Those that can, coach. Those that can’t…

… wind up as analysts on CBS Sports Network.

Fulmer’s there, too.  Quite the collection.


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14 responses to “Those that can, coach. Those that can’t…

  1. Dog in Fla

    They will be in the business of helping other people by attacking a frat house and then going to Krispy Kreme


  2. Scott W.

    The Isle of Misfit Toys…and Zooker.


  3. DawgPhan

    that is most awesome.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Nutt will be surprised some teams are actually disciplined and don’t forget to play whole games.


  5. 81Dog

    what? No sign of Lord Voldemort, errrrr, Jackie Sherill????


  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Don’t know if I would brand them all as dolt coaches I think they were pretty sharp or someone around them was…………. Ron Zook was once the states highest paid public employee…. buy out was 2.6 million. After 28 years the Pumpkin King was shown the door aided by a 6 million dollar buyout dispersed monthly. Mr. Hamilton was unconcerned as UT had 7 million in reserves. Note to UT. All those millions in infrastructure and you still practice at a HS field supported in part by the Coach that pointed out that you can’t spell citrus without UT. Uh huh. And the Nutter banked 4 mill when he was no longer welcome at the Grove. Hmmm. Good gig if you can get it. I had the pleasure and OJT experience of working for my Uncle Dave who was a developer on Hilton Head. He had two boats. One was named after his bride and the other after his attorneys wife. Guess which one was the biggest of the two. Just sayin’.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      Furthermore let’s not laugh at these guys just yet

      ” When broadcasters hold prominent positions in a network’s sports lineup, they begin making serious money. Many bring in more than $1 million a year. Even play-by-play announcers and those who work as second-tier football announcers can bring in annual salaries ranging from $300,000 to $600,000. For example, James Brown, a Fox broadcaster, brings in about $1 million a year. Terry Bradshaw, a former NFL quarterback, signed a five-year contract with Fox for $2.2 million each year. Jim Nantz earns $2.5 million each year for broadcasting on CBS. John Madden, a former NFL coach, is one of the highest-paid sportscasters, earning between $6.5 million and $8.5 million each year working as a football analyst for Fox.”
      Hey …. they are getting after it. Ya gotta give it up to them for not sitting on their behinds and putting it out there.

      Read more: The Average Salaries of Professional Sports Announcers |


  7. IndyDawg

    Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right….


  8. JasonC

    Brings in Mike Shula cause he’s easy on the eyes for the ladies.


  9. Bulldog Joe

    Now if they could figure out how to add Coach Donnan to the mix….

    It would be pure entertainment.


  10. Mike

    But for the Kansas gig, Charlie Weis could have joined them


  11. Russ

    And still, this group will be better than anything Fox offers up.