Cutting edge scouting

Help a Gata out, y’all.

In the comments, please share any important information about the Dawgs you think might be useful to the man.


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35 responses to “Cutting edge scouting

  1. watcher16

    UGA will be running the spread this year and playing Prevent D on every down

  2. Charles

    Aaron Murray enjoys Yacht Rock. It belongs to the world now!

  3. gastr1

    When in a formation with a back behind Aaron Murray it’s a run up the middle EVERY time. When are we going to start using play-action? I blame Bobo

    • gastr1

      My other complaint is, you’d think we could try to stretch the D by throwing deep on 1st down once in a while.

  4. DawgBiscuit

    Mike Bobo became an NFL head coach last spring, so there is no need to be on the lookout for first-and-bomb or a draw play on third and long.

  5. You see, Will, your opponent’s defense will generally try to keep your offense from scoring. And vice versa (that means “the opposite”, junior)

  6. ScooBoo

    Jarvis Jones switched numbers during the off-season. The #29 that you see is just a true freshman walk-on with a club foot. There is no need to put extra protection on that side, since your QB can easily evade the rush.

  7. shane#1

    Read Mark Bradley. He has all the UGa 411 you need.

  8. The Lone Stranger

    Here’s a handy tip for Willie (#2) — Div. 1-AA schools can always use a knowledgable DC with major college coaching “experience”, since that’s where you’ll soon be headed if you spout more of this kind of stuff.

  9. Sep

    Crowell still wears number 1.

  10. Just Chuck

    We will never throw on first down. It will always be a run up the middle. I have this on the best authority. I hope the gators don’t play their linebackers up to cover the middle of the line.

  11. Tyler

    Ms. Lippy’s car, is green.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    Starting QB Preston Jones will throw the screen to Juan Daniels on 3rd and long 58% of the time.

  13. The GATORS do not have to play defense, as UGA Offense plays look like defense play on their side with BOBO as OC.

  14. BMan

    It’s a wishbone formation, Boom. Wouldn’t waste time worrying about a passing game of any sort.

  15. Metal Steel Chair

    OMG!! Did you guys hear about the new OC that UGA is secretly trying to recruit? Tons of NFL experience, including 3 Super Bowls with the Patriots, plus amazing work with that all-time powerhouse Notre Dame. I believe he’s currently head coach at Kansas. I sure hope no other SEC school hears about him and snatches him up first!

  16. Spence

    Uga is intimidated by muschamp and will play like it. We also don’t consider him a turncoat bastard that can stay the hell out of loop 10 for the rest of his stupid-haircut-wearing life.

  17. Top secret plans to have the Dawgs storm the field in celebration the first time they cross the fifty. This is designed to get into Muschamp’s head and make it explode. I really think it might work, but having two and a half grams of brain matter splattered all over the place will be grim.

  18. shane#1

    Not trying to highjack the thread, Harris English now 12 under and tied for third. Could he get his first PGA win and make the Fed-Ex Cup playoffs? Go Dawgs!

  19. The defense is softest up the middle where their NG is very under sized.

  20. Dante

    Georgia never EVER falls for fake punts so don’t try them.

  21. Fly on the Wall

    Georgia, with 7 unused scholarships, will provide 1 more worthy walk-on a full ride in order to field a Special Teams unit composed entirely of 11 former walk-ons (a slightly different variation of Jackie Sherrill’s 12th Man Kickoff Team). Considering how poorly Georgia’s Special Teams performed last season, Coach Richt plans to surprise the Gators by fielding this unit of former walk-ons sans scholarship players in the…uh oh…I think I said too much…I better go before….

  22. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Georgia has a new option attack that it put in just for Florida and will not use at all until the WLOCP. It will be totally a triple option similar to what GA Tech runs. No passing at all. Wideouts will just be decoys. The Gators will be caught completely flat-footed. Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody in Gatorland.

  23. Spike

    Jarvis Jones would like a word with you, Boom.

  24. Cojones

    Just “Guarantee” your win over UGA to a 12 yr-old girl. That is, of course, whether the 11 yr-olds from last year are still FU fans.

  25. Spence

    If LeMay comes on the field to receive a punt, he will not fair catch.

  26. Erked Russell

    Right is not going to punt the ball, kick field goals and will go for it on fourth down every time. Oh yeah to stop all of the kick returns he is going to on side kick every time.

  27. AusDawg85

    The game is in Atlanta this year. Please arrive early.

  28. Bulldog Joe

    Looking forward to giving Samuel the ball 25 times a game.

  29. Bulldog Joe

    You never know where Samuel will line up. Wait…