Lofty goal

It never hurts to set one, I guess.  If Murray completes 65% of his passes, it could be a helluva ride this year.

Murray hit that mark six times last season and six times in 2010.  Georgia’s record in those twelve games:  10-2 (both losses to South Carolina).


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  1. shane#1

    First? Is this the AJC? Well he was throwing against the second string so he still hasn’t beaten a good D. He is padding his stats to keep Mason off the field. It is obvious that Richt has lost control of Murray’s arm. I blame Bobo. Thug love for Murray. That is my troll of the day.

  2. AusDawg85

    Mark Richt has lost control of….no, no, no. Enough, please.

    Let’s see what Bobo has in store for us. He’s got a QB ready to set some records, but will need a line that can protect him better than last year. A potent running game in the Spring is now back in question. But if the new backs, or Boo, or RSIV can show the ability to move the chains, then the bread & butter PA attack could really make this a high-octane offense. Yet will CMB go this route? Is he going to strive for “balance” or go pass-happy? I’m really looking forward to some insightful analysis of what our Offensive philosophy is going to be. Compared to the defense, the offense really is going to be a “who are these guys?” question mark IMHO.

    And that’s my problem with Bobo….I don’t get what he’s really all about. I’m not sure HE does either.

    • shane#1

      My tongue was stuffed so firmly in my cheek there I almost choked, without CTG’s help. IMO Bobo is old school and would rather pound the ball if he has the O line and backs to do so. I think the balance comes more from CMR. I also think CMB has taken more flack than he deserves, If he isn’t getting heat over being “too Vanilla” he is raked over the coals for throwing too much. So many times I have read “I was sitting in the stands and new what play they were going to run.” Well in a pro style O that’s not hard to do. Just watch the guards. I usually put the binos on the OGs anyway no matter what team I am watching. Give Bobo a good running game and a good defense and we will be longing for the wide open days of Vince Dooley.

      • shane#1

        With that being said, I would like to see more misdirection from the Dawgs O. Also TEs on the wheel route with Murray rolling out and while they are at it some screen passes.

  3. Gamecock4ever

    “both those losses to South Carolina”. That is such music to my ears!!!!

  4. rugbydawg79

    Very quick Charles—I liked that–time for the crowing to end

  5. Irishdawg

    Give Murray time to throw, and he can hit 60+%. If the kid is running for his life all the time, maybe not.

    I like wide open offense at times, but nothing pleases me more than seeing the Dawgs grind a team to powder with a strong running game. Auburn ’11 and Tech ’09 were like watching an Armored Cavalry division plow through the Iraqi Republican Guard, and it was beautiful.

  6. Is it September yet?

    Didn’t Joe Cox shoot for 70% before his season? How bout we shoot for 8 turnovers or less?

  7. Everyone is going to turn the ball over. It’s a nightmare when it cost you what should have been a “game in the bag” ( see, “Santa loves the Gamecocks/2011). The big question is how does a QB respond after throwing a pic…and…how does a placekicker respond after blowing a mid-range FG? Mistakes are going to happen, but head cases will kill you.
    I predict Murray will be mature, poised and deadly this year. It should open up the running game.

  8. Macallanlover

    Individual stats are overrated in football since they are so intertwined with the performance of others, the situations a team finds itself in, and the type of offense required. I am not saying they shouldn’t be examined as indicators but they are not absolute indicators. Take interceptions on a Hail Mary at the end of the half, or even many tipped passes, especially those that occur at the LOS. I don’t take those seriously as a shortcoming of the QB. And how do you compare the passing percentage on someone who tries to stretch the field with long throws against an offense that uses the forward pass as a running play; those stats are not “equal”. And, as mentioned above, the running game’s success and the protection provided has an impact on the completion percentage you will get. Certainly a player of AJ Greene’s skill set can alter your stats, or success in the red zone. You have to judge the QB on the quality of throws and the reads they make.

    I think you should set goals that represent improvement in any endeavor but you cannot always measure yourself by the results since circumstances are always changing. You can be the safest driver in the world but when you top a hill and a semi is in your lane you will end up in the same column as those fools who drive fast on icy roads. You just strive to give yourself the best chance to succeed. I think AM has his head screwed on well and will take my chances with him at the controls of our offense, we are so much ahead of everyone we will play this year at the QB position. The cheap shot attacks from some UGA just have to be excused to that 5% of every fan base who complain about everything that falls short of perfect. Does that mean I also don’t want AM to never throw another Pick 6? We all want improvement there, but there is nothing I have ever seen about this young man that makes me think he isn’t working every single day on that.

  9. The Lone Stranger

    Dawgs have never eclipsed 61.4% since Richt has been on board so this is all quite remote. If the offense can hit 160 rush yards per game (a BIG “if” I know) and throw under 10 INTs for the season successful results will be in the cards.