Bobo’s change in direction

Weiszer picks up on one way we should probably expect this year’s offense to change:

Georgia lost tight ends Orson Charles and Aron White, who combined for 20 career touchdown catches, to the NFL. Junior Arthur Lynch and redshirt freshman Jay Rome are the top two now at the position.That could mean the Bulldogs will lean more heavily on the wideouts in the passing game.

“That’s a fair assessment,” offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. “It could be a little bit like ’08 when we had a loss at tight end and we went to more three receiver sets and four receiver sets. I do feel confident in the two tight ends and the freshmen we got that they’re going to pick it up and provide a spark for us offensively and be productive.

It’s really your personnel group that best gives you the chance to move the football is who we’re going to go with.”

Of course, in 2008, the top two receivers wound up as second and first round NFL draft picks.  That’s not likely to be the case in 2012.  But this year’s group certainly isn’t without talent or experience.

What I’m a little more concerned about isn’t the point of emphasis on whom Murray is throwing to.  It’s that his top two receivers from 2011 in terms of catch rate aren’t there, at least as long as Mitchell is on defense.  Let’s hope that King’s breakout game against Michigan State wasn’t a mirage.



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14 responses to “Bobo’s change in direction

  1. ScoutDawg

    Looking for Conley to step up.


  2. Krautdawg

    2008 was also a wideout year b/c Tripp Chandler wasn’t a reliable receiving option. If Lynch has good hands, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be a regular part of the passing game. Since he’s a more traditional tight end, it might be easier to disguise throws designed for him with run fakes. And the more talent the receivers show, the more they can be used as decoys to open the middle of the field for Lynch.

    Said another way: Bama had Maze & Julio Jones but still regularly threw to Smelley & Dial. No reason we can’t throw to Lynch.


  3. dawgtrain-2012

    Bobo quoting te stats (esp.charles) , brings to mind an old “joke”. The only guy who could hold micheal jordan under 20 pts. , dean smith. Use of the te in general, is my bobo complaint (yes, we all have one).


  4. Dubyadee

    Don’t forget Marlon Brown.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Bobo has lost control of his stasis


  6. dawgtrain-2012

    True, my badly made point was , alot of talent and possible mis-matches were not taken full advantage of (imho). One could make the point , little proven wr. forced an end result, not a change in tactics (charles being a beast helps too).


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Of all the players on offense, I think Rome and Lynch are the closest thing to a lock for the nfl that we’ve got.


  8. Todd

    I thought the possibility of using all 3 TE last year would have been a huge wrinkle to the play action with no running game style.

    Lynch is a bust? I don’t know but he has been around and we keep hearing how big he is and Rome is talented. So what did Bobo learn with Harbaugh?


  9. Wade Wilson

    Wait a second. Excuse my ignorance but has Malcolm Mitchell moved to defense ONLY?? I was under the impression that he would be performing dual offensive and defensive roles but that he would primarily be on offense. He was probably our best receiver last year. Please tell me I’m wrong here.


  10. Rebar

    I was impressed with the young receivers last year, Mitchell, Bennet & Conley; whats to say we don’t have some others step up? Keep the glass half full guys.


  11. cookie monster

    Mitchell will be primarily DEFENSE to start the year until suspensions are over….game 4.


  12. cookie monster

    As far as throwing to the TE’s….You had some of the best TE’s in the country and Bobo didn’t use them effectively. To say “Well they caught more passes than…….” doesn’t account for the fact we didn’t use them as effectively as we should have. MIch State game illustrated what a committment to throwing to a TE can do.

    And now to read Bobo ALREADY has game planned to not use the TE’s is troubling. A 5-7 yard passing game is much more effective than the chuck it deep twice and then run a sprint draw with a 150lbs TB.