yourself, it’s easiest just to go to youtube and copy the http link in your browser window, and then paste it here. Only works for “big” sites like youtube, etc.

    Now watch it not work for me…

  23. uglydawg

    NIcky has to be smiling.

  24. Cojones

    A little while back, I decided that Word Press could cause the Senator some angst because of my pot culture blogs and decided to lay off. It was an effort not to post here earlier.

    Smoke’em if you got’em.