Hail, yeah!

We like to bitch about college football traditions falling by the wayside these days.  The Redcoat Band is calling our bluff on that.  As explained to me by one of the assistant directors,

In this year’s tweak of Pregame, we decided to try to get the fans to sing “Hail to Georgia” once again. The middle of this year’s Pregame show will feature the “Hail” we all know and love with a traditional twist. The original ending has been put back into the tune, and it is now repeated with only the melody and a modest accompaniment so fans can sing along. The end of the tune brings back the ending of the last 20 years or so, which includes the “Go” cheer on the end.

If you need a visual aid, here’s YouTube to the rescue.

See if you can make the effort and pitch in… after all, it’s a tradition.  (By the way, speaking of traditions, any way we can get “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” back in the game day mix, Redcoats?)


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  1. ScoutDawg

    You know, blogs are specious. You however,SIR, seem to have an effect.

  2. OrlandoDawg

    Very cool. I like it a lot.

  3. Gravidy

    Damn, Senator, it ain’t healthy to be this fired up two weeks early!

  4. Also, the theme song from Sanford and Son, which is not a tradition, far as I know, but would be hilarious.

  5. Franklin Tenny Dawg

    Can we please get the spell “GEORGIA” ending back in the pregame? Band in formation walking off toward the south endzone. In recent years, the band would simply spell it and walk to the vistior’s sideline, which was no good. Need this tradition back.

    • adam

      Former Redcoat here:

      The band did indeed change how they exit the field after the Spell Georgia Cheer. That change was mainly due to time restraints. Spell Georgia is often a part of the half time show. When we play a game in Athens, the visiting band plays first. So, the Redcoats are only left with as much time as the visiting band leaves for them. Marching straight off the field instead of going to an endzone is much, much shorter. It couldn’t easily be a part of pregame because after the band makes the tunnel and plays Krypton and Glory, they turn and exit the field via the east endzone.

      (And FYI, there is no “South endzone” in Sanford stadium. The field is oriented East-West. Just letting you know. You were probably thinking of the East endzone.)

      • Franklin Tenny Dawg

        Thanks for the info. Unfortunate though because it was a great pregame moment that always fired up the fans. Intensity seems to have waned with the new format.

        I meant the East endzone. Always trips me up given that Sanford is one of very few college stadiums in the country that is not North-South oriented. Also, seeing the “North” and “South” on the awnings makes me forget despite the correct placement.

  6. Comin' Down The Track

    My dear old Dad’s favorite. Bless him… but those lyrics are nigh impossible to remember, let alone squeeze into a tune.

    • watcher16

      Oh come on it’s not that hard. There are schools that have fight songs with many more lyrics than that.

  7. Chuck

    I think the SEC banned it, but I miss the big amp and the electric bass from the junkyard dawg era

    • adam

      I don’t know I’d they banned it or not, but the amplified bass has definitely fallen out of favour with the band world.

  8. rugbydawg79

    Got the tears flowing on this emotional old Dawg–hope everyone fwd’s this to every Dawg they know

  9. HobnailedBoots

    It’s always surprising to me to find out just how many Georgia fans don’t actually know that Hail to Georgia is actually the original fight song.

  10. Matt

    Thanks Redcoats! Go Dawgs! 13 days ’til GAMEDAY!

  11. 00 Dawg

    I fully enjoy and appreciate the band’s effort here, but I’m afraid it will be lost on the crowd (and probably abandoned well before the season’s end). Thanks mostly to the Redcoats, the “altered” version — the one with all the “GO! GO! GO!” at the end — is what many/most fans know, and they’ll think this is some new and different variation on the song rather than the original version.

    Nobody knows this is Georgia’s official fight song, thanks to “Glory, Glory.” And I’d wager that half the fans in the stadium probably get confused and reflexively hold up eight fingers while watching the original “Superman.” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you owe it to your dignity to look into it.

    • Chuck

      Maybe, but isn’t that what a Jumbotron is for? I mean besides the ‘find the football behind the fries’ or whatever they do.

  12. Charles

    My 89 year old grandmom (UGA journalism, 1947) can play this on the piano.

  13. ugadawg9288

    Also, as a former Redcoat member, in 2007 our first show was a James Brown show which originally was going to include Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs. However (from what I gathered) Michael Adams wasn’t too keen on the idea of us playing a song dedicated to a coach that he forced out of UGA and would not allow us to play it.

  14. 69Dawg

    Former member of the UGA Men’s Glee Club here. Hail was as great a fight song as has ever been written. It was always a crowd favorite when we would sing it. Glory was just a poke at the yankees.

  15. rugbydawg79

    00 Dawg- you are a smart young Dawg ! You can be trained-all together now !

  16. Jeff Sanchez

    Always liked “Hail” much more than “Glory Glory”

    Glad to see we’re making it more of a centerpiece

  17. el cunado

    When I transferred to UGA in 2007, my sophomore year, I learned the song thanks to some of my friends that are some dgd’s. I sang it every time it was played in the student section. I got some super weird looks from the students around me. Glad to hear that someone is making an effort to educate the masses. The only difference is we sing the end ” To this college dear, we’ll raise our beers”. Fantastic!

  18. rugbydawg79

    somebody had to do it
    Hail to Georgia down in Dixie
    a college honored fair and true
    the red and black is her standard proudly it waves
    streaming today and the ages through
    Shes the fairest of the Southland
    We’ll pledge our Love to her for aye
    to our college dear We’ll ring a cheer
    All hail Dear Old UGA

  19. Bulldog Joe

    By the time the second half rolls around, a large percentage of our fan base has trouble remembering the four words to “Glory”.