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The family that tats together…

Reuben Foster’s family is all in, babee.

One day after flipping to Auburn, Foster cemented the decision by getting a gigantic Auburn tattoo on his forearm. His mother said the commitment remains so strong that the entire family intends to get Auburn tattoos, also.

Hope that qualifies for a discount.



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“I want a statue.”

It sounds like Florida is developing its own version of “the next Herschel” problem.

Hint:  there never is one, fellas.


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Girls talk.

Athlon is back with its annual feature of anonymous SEC coaches gossiping about their peers’ programs.  Sadly, it’s lost a lot of its bite since Tommy Tuberville left town.

Speaking of Tubs, it must be said that the best catty line of the piece is about his old school:  “I don’t know about the quarterback situation. I guess they don’t either. That’s never a good thing.”

True ‘dat.


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“Heartbroken” badger

I tell you what – if Tyrann Mathieu actually follows through on this, he’ll deserve much credit for growing up and doing the right thing.

Put it this way:  it’s a helluva lot more than you can expect from Bobby Petrino in his quest for rehabilitation.


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Monday morning buffet

Commence noshing.


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