Envy and jealousy: A Clemson divided against itself…

This is freakin’ brilliant.

There are three Clemsons inside of Clemson, each battling the other for supremacy, and it’s become customary to see at least two of the three over the course of a single season – like last fall, for example. First, there’sTitle Contender Clemson: you saw these Tigers over the year’s first eight games and in the A.C.C. title game, when it knocked off Virginia Tech to win the program’s first conference title in 20 years. Then there’s Clemson Being Clemson, a team that lays an egg against Georgia Tech, committing four turnovers in a 14-point loss, or one that nearly plays down to its competition before sneaking a three-point win past Wake Forest – we all know this Clemson. Then there’s My God, Clemson, the team that fails to show up for a rivalry game against the Gamecocks, or the one that allows West Virginia to break the speed limit in a 70-33 Orange Bowl loss.

Clemson Being Clemson – I love that Clemson.  Which one’s your favorite?



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  1. BeardDawg

    While everyone loves a good trainwreck, a la “My God, Clemson”, I’m partial to “Clemson being Clemson” as well. As well as a fourth down throw out of bounds is “Tech being Tech”. Wait, would this all fall under “ACC being ACC”?


  2. Spike

    Aw, give em a break. Their coach is named “Dabo”.


  3. rugbydawg79

    I like that there are so many Clemsons-(auburn with a lake) I guess for me it depends on who they are playing as to which one I like best


  4. Macallanlover

    More than any other team in CFB, Clemson has truly been multi-faced for at least the last decade. Every team has days where they aren’t in sync, for Clemson that is just the norm. And it hasn’t been due to Dabo exclusively, I don’t recall a consistent Clemson team since the Danny Ford days. The closest contender might be FSU since the arrival of Jimbo. I guess something has to make the ACC interesting to watch.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Don’t forget the 4th Clemson, the one always on probation.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “My God, Clemson.” Definitely.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    I divide Clemson folks as follows:
    (1) Climp-son: These are the North Georgia/Upstate SC folks and are characterized by blind reverence for IPTAY, Danny Ford, cheatin’, NASCAR, etc.

    (2) Clemmzen: This is the tidewater crowd that (foolishly) believe Charleston is the capital of the Old South and “Clemmzen” is a “fine engineerin’ schoo” where the proud sons and daughters of the state attend school (assuming they can’t get into Chapel Hill which they revere as the nearest thing to Harvard).

    (3) Clemson: These are SC citizens with no allegiance or natives of New Jersey looking for a solid state school education at a good price.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      I hear ya… but the grad program in Environmental Engineering at Clemson is nothing to sneeze at.
      just sayin’


  8. Cojones

    Lay off Danny Ford. Afterall, he just did his duty reporting UGA for giving a T-shirt to a recruit.


  9. JN

    In all seriousness… that sounds an awful lot like UGA since the Bama Black-Out
    You’ve got the Disney’s who see the 10 straight last year
    You’ve got the Dooms-Dayers who think that going to the SECCG this year and losing only locks us into this offensive staff for a guaranteed 3+ more years.,
    And you’ve got the “Our defense can keep us in any game so if we can just get 7’s most of the time instead of 3’s once we cross the 25, we’ll go 11-1 at worst against this schedule” folks.


  10. Skeptic Dawg

    Before everyone gets carried away here, just remember that Clemson and Georgia are mirror images of one another. Title Contender Georgia: the team that looks unstoppable until they run into Florida (2002). Georgia Being Georgia: Pick any year..the Dawgs have at least 1 to 2 games a year where they play down to the level of their competition. Look not further than Kentucky 2011. How about Vandy 2011. In 2010 it was nearly the entire season. 2009 it was Kentucky and Arizona State. How much further should I go back? Then you have My God Georgia: A team that fails to show up in big games. UT in 2007, Florida most year’s, Boise State last season, Alabama in the first half in 2008, UT 2009. We are Clemson without the lake.


    • JN

      Skeptic, great minds think alike. You just said it a little better than me.


    • D.N. Nation

      “Pick any year..the Dawgs have at least 1 to 2 games a year where they play down to the level of their competition.”

      So, like everyone, really.

      Clemson lost to friggin NC State by 24 and West Virginia by 27 (giving up 70)…in their best season in years. I don’t think we can even remotely match that insanity.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        How about losing to Vandy and Kentucky in the SAME YEAR? And you pick the year that we lost to a crappy Tennessee team. As for playing down to the competition, that is a Georgia trademark and has been for years. This is no surprise to anyone.


  11. Todd

    Skeptic you nailed again.


  12. UGA70

    Maybe Ju’juan Story should consider transferring to Clemson. We could then watch the Dabo and DooDoo show.


  13. baddawg

    I’m from easley SC 15 min from Clemson. They have some real homer fans there. Not to be a dick, but they have the same saying for the bulldogs
    …. Hell I think the same thing about us


  14. I have said for years that Georgia developed a post-Dooley culture of playing to the level of opponents. When Erk left, so did the killer instinct. No head coach has been able to fix this, but I believe Grantham may be the answer. The team loves a fire eating, kill-em-all leader. We’ll find out soon enough!
    Has anyone ever gotten a straight answer as to what Danny Ford did to get himself canned at Clemson? I have talked to IPTAY folks who don’t know or won’t say.
    Remember when a Clemson player got himself punched by Woody Hayes, which ended up costing Woody his job? The player was taunting Coach Hayes after an interception, and the old guy was just so competitive that he couldn’t handle it. I always felt sorry for the Buckeye OC that called that pass play. You know he caught hell….(am I rambling here or what?).
    Actually, Clemson has a very fine variety of okra named for it, so the U isn’t without it’s accomplishments.


  15. fatman48

    This just in West Virginia has scored again.


  16. I don’t think Sammy will have any more mishaps again, he is a good kid with a big heart. Charon is looking good, Tajh has lost some weight while DJ and AE need to stay healthy and perform. Losing Allen at TE will hurt but I think Ford can step in and take his place nicely.

    The real question is how will Venables do with a young defense this year….let’s go Clemson Tigers!