Why stop at four?

I tell you what, Bryan McClendon – if Georgia doesn’t pound Buffalo enough to let Brandon Harton see the field, I’m gonna be a mite disappointed.


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  1. jryuuu

    “And Ken, stat wise, didn’t have the numbers that those guys did, but he was probably the best one out there yesterday. It’s definitely something you have to go by what you see,”

    ….why does this quote conjure up memories of the staff throwing out Richard Samuel in 2009 based on practices even if he wasn’t the best “stat-wise”?

    i think based on the small sample size in last year’s SECCG, malcome is a more natural RB but let’s hope that if one of the freshmen are truly better, the coaches will give them the opportunity rather than sticking with the more “experienced” player. (see: Bryan Evans).


    • Newt

      Because we didn’t see Gurley’s big TD runs. Maybe there was a huge hole and it was blocked perfectly. Maybe there was a big defensive breakdown and somebody was out of position. Maybe Malcome has turned poorly blocked plays that should be negative yardage into 4 yard gains. I have no idea, but the guy is averaging 6.7 ypc in the two scrimmages, pretty darn good. There might also be a little bit of downplaying how good Gurley has looked to keep him in check and avoid putting too much pressure by creating unrealistic expectations of him within the fanbase.

      I think the offensive staff has shown plenty of willingness over the last couple years to play a freshman over more experienced players if they earn the job (Conley, Bennett, Mitchell, Theus – apparently, Crowell when healthy and not suspended).


    • Dawgaholic

      Weren’t Samuel’s preseason stats ridiculously good in 2009?

      In hindsight that’s not surprising since he was going against 11 guys not good enough to beat out any of our defensive starters in 2009.


    • WFdawg

      Also, I haven’t heard whether their respective runs were against the 1’s or the 2’s. That certainly adds some context.


      • Dawgaholic

        I think almost all against the 2s. As a whole though, our 2 defense is probably the 4th or 5th best defense we’ll face all year.


  2. AusDawg85

    I dunno…if the Buffalo game develops a “hot hand” at the RB position, I wouldn’t mind seeing someone get a vast majority of the reps, at least until the 4th Q and a big Dawgs lead if all goes according to plan.

    If not, we can always blame Bobo.


    • Heyberto

      A touch or two for those on the lower end of the depth chart is fine, but I’d like to give some game experience to the two freshman studs.


  3. Newt

    I dunno, Senator, they may need to keep it at 4 well into the 4th Q just to get each of them enough game reps/carries to determine carries vs. Mizzou.


  4. kdsdawg

    they shouldn’t give it to RS period, unless its from the FB spot …DGD or not.


    • Jrod1229

      What’d ya think about that FL game where he literally put the team on his back and gave us first down after first down?

      I am no Samuel fanboy (I don’t think he should be up there either).. but he’s earned (through work not practice) his reps


      • Internal Affairs

        Haven’t you heard? Samuel was just benefiting from holes “you could drive a truck through.” Never mind that no one else was consisting hitting those holes during the game.


    • Hackerdog

      RS should get the start in the opener as compensation for being Tripped.


  5. Siskey

    I will be more interested to see how the O-line blocks.


    • I’m taking a Munsonistic approach to the Buffalo game. It’s bad luck to count your chickens before they hatch. I don’t think it will happen, but I’d hate to see UGA be this years VT. We’ve seen what can happen when a team thinks all they need to do is show up, (see what should be a heavy file of posts on “playing down to the level of opponent”). With the players hearing how they are expected to win the SEC E, they may be looking ahead to Mizzou and SC. You just can’t overlook anyone. That all said, I still believe CTG is the antidote to that maddening tendency.


      • We’ve seen what can happen when a team thinks all they need to do is show up, (see what should be a heavy file of posts on “playing down to the level of opponent”).

        Otherwise known as UGA football from 2006-2009.


  6. Skeeter

    We need to be so far up on Buffs that we get Harton vs Karempelis II: The Rematch


  7. Bubs

    Malcome’s gonna start the Buffalo game. That’s pretty much a foregone conclusion. Then the rest will rotate with hopefully Marshall and Gurley getting valuable experience reps and Samuel coming in to spell (hopefully RS gets no more than 5 carries in the game, with the rest of his reps at FB).

    I will say this, and take it as my opinion based only on feeling, but I do not “trust” Ken Malcome. On the field he does well enough, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I have a feeling that he will not finish his career at UGA. I see him as one of the last of the “misfits” that just hasn’t left/been thrown off the team yet. His suspension last year coupled with leaving the team (then returning) just doesn’t give me the best feeling about him.

    I know coaches and players have said he has a better attitude, but that’s preseason happy talk. They were saying the same things about Crowell…

    Honestly, I think he is going to get into trouble again kind of like Washaun Ealey. Malcome will be named the starter, get a big head and an attitude, then somehow mess up.

    Again, take that for what it is, just a feeling. The reason I’m writing it is because I think Marshall and Gurley need to get plenty of reps in our early season games because I just don’t trust Malcome to be our anchor for an extended period of time.

    Hopefully he proves me wrong. I would like nothing more.