“I want a statue.”

It sounds like Florida is developing its own version of “the next Herschel” problem.

Hint:  there never is one, fellas.


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  1. Cosmic Dawg

    “The most important thing is not comparing yourself to them because there is only one Tim Tebow,” Muschamp said. “Be adequate at the position you’re in at the present time.”

    Translation (re Brissett):

    “Not only was your performance not statue-worthy last year, you were woefully sub-par. Howzabout let’s see one of you elevate your game to mediocre adequacy before we call the sculptor, hmm?”

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Do we even have a statue of the greatest running back in the history of college football on campus?

      I guess we try to act like it has happened before.

      • WarD Eagle

        Why would you raise a statue of Bo Jackson in Athens?

        • Dawg19

          Bo Jackson?!? Based on what?

          Jackson didn’t even finish in the Top Ten of the Heisman voting his first three years. Plus, he helped Auburn win only one SEC championship with zero national championships.

          Walker finished third in the Heisman voting his freshmen year, second his sophomore year, and won it his junior year. Chances are, he would have won it again had he stayed his senior year. Plus, he helped Georgia win three SEC championships and a national championship. Also, Walker’s three-year rushing record has never been APPROACHED by anyone.

          Jackson was a great athlete but certainly nowhere near the greatest college running back ever.

          • TennesseeDawg

            Ward remembers the truth differently just like the Cam situation

          • Dawg in Beaumont

            You missed the quickest way to end this argument:
            Herschel rushed for more yards in 3 years than Bo did in 4.
            956 fewer yards in fact. That’s right, Herschel was one well blocked off-tackle dive from having 1000 more rushing yards than Bo, despite playing a full season less.

            • Dawg19

              Also, Herschel was hurt and basically didn’t play in multiple games all three years.

            • WarD Eagle

              For those that don’t understand football, that is a stupid argument.

              Herschel: 159.4 yds/gm 5.3 yds/att
              Bo: 172.6 yds/gm 43 TD 6.6 yds/att

              Herschedl was incredible and put up some great numbers, but Bo was a better running back.

          • WarD Eagle

            What is it with you Humpers and selective statistics?


        • Dawg19

          I suggest you watch this so you’ll understand how dominant Herschel was (especially against the Gators). Had Dooley not pulled Herschel from this game midway through the 3rd quarter, Walker may have gotten an extra 100-150 yards in this game alone…

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Amazed at how often players are helping opposing players off the ground…am I just remembering life through the soft focus of nostalgia, or were we as a nation once somehow *both* tougher in the right ways *and* kinder in the right ways, too?

        • Dawgsense

          Guys, I think warDeagle must have been confusing college football with tecmo bowl. It happens.

      • Mike

        No, there is not a statue of Emmitt at Florida. Just Heisman winners.

        • AusDawg85

          What in hell do you know about Emmitt? That was before 1990. Look it up…they were called the “Florida really sucked and cheated” years.

      • Derek

        First, he’s the all-time greatest college football player irrespective of position. Second, had he stayed his senior year there would be a huge monument to him somewhere in or about the stadium and my first statement would not be subject to any debate. He may well get one anyway but that move changed things.

  2. LRGK9

    Let me personally introduce you to the JJ gang – Jarvis, John, and Jordan…

  3. WarD Eagle

    The whole statue thing leaves me wanting.

    It’s still a team sport, right?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Cheer up Ward. The “another Tebow” thing already happened. His name was Cam Newton and the dumbass Gators ran him off. At least Auburn was smart enough to buy the best QB in the nation that year.

      • WarD Eagle

        Keep telling yourself that’s the only reason UGA can’t win ’em all.

        • Matt

          Why are you trolling this Blog? It is a little pathetic that you feel the need to come onto a rival’s blog to defend the honor of Bo Jackson and Cam Newton. Herschel was better. Cam Newton(‘s dad) was paid off. End of story. Now, go back to your shanty in Opelika

      • Mike

        We ran him off because he was a thief and a cheat.

  4. “Be adequate” made me chortle. Perhaps that should be Florida’s new motto.

  5. X-Dawg

    Yes, a “statue” is something all QBs should aspire to😉

  6. Ben

    As long as UF is looking to return to their glory years, it means they’re not doing well. May they always be looking to return to their glory years.

    • Mike

      The last “glory year” for Florida was in 2008, just three years ago. One could argue 2009 was pretty damn good too. When was the last time UGA had a “glory year?”