Stephen Garcia says the snark in this one is lame.

Jeez, Spurdog, you can do better than this weak sauce.


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25 responses to “Stephen Garcia says the snark in this one is lame.

  1. Dr. Ken

    Remind me again…which of these 2 programs is currently on probation?


  2. HobnailedBoots

    What a cocksucker.


  3. watcher16

    I seriously hope the SCar game is the one CMR is referring to as “personal”


  4. Dawgfan Will

    Okay, I’ve kept my peace about Spurrier latelym but it must be said: the man has been seriously infected with little brother syndrome. He sounds like a Tech fan, for crying out loud.


  5. reipar

    I am a little confused. When reading the entire quoted sentence is he saying they only suspend reserve players no one cares about therefore no one hears about it? If he is trying to say they keep a lid on it when they suspend players I am not buying it. I am pretty sure even the SC media would have picked up on Garcia missing 6 games.


  6. Charles

    It’s not just Spurrier. Some of the folks who cover USC football have the same opinion when it comes to USC vs. UGA in off-field discipline issues. They’re all delusional.

    I say unleash the Kraken. Steamroll them. Don’t let up. None of this “take the foot off the gas once we’re up by two touchdowns” timidity. Humiliate them. Spurrier knows he has an inferior football team. They’re looking at three, perhaps four conference losses this year.

    Cock-n-fire? More like Cock-n-retire.


  7. The Tick

    Erk’s joke:
    “Spurrier was getting fitted for his tux to wear to the Heisman. The tailor said, ‘Stand still!’ Spurrier thought he said, ‘Stanfill!’ Spurrier jumped off the table and broke his leg.”


  8. Nobody cares about this fake USC football team, that’s why.


  9. UGA70

    Spurrier will never forget his Senior Year at UF (1966) when he later won the Heisman and they were undefeated coming into Jax. We won 27-10, and they had to share the SEC crown. His career at UF was 2-2 against us so I think playing against UGA is personal for him. Dooley used to run the score up on UF from time to time (51-0 in ’68) and Spurrier has always wanted to do the same whenever he could against us when he coached at UF. I agree with the posts above, whenever we can (this year especially), I hope we will score as many points as time allows against the cock-a-doodle-do’s and UF as well, of course.


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  11. FRED

    I do not look for CMR to out coach Spurrier. Spurrier is a league above CMR i can only hope our best coach can stop them on Defence.


  12. David

    I had gone from hating Spurrier to actually liking him in an odd way in the past few years. He’s good for one liners even at our expense which I don’t mind, he’s a great coach, and brings a little spice to the conference. However, lately I feel like punching him in his stupid face again.


  13. shane#1

    Say what you like about Stephen. he was one cool dude. He never bought into Spurrier’s bullshit. Had I been 30 yrs. younger I would have liked to hang out with him.