“Heartbroken” badger

I tell you what – if Tyrann Mathieu actually follows through on this, he’ll deserve much credit for growing up and doing the right thing.

Put it this way:  it’s a helluva lot more than you can expect from Bobby Petrino in his quest for rehabilitation.


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  1. I’m not sure if it’s possible for him to remain in school at LSU by the guidelines, but in terms of football, the policy states that a 3rd failed drug test only requires a one year suspension, so it should be possible for him to renegotiate a way back on the team and I would think Les Miles would be interested since aside from getting back a dynamic player, working with Mathieu through a successful rehab is nice little feather in his cap.

    Regarding Mathieu wanting to pursue this path, it would be a great story for him and I hope it works out, but it’s made a lot easier by the fact that if he did indeed violate the drug policy as has been stated in various media outlets, he’s not eligible to play at any level in the NCAA this season, anyway, so staying on at LSU and working out his issues would be the path of least resistance, as long as he is sincere in his desire to straighten out his life — which is the real story.


    • Bulldawg165

      If you’re right about the 1 year suspension being at the NCAA level and not just for LSU, you’re certainly right that he doesn’t have a lot of options to “weed” through.

      I kid, I kid.


      • The NCAA rules state that if he’s ineligible at the school he transfers from, he’s ineligible everywhere in all divisions for that same period. There are a couple mitigating factors I just learned, though. First, it’s been stated that the policy states “permanent ineligibility.” If that’s the case, the strict understanding of the NCAA policy means his college football career is over. BUT, he was dismissed from the team, so that kind of falls in Jeremiah Masoli territory, who was kicked off the Ducks but was able to play immediately, because the NCAA eventually decided being kicked off was not the same as being suspended.


  2. Cosmic Dawg

    Ugh. Was I the only one who watched this video and was

    a) appreciative of Joe Schad’s even-handed delivery of the facts, only to be

    b) annoyed by Steven Smith’s sanctimonious finger-wagging, followed by

    c) surprise that Skip Bayless basically saying that LSU was a bunch of lying cheaters (with not a shred of evidence) waiting for an opportunity to lie and cheat?!

    If this is the world wide leader in sports journalism, where can I go to see the train wreck which is surely the world wide last-place finisher? Or is there only one outfit in the race, letting ESPN claim both titles? 🙂


    • The presence of Skip Bayless pretty much ruined any credibility it might have had otherwise, but even moreso because he just has his facts wrong. Yes, he makes spurious accusations implying that because it’s not unbelievable that some unnamed program may have found a way to keep him on the roster, LSU would have done the same (which is quite clearly not true). And even more incredibly, suggests the only reason they don’t is because Mathieu doesn’t have a high NFL draft status. Plus, he doesn’t even seem to know who will be replacing him, arguing that because Tharold Simon is built like a more prototypical NFL corner, he’s going to be a better player. Umm, Skip, Simon is replacing Morris Claiborne. Mathieu is being replaced by a freshman.


  3. LRGK9

    Sooo – it may end up that Honey Badger can play and Houston we have a Problem cannot.

    Wow – NCAA Fairness Abides…


    • To be clear, Mathieu cannot play this year. And if he continues to show it in his system, he won’t be allowed to play again. I’m not arguing that Houston should or shouldn’t be permitted, only that the two are not the same, or rather they are the same in that failed drug tests are currently keeping them both ineligible.


      • adam

        But they’re of course different in that one was given a drug by a doctor just once and never used it again and the other was given the drug by a friend or dealer and clearly used it over and over. Otherwise, they’re in a similar boat.


        • I’m not saying anything at all about whether or not Houston should play. I’m only saying that if Mathieu serves his suspension and gets clean, he shouldn’t be held out because another player is unable to test negative for an entirely different substance. The two are unrelated in that sense. It’s unfortunate that Houston can’t flush his system of a PED, but that’s at the root of the issue, and not an apt comparison to Mathieu smoking weed which has no proven performance enhancing ability, unless he’s also competing at writing really shitty poetry.


          • AthensHomerDawg

            I beg to differ sir. I’ve been told more than once not to argue with someone that went to a very good institution and paid good green to learn the art. I have been nudged under the table by our attorneys during contract disputes for doing just that. It is one reason I don’t travel with counsel during return trips from those kind of meetings. They tend to wanna chew your ass out if you get in their way. “The expulsion of an American judo player from the London 2012 Olympic Games on Monday after he tested positive for marijuana prompted scientists to question the sense behind the drug’s inclusion on the World Anti Doping Agency’s (WADA) banned list.” I guess it just sux to be that guy. Honey Badger knew the deal. It’s strike three. Go figure something else out. I doubt he gathers himself up… not in his DNA. NO offense. As per Houston his PDA was not to catch a buzz… it was to heal and get him ready for his next step. College ball . K? I wish he had Tiger Woods physician.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    People say you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone, but the truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it. The Honey Badger brought the “sizzle” to the game for sure. I enjoyed watching him play. I doubt he plays anymore.


  5. Will Trane

    Maturity. It is very difficult to get young men [17 – 22 age group and it could be a little wider] to be mature, reason, and think forward. If you have a young son or grandson, you see it all the time. Moments when you hug them and think that is damn good. And then in a turing, you want to kick them into the next century. when you talk to high school coaches, teachers, and principal you hear them say it part of the culture. It it hard on college coaches today because of the media elevating them to “5 stars”. Then the media turns on them for not keeping their program under control.
    Fans and alumni should be proud and patient with coaches like Richt, Miles, and others, plus an AD like McGarity. It is hard to keep wins goings, moving players up, and maintaing the integrity of a roster and the players committed to team and to school work.
    Best thing would be to let these work with less press and feel the lose of what they had in hand. That speeds maturity and growth.


    • Jake Scott

      Forget that trying to sit out a year and come back sh_t. The Honey Badger needs to go to Canada ASAP and get on with a Canadian League team for one year. Many very good players from the US have done just that and then gone on to storied careers in the NFL.