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Cutting edge scouting

Help a Gata out, y’all.

In the comments, please share any important information about the Dawgs you think might be useful to the man.


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Stephen Garcia says the snark in this one is lame.

Jeez, Spurdog, you can do better than this weak sauce.


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Hail, yeah!

We like to bitch about college football traditions falling by the wayside these days.  The Redcoat Band is calling our bluff on that.  As explained to me by one of the assistant directors,

In this year’s tweak of Pregame, we decided to try to get the fans to sing “Hail to Georgia” once again. The middle of this year’s Pregame show will feature the “Hail” we all know and love with a traditional twist. The original ending has been put back into the tune, and it is now repeated with only the melody and a modest accompaniment so fans can sing along. The end of the tune brings back the ending of the last 20 years or so, which includes the “Go” cheer on the end.

If you need a visual aid, here’s YouTube to the rescue.

See if you can make the effort and pitch in… after all, it’s a tradition.  (By the way, speaking of traditions, any way we can get “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” back in the game day mix, Redcoats?)



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Not enough red meat, or playing it cautiously?

This may be the only time Todd Grantham gets accused of falling short on the motivation front.

Two weeks ago, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham was exhorting his players in a fashion that, to some of them, had become out-dated.

“We’re trying to become good,” Grantham was saying, according to one player.

That’s when Alec Ogletree, a junior inside linebacker, spoke up.

“Coach, we’re tired of you saying we’re trying to become good,” Ogletree said. “We’re trying to become great.”

Easier said than done.  And judging from this, there’s still an issue with shedding a mindset of complacency.

Sophomore linebacker Amarlo Herrera was quite blunt about it.

“I feel like we settled last year,” he said. “By just getting to the SEC (title game). I mean, when we got there, we wanted to win it. But we weren’t talking about that all year. We were only talking about getting there. Now we are talking about winning it all.”

Talk is… well, you know what.  Mark Richt knows.

The one note of caution was provided by the man leading this group.

Richt, entering his 12th year, has seen enough teams. When asked if this team had a more business-like approach than last year, Richt took a deep breath as he answered.

“We’ve just gotta wait and see,” Richt said. “I think they are, but until you play you just don’t know for sure. There seems like there’s a right kind of approach. I think they’re very businesslike right now. I think that’s a good thing.”

Say what you will, the head man has been slow with the happy talk this offseason.  Whether that’s a sign of focus, or an indication that he’s not exactly sure what his team is capable of yet is something we’ll have to see.


UPDATE:  And when’s the last time we heard Richt speak this critically of a player in the preseason?


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Danielson on Georgia, the spread

Not surprisingly, it all comes down to one player for Gary:

5. Georgia’s Aaron Murray is a bigger key to his team’s success than any other quarterback in the SEC.

“Georgia is pretty talented on defense, and when you’re that strong in the front seven you always have a chance. I think the move of [wide receiver] Malcolm Mitchell [to cornerback] is a tremendous move. I was not a fan of [dismissed running back] Isaiah Crowell. I thought he was a soft player. They will be fine at running back.

“The key to Georgia’s season is going to be the play of Murray. He runs hot and cold. Can he put together one of those seasons that allow the coaches to depend on him? If Murray [a junior] gives a senior year-type performance, then Georgia has the type of schedule that allows them to have a very good year. That second game at Missouri [on Sept. 8] is the one I’m watching.”

The man does love his quarterbacks.  But I see he’s still hung up on the spread offense.

On Auburn, switching from the spread offense to a power running game under new OC Scott Loeffler: “Auburn continues the trend of teams realizing that if they are going to recruit the elite athlete, they must show they can get them ready for the pros. You can’t depend on having a Cam Newton every year. To play that way, you have to be willing to punt a few times and trust your defense. You have to make sure your quarterback doesn’t beat you. It’s a totally different mindset.”

About recruiting those elite athletes – ol’ Gare’ might want to check out the SEC recruiting rankings.  TAMU is more than holding its own.


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