Arkansas’ new ride

There’s a legitimate argument to be made that Arkansas will deploy the best running back and the best quarterback in the SEC this year.  That’s a formidable combination.  So why is there less buzz about the Hogs going into the 2012 season?

I’ll let Paul Myerberg explain.

It all comes down to coaching. Arkansas was never going to beat Alabama and L.S.U. with talent against talent – while the Razorbacks recruit well, the team’s overall talent level alone will never be enough to claim an SEC West title. It’s all about coaching; it’s about schematics, blueprints, game plans and adjustments, and it’s in these areas that Arkansas will take the steepest dive without Petrino running the show. He was the reason why Arkansas was viewed as a national title contender prior to April: Petrino was such a good pregame and in-game coach that it seemed logical that he’d eventually dream up a plan for beating Alabama and L.S.U., even if the Razorbacks were steamrolled by this pair a season ago. With Petrino gone, I can’t think of any reason why Arkansas should remain among those teams in the national title conversation.

I keep saying it – there’s a reason a guy with the personal baggage Bobby Petrino totes around keeps getting plum coaching jobs (and don’t think he won’t have a new one within two or three seasons, tops).  The man can coach.  There’s also a reason John L. Smith was going to be coaching at Weber State until Petrino took that fateful motorcycle trip.  It’s not the same reason.


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11 responses to “Arkansas’ new ride

  1. Vindexdawg

    Coming SOON… a creamcicle urnge program near us

    Our schedule’s gonna get a LOT more interesting a year from now. And it’s not just because of Alabama and Clemson.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    “(and don’t think he won’t have a new one within two or three seasons, tops).”
    Knoxvegas? SOD will go 7-5 this year but tumbles back into the abyss in 2013 when his skill people move on to the NFL.


  3. Dog in Fla

    I didn’t know John L. could lift his hind leg up that high


  4. Macallanlover

    Arkansas hasn’t won significant games consistently because they still have a “Big 12” pedigree where the emphasis on offense overshadows the effort on defense. They simply haven’t put the total package together yet. Close your eyes and think of an Arkansas football image, it will all be about the offensive firepower and skill players at QB, RB, and receivers. Do you remember an AA defensive player? Do you remember two? They need to get an SEC mentality if they are going to win a title. Even Spurrier is succeeding more at SC since he got a defense that stop someone, you cannot just outscore everyone you play in this conference.


  5. HobnailedBoots

    That picture is worth ten thousand words…


  6. shane#1

    Who does he think he is, Bear Bryant? I knew Bear Bryant John L., and you’re no Bear Bryant!


  7. Nahila

    Petrino’s brother is the offensive coordinator at Arkansas as he was in Louisville, not sure about the Falcons, but he can coach up the offense with the athletes available so the team’s success or failure will be decided by their Defense.


  8. Is it possible that John L. is just a placeholder coach for 1 season so that when the drama surrounding Petrino subsides, Jeff Long can bring Sexy back all tanned, rested, and ready?